Snippets 6-17-2017

So here I am, blogging again for once in a long while since I haven’t written an article for a few weeks and I have been preoccupied lately to a point that I could rarely find any time to do something that I enjoy doing. As you know, we are now in summer which is usually that time a lot of people would be off to somewhere on vacations and this is one of few reasons that a lot of bloggers aren’t as active as they usually be in fall, winter, and spring seasons. Every website has statistics that the owners of the website(s) can check, almost every website receives the lowest traffic during in the summer and the most traffic that all websites get is usually in winter. Because in summer, a lot of people is out on vacations and the lowest usage of the internet is in the summer as well, because not many of people is at their home using the internet and even that a lot of us have smartphone or tablets with internet; the statistics still shows that the lowest internet usage is in the summer. It is interesting and it is good thing because it shows that some people can at least lives outside of the internet. Anyway, usually in every article I would start off asking how all of you men and women are doing so how are you all doing?! At least, I asked whether than not bothers to ask and as for myself I am doing well. However, I cannot stand the summer because of the heat and I am known to never be a fan of the heat nor hot temperature anywhere. I already miss the winter, even though we barely even get a couple of inches of snow this winter as we hardly get any snows this winter and that is unfortunate because it’s unhealthy for our soils.

I think I have mentioned about the snow and its soils a couple of months ago in one article but if that I didn’t; the reason that with no snows is unhealthy for our soils. Snow increases the moisture in our soils, the more snow we get the moister our soils will get and that will help our soils to be healthy enough to grow vegetables. With no snow in the winter will harden the soils to the point that the vegetables or plants would have hard time coming out of its seeds that we planted in our soils. Snows is to moist the soils so it keeps the soil moist and then in summer our vegetables or plants grows healthy with rain otherwise no snows in winter then the soil would be too hard for the rain (water) to get inside the soil for the seeds to open to grow vegetables or plants.

Snippets 6-17-2017

Snippets? What happens to tidbits? I am surprised that you have noticed that I have decided to change the name for this type of articles from tidbits to snippets. The reason that I decided to change the tidbits to snippets is because I saw that there is one vlogger named Ricky “Ridor” Taylor (one of best vlogger in my opinion; his YouTube: Ridor9th) uses tidbits as titles with a date and I felt that “tidbits” should be belongs to him as it suits him more even though I have written tidbits article for several years (since 2012 or 2013 I think). So, with that said, I felt that I should try to come up with an idea that can be a bit different that I can feel more comfortable with and to separate this blog a bit so I decided that “snippets” is fitting because snippets means a piece of each different things. I have thought about changing the tidbits to “thoughts” but I saw that there is another vlogger/blogger who uses that title to talk about different things under one article or video. What caused me to come up with the idea of calling it snippets? I uses snipping tools on Windows computers, to snip few of things in a screenshot picture and suddenly “snippets” came to my mind so from there I have thought about changing “tidbits” to “snippets” for a while but never get around it until tonight!

The definition of the snippets is like tidbits and thoughts.


A small piece or brief extract
“Snippets of information about war”
Synonyms: Piece, Bit, Scrap, Fragment, Particle, Shred etc.

Got A Beard? How Can You Care for It?

As many of you know that I have a long goatee or the technical word for it is a long circle beard. It’s my style since I started growing facial hairs, when I first grew my facial hairs I immediately decided that my beard style is a circled long beard and I started growing them when I was about 14-15 years old. It started off with patchy but as I become older, they fill in and now I have fuller hairs in my beard. However, the only con I have with my beard is that they would easily fizzes and sometimes they somehow knot themselves which can be painful when I combs them as I do on regular basis to make sure that I keep my beard from getting a knot. After a couple of decades, I only shave