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Firefox for IOS by MozillaThe other day I was somewhat having a conversation with James who is a friend of mine about some internet browsers, ever since Google have created their own internet browser calls Chrome and Google Chrome immediately became a favorite internet browser for many people as Google’s internet browser Chrome is available for most platforms or operating systems such as Windows, Mac, IOS and obviously android since the android operating system created by Google too which is seen on many of today’s smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy or their Note. Chrome internet browser is also on Google’s operating system for desktop or laptop called Chrome too which is a clouding computer but their Chrome operating system computers doesn’t impressed me any and while I do have some respect for Google’s internet browser Chrome as I have used it sometimes but it’s just not my preference although I will say that Google’s internet browser Chrome does have impressive technical behind the Chrome internet browser itself. Again Google’s internet browser isn’t my preference and not using my favorite internet browser makes me feel naked as if you’re feeling naked without your watch. My favorite internet is Firefox created by Mozilla which has been my favorite internet browser ever since Mozilla first created the internet browser Firefox and still to this day I am using Mozilla Firefox as I am typing this article. Not just because of my loyalty but because of the technical inside of the Firefox internet browser which is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking along with their amazing security built in the internet browser.

Like the conversation I had with my friend, I said there aren’t many internet browsers to choose for smartphone as there is only two well-known or trusted internet browsers to choose for most smartphones and that is either Safari or Google Chrome. Correction three as there are one more that I forgot about which is Opera but it’s not as important as these two internet browsers though and still that is not many choice for smartphone users to pick though.

So out of these internet browsers that I have mentioned that are available for most smartphones, I own iPhone by Apple and out of these internet browsers I could only tolerate the most is the Google Chrome which that is one of the reasons I respected Google Chrome even though it’s not my favorite but I can certainly say it’s my second favorite. Past few years ever since I owned the first smartphone which were Blackberry for at least two years then Iphone 4S a couple of years ago, I was shocked to find that Mozilla didn’t have their own Firefox internet browser app for the iPhone considering that Firefox was everybody’s favorite internet browser over other internet browsers no matter what until Google created their own internet browser Chrome then now Mozilla Firefox finally have a competitor for once as Firefox dominated Internet Explorer for many years and to my discovery that there is no Firefox internet browser app for smartphone I have sent some emails to Mozilla pressuring them to finally start working on their own Firefox internet browser app for smartphones. Since then it seems that Mozilla listened to millions of Firefox fans, remember at that time Firefox were everyone’s favorite internet browser as this was way before Chrome existed but Mozilla was already secretly started working on the Firefox internet browser app for smartphone and last year Mozilla finally released their first Firefox internet browser for smartphone but that was a problem – It was not for iPhone as Mozilla launched it for Android only.

After finding out that Mozilla only created Firefox internet browser for android smartphones, of course many of us were disappointed at Mozilla for not releasing it for iPhone too considering that iPhone were the dominating smartphone at the time which that was why it didn’t make sense when Mozilla released their first Firefox internet browser app for android smartphone but their excuse was because of some technical that it was in their Firefox internet browser but still disappointing and then for some months I have waited patiently while at the same time wondering when if ever that Mozilla were going to release their Firefox internet browser app for iPhone although I do know that they were working on that as they have mentioned that they were working on a Firefox internet browser app for iPhone along with the others after releasing the Firefox internet browser app for android. Mozilla were taking too long to the point that I completely forgot that Mozilla was working on their Firefox internet browser app for iPhone and then the past weekend I decided to do some browsing for some apps via iTunes desktop version then there it was – The Firefox Internet Browser App for IOS. I know few months ago that they had the Firefox internet browser that you could use with your iPhone but only through the internet browser that you already have on your iPhone by using a URL that acts as if it is Firefox internet browser but still it wasn’t their actual Firefox internet browser app though.

But nonetheless after I seen the Mozilla Firefox internet browser app under the utility category on iTunes desktop version I was about to shout “yes!” but was able to hold myself from doing so and then downloaded the Firefox internet browser for iOS for all of Apple products that I have such as iPhone, iPod and iPad. After downloading the app I dived in to give it a drive test with the hope that it is as amazing as their Firefox internet browser desktop version and within’ few minutes of testing it I am in awe by it. Mozilla created a very impressive internet browser app, just as impressive as they did with their newly designed internet browser Firefox 4.0 recently along with drastically improved in technical as what Mozilla Firefox desktop version is known for and the Firefox internet browser app for IOS certainly have that mind-blowing feeling to it as if you are using the desktop version one. Even I couldn’t come up with the right words on how to say about their internet browser app because I am still speechless at how impressive their Firefox internet browser for IOS app goes so all I really can say is that if you are a fan of Firefox desktop version then you definitely will love the IOS app version one and you just have to take a test drive yourself to understand why I couldn’t find the words or how to say about how amazing Mozilla have done with their Firefox iOS app.

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While it is difficult for me to find some words to use for their Firefox iOS app version, I definitely rate the Firefox iOS app 5 stars out of 5. It is impressively made internet browser app, using same engine that they uses in their Firefox desktop version which is Gecko layout engine so in a way how Firefox works on a desktop or laptop is the same way how it works in the iOS app too and its design is beautifully done as it has simplicity in it. The bottom line is that if you are iOS user (iPhone, iPod or iPad) then you now have a better internet browser that will not lags on you or gives you hard time like it does in other internet browsers. As amazing the Firefox internet browser app for iOS is, it is still very new and I am very nervous to see more improvements to come in the future since how amazing it is already because when there are updates with some improvements over time it is going to be very insane in a good way!

After you installed Firefox Web Browser app for your iOS machine (iPhone, iPod or iPad) I would love to hear your opinion or review on it by leaving a comment below please! Thank you all for all of your time reading this article which is the second articles I have written in one day and for that I think I am worn out more than ever.

~ Joshie.

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