Tidbits 9-25-2015.

Hey guys! I know I haven’t blogged in a very long time because I have been very busy lately as I have mentioned in previous post on here that I have a strong feeling that the things would be getting a bit busier for me especially in the summer and that feeling I had was right. I apologize if I had some of you waiting on for a new blog post from me because I have realized recently that I didn’t blogged anything in almost a month although that isn’t a record-breaking because I wasn’t able to blog for almost three or four months before due to for some reasons that I forgot what it was and sometimes I even surprise myself for not being able to blog anything for that long period of time because to some people I am known for being a very impatient person so in that case I can understand some of you might be impatiently waiting for a new blog from me or especially at least another new tidbits article. Now for that I am giving you a fix because I am writing another tidbits article just for all of you fans who like reading some tidbit articles here so here it is and for those of you new readers if you don’t understand what exactly is tidbits I suggest you to search the word “tidbits” in the search box at the top on here which will take you to a list of my tidbit articles.

In a couple of tidbit articles, especially the earliest ones there will be some explanation on what is tidbits so that way some of you can get a better understanding on what tidbit articles are all about but to make a long explanation short; It is an article with different topics in one instead of a single topic for one article only based on one topic itself so everything else puts in one place and they tend to be a long article to read so be prepared for that.

Tidbits 9-25-2015


Who doesn’t love reading some comic books? I am sure that some of you loved reading some comic books when you were at young age but thankfully that the companies of the comics especially Marvel and DC Comics realized that the people who grew up loved reading comic books sent in thousands of thousands complaints saying that as they grew it becomes harder for them to read the comic books because where comic books was intended for children in the first place so when we grew the comic books were getting harder for us to understand because it was written in children’s readings level so the comic books readers from childhood to adulthood complained that they want the comic companies to bring up the reading levels to adult’s readings levels while at same time to children’s reading levels too so the comic books companies decided to take their complaints into consideration and from there the comic books became everyone’s readings levels so that not only children but adults can continue to enjoy reading their favorite comic books. Which that is why almost every comic books you sees the comic books warning labels saying that it is rated T+ (teenager or up) but before it wasn’t labeled that as it was practically labeled as a G which means that they are for the children only although I am sure that some adults read them anyway at that time.

I am myself a big fan of comic books, I collects comic books now and not too a long ago I paid print subscription to pretty much every characters with both leading comic books companies such as Marvel and DC Comics. About a few weeks ago I decided to get into some arc story for the comics to read/collect so I decided to do some shopping at Ebay because I knew there is no way that there is any new comic books especially for arc on sale so that means leaves me no choice but to buy used comic books which that is fine with me because it is understandable but when I went shopping on Ebay I became obsessed with few comic arcs that I must have and that is Blackest Night, Brightest Day with many characters from DC comics, Green Lantern: Rise Of The Third Army and Green Lantern: Wrath Of The First Lantern. Blackest Night and Brightest Day arc was over three hundred dollars alone and that is very much a steal because you can hardly find them as they aren’t many for sale so I was lucky few weeks ago when I caught some sellers selling the complete sets of these two comic arcs. I was going after these two arcs as if there is no tomorrow I mean that literally so after buying them I was so relieved knowing that I now own one of the greatest comics arc of all-time by DC Comics but that doesn’t end there though because I am still shopping for some more comic arcs such as Green Lantern: Rebirth, Sinestro Corps War and then I will go after Infinite Crisis, Identity Crisis, Crisis on Infinite Earths and Flash Point.

My favorite comic characters? Well to be honest with you, I really can’t choose because I am a fan of few that I just cannot choose one of them to be my favorite but I can list a few of characters that I am a fan of though! The Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Hulk, Wolverine, Deadpool, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman and the Flash. Although they are not all the characters that I am paying the print subscription for which I am going to list the entire characters that I paid prints subscription for every year and as usual every one of us who is paid subscriber of comics gets one single of each characters monthly but here is the list.

