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Lately I have watched some television shows and some of the movies on Netflix, actually I rely on Netflix for something to watch more than cable and I guess in some way I am somewhat addicted to Netflix but good thing I know is that I am not the only one who is addicted to Netflix. Anyway on Netflix there are few out of hundreds or thousands whichever it is that Netflix says, good titles ranging old to new and most lately it seems that I have chosen a lot of old titles of television shows or movies the most such as Airwolf, Macgyver, P.I. Magnum, Knight Rider, Quantum Leap and few more. Few of them brings back an old memory for me because some of these television shows I used to watch and grew watching from my childhood especially Knight Rider or Macgyver which is considered iconic in my opinion. If some of you who is same age as I am or older you would know how awesome these television shows were back in the days, I have no clue how come that no channel networks reruns them on television and some of television shows I listed would be a lot better than the reruns they have aired on televisions such as Buffy The Slayer, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Saved By The Bell, The 70’s shows or others.

I will say that some of the reruns that some of channel networks are airing is actually worthy but not air the reruns so many times because it gets very boring and I wish that they would only rerun maybe once then air a rerun of another classic television shows like the titles I listed above instead of continuing to air the rerun a show that they have already aired. Come on television networks, rerun a different show once a year would be a great thing instead of airing a rerun of a television show that you have already aired the rerun and a lot of great classic television shows that some of you can air the reruns so don’t act like there are so few of television shows that some of you at networks air as there are plenty more than just a very few of good classic television shows.

Moving on, I apologize for my rant to the channel networks because it gets annoying sometimes especially when they air the entire seasons of a television show then air the first episode again where it gets to a point that you almost know every words that they are about to say in the show. Nonetheless I have watched a lot of television shows on Netflix specifically more than I do for movies on Netflix because when I for first time paid a subscription on Netflix I only did so to watch whatever television shows they offer on Netflix and I prefer Netflix a lot more than cable because I don’t like waiting impatiently for a new episode every week as I like to watch every episode on a same day or when I have the time to instead of getting aggravated with the ending of an episode where it started getting good then it has ended so on Netflix that isn’t the case thankfully. I am known for being very impatient especially when it comes to television shows or movies and if I had three wishes then believe me I would use one of them on releasing a new episode hourly instead of weekly.

Now for the new television shows such as The Walking Dead, the fifth season my friend had asked me to write something about the mid-season of the very popular television show The Walking Dead but what you didn’t realize is that I don’t like watching episode weekly so that means I have not watched the fifth season of The Walking Dead and I will not watch the mid-season because I more prefer to watch the entire season on the same day or two. The last time I have watched The Walking Dead was the season four on Netflix which was released in September so while it’s killing me with my patience, I am excitedly waiting for the fifth season to come out on Netflix and I am almost sure that it won’t be on Netflix any time soon but I expect that it might will be in September as it is their pattern where they put a new season of The Walking Dead every September. But I have watched a couple of television shows that I became very obsessed with now is the Green Arrow and Beauty & The Beast which is on Netflix of course. If you are a fan of these both television shows then I am sure you know everything about these two shows as Netflix don’t air the new season of any television shows until they finished filming the new season and then wait few months until they gets on Netflix.

(There may be some spoilers below!)

I am in particular a fan of The Green Arrow which is a supposedly an iconic character that is in comics by DC and he practically do whatever it takes to survive and while surviving he hunts down the people who are considered bad on the list that was received by his father before his death by committing a suicide after sinking a yacht boat where nobody survived except his son which is the one who became the green arrow but later he came to find out that he was not the only one who have survived after being pinned down on an island as his former girlfriend who was also on the yacht that sunk have also survived which was a surprise for the Green Arrow or more so Oliver Queen who happens to be the Green Arrow or people call him The Hood. I highly recommend for some of you to watch the Green Arrow on Netflix as it has two seasons but they have already airing the third season of the Green Arrow and I am itching so badly while waiting impatiently for the third season of Green Arrow to be added to Netflix. After watching all seasons for The Walking Dead I had to find some of interesting television shows to help my patience for another season of The Walking Dead to be added to Netflix, I started watching Green Arrow although I have just got done watching the entire seasons of Green Arrow that is on Netflix sadly but then I was more than happy to find a television show that I happen to be obsessed of and that would be beauty & the beast. Netflix has two seasons of beauty & the beast which it is amazing television show in my opinion where they have selected a few of soldiers to go under some experiments where they inject a cross modified dna into the selected soldiers to turn them into the super soldiers but then when the war were done with the experiments went awry where they have every soldiers that was injected to be killed and a few got lucky to get away. One of these who was injected with cross dna look after the doctor that take care of the selected soldiers that was injected then that doctor was murdered with her daughter standing beside the doctor, one of the selected soldiers came in time to rescue the daughter and from there they met.

One of them was named Vincent who rescued the doctor’s daughter, Catherine who happens to be an officer at a police department and ever since she was rescued by Vincent she becomes the beauty and Vincent becomes the beast. That is all I will say for now because I don’t want to give too much of spoilers here in case if some of you haven’t watch the beauty & the beast and believe me when I say this that all of you should definitely watch it! Beauty & the Beast is on Netflix with two seasons although that isn’t the entire seasons as they have already started filming the third seasons I believe and I absolutely cannot wait to watch the third season once it hits Netflix shelf. I also recommend you to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D which is also another awesome television show and while you are at it be sure to check out two more awesome television shows Alpha and Crossing Lines! I could go on writing here a lot more about these television shows but I would be giving too much details of the television shows so I don’t want to ruin it for you here but if you have Netflix who is same as me that only watch a whole season instead of waiting impatiently for weekly episodes like The Walking Dead then these shows would definitely ease your patience until another season of The Walking Dead hits Netflix!

If any of you have some suggestion of some television shows that I am missing then please feel free to leave a comment below to let me know by the name of television shows so that I can check them out and some of you should do the same with the television shows that I have listed above in this article. Sorry that I couldn’t go on writing more because it’s starting to get a bit tiring for me and I think that this article is getting a bit too long for my liking so I am going to stop here but don’t worry because I will write another article here in a few days as soon as I come up with something to write about hopefully.

Thank you very much for your time reading this article, be sure to keep checking back here to see if I have written another new article because you never know when I will write another article which I should be soon. To make it a bit easier for you to keep updated with JoshiesWorld I think you should follow me on a couple of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Click here for JoshiesWorld Facebook and click here to follow me on Twitter @JoshiesWorld! I hope that all of you have a great night, be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe while doing whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do for the night and stay awesome my friends!

– Joshie.

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