That is the current print subscriptions list of mine, though I will be getting about one or two more to the list to complete all of comic characters to my liking and I am thinking about the possibility of getting Green Arrow, Hurley Quinn, Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man 2099 but the problem with that is I cannot choose which one or two from the list of comic I am considering. If you are a fan of one of these then I would greatly appreciate if you leave me a comment below to let me know why you like one or some of them or anything that can be helpful for my decision on which one or two to pay print subscription for!

Discovered Awesome YouTube Channels!

For the past of few days I have watched some videos on YouTube lately especially on some late nights when there was nothing for me to do so obviously when you becomes very bored you would more than likely to be surfing on YouTube which that what happens to me but nonetheless when I was surfing on YouTube I wanted to watch something funny or something stupid just to give me something to laugh at or any reasons to make me laugh and I discovered few channels on YouTube that does the job. These few YouTube channels got me hooked after watching a couple of videos that they made so of course I subscribed to these channels but I want to let all of you know about these YouTube channels so to give you all some entertainment but before I recommend few of YouTube channels I want to put at least two or three videos here for you to watch and then I will provide their YouTube channels so that way if you became a fan of them instantly like I did you can subscribe to some or all YouTube channels that I am recommending if you have YouTube channel/account (If you have Google account, whether it be their email or any of their services then you automatically have an account with YouTube).

YouTube Channels: TheAngryGrandpaShow and McJuggerNuggets.

Hope you enjoyed watching three videos I showed you! The first two are TheAngryGrandpaShow aka Angry Grandpa and the last one is McJuggerNuggets but the YouTube creator of that channel is Jesse and his father is called Psycho Dad or Psycho Father.

Finally Netflix!

Finally the leading steaming videos online company have a television show that I have pondered for a very long time wondering if they were ever going to add this television show that I am very curious of which I have never watched on the television because I prefer to have an entire season or more than one season so that I wouldn’t have to stop watching because you know I am a very impatient person so I don’t have the nerve to watch an episode every week so I prefer to have one or few seasons so that I can continue watching episode after episode without having to wait for each new episode to air on television and that television show is Gotham! Either it was yesterday or today Netflix released season one for Gotham to Netflix subscribers so of course I am very excited because like I said earlier in this post that I am a fan of comic books and Gotham is none other than the Batman! There are others that Netflix will be releasing soon such as season three for The Arrow which that is another season for the television show that I am looking very forward to watching and season fifth (5th) for The Walking Dead will be released this month or to be specific in four days so I cannot wait for that because now I will have few new television shows or seasons for some television shows to watch in the fall and in the wintertime. Although there is one television show that I also ponder on, wondering if Netflix ever will be airing it and that would be The Flash but I am almost certain that Netflix probably will be releasing that television show someday because that television show is from the same channel that The Arrow is under so hopefully that will happen but I could be wrong though.

POPE Partied In USA!

I am guessing that some of you heard or saw the Pope visiting in New York few days ago where he gave a speech at the White House in Washington, D.C. Even though we know that Pope is from another country but I have always wondered what reaction the America would have if ever meet or sees the Pope, would we react the same way the people in that country where the Pope lives at? But now for the first time in history I believe we saw Pope coming to the United States and saw American’s reaction of Pope live on television especially on CNN channel. My thought on him visiting my country, the United States? What a positive outcome from his visitation! I didn’t reacted the same that many of the people in this country did when they sees Pope though but I am appreciative of his kindred to American especially his decision on having dinner with the homeless instead of having a dinner with the congresses or the governments over at the white house. I don’t know if you noticed but I noticed that Pope’s aura or whatever you call it spreads all over his surroundings to the point that the vice president and I can’t remember the other one who sat behind the Pope on television cried more than a lot.

Pope News and Live Update: http://www.nytimes.com/live/pope-visit-2015/

Microsoft Office 365

Recently Microsoft have updated their office products such as Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Access and others to 2016. This month I bought a year subscription for the Office 365 at $99 dollars, I own 2007 version and used them for many years ever since I attended college back in 2008. I heavily relied on many of these products for some of my work or to check my email but I was hestited to buy a year subscription for Office 365 because I have heard some positive and negative feedback about them but I am very happy that I ignored the negative feedback and went ahead to buy them because now I have no regret doing so. I was very impressed with their 2013 products from their Office 365 which shown huge improvement from 2007 version to 2013 for every Office products and the recent update of 2016 is even more impressive than ever especially in backend. It gives you several more tools than you ever will be able to get from other competitors such as Mozilla Thunderbird or other email client and other products offers you a lot more tools than they did before along with social add-ons too. I fell in love with it on the day of the purchase to be honest with you so if you are being hesistated on buying Office 365 then I suggest you to not be and go for it really. Huge improvement I promise you, you will be surprised.

Click here to buy one year of Microsoft Office 365  for 5 PC or Mac download and smartphone or tablet are included at $99!

Want A Daraprim? Good luck!

I don’t know if some of you have heard news that is going all over worldwide like fire ants about HIV medication, Daraprim which recently was acquired by Martin Shkreli and hiked the price from around thirteen ($13) dollars per pill to $750 per pill overnight since the acquisition. Really it was overnight! Ever since hiking the price of Daraprim it caused the entire United States of America outrage, many including politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson and others shared their thoughts in public on this matter and only response they get from the CEO Martin Shkreli was he does not care. He had even responded to one well-known journalist saying “douchebag” after journalist asking a yes/no question about something that I forgot and other tweet of his saying “don’t f*** with me!”. Seems to me that the CEO of Daraprim have mental issues obviously especially from seeing his behavior towards many Twitter users and responses in public towards to millions of people on television as well. Daraprim doesn’t only treat the people with HIV/AID but also can be used to treat with some children’s kidney, so Daraprim pills may be too expensive for the parents to afford these medication to treat their children’s kidney and obviously too expensive for anyone who is being treated with HIV/AID but with how Martin Shkreli childish behavior I suspect the success of running Daraprim is very slim to none in short time. Share your thoughts about the breaking news on the acquisition of Daraprim by leaving a comment below the blogs post!

Here is the article from news discussing about this: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2015/09/22/americans-are-outraged-over-jacked-up-prescription-drug-costs-and-the-gop-is-missing-its-window/

Learn ASL in 31 Days!

I have found several awesome videos that can help you to learn American Sign Language (ASL) in 31 days! Obviously several videos would be too many to be posted in here so luckily I have added all the videos into a playlist so you will be able to watch all the videos in one video player here instead of too many videos means longer scrolling for the article. My first language is American Sign Language by the way, my first language was not English which that should explain a bit to you why I am not excellent in grammar but my writing is basic enough for a lot of people to understand. Enjoy learning the beautiful language — My language. You can look up the videos in the playlist by going to 3 bars icon at the top left corner of this video below to change next video or other.

Speaker John Boehner Resigns

This news is just in now that the speaker of the house John Boehner announces that he will be resigning from his position as the speaker of the house on October 30th, 2015 because he says that he want do resign for the good of the Republican Conference. John Boehner have been the speaker of the house ever since 2011 will be resigning the speakership and his seat in congress effective in Oct 30, 2015.

Source: http://www.wsaz.com/news/headlines/Speaker-of-the-House-John-Boehner-to-Resign-from-Congress-Oct-30-329511761.html

The End

I am afraid that this must come to the end, as nothing can obviously last forever sadly and by the end I mean I must close this up because I have written this article over two to three hours so it is getting late for me. What? How can it can be over two or three hours? Some serious bloggers take their time very carefully when writing, making sure that everything what they type is what they want to say and making sure that all the words that they have typed is not false because that can ruin their/mine credential if we write false information often. Being a blogger for eight years, I believe that making sure that there is everything isn’t false is probably one of the most difficult parts of the job because we bloggers look for more than three to four sources to make sure that what we have heard or what we are saying doesn’t have any false information on our blog. But nonetheless I must bid you a great night or a good morning depending on wherever all of you are at! Please be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe doing whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do for the night or in the morning! Stay awesome and be sure to leave some comments below!

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~ Joshie.

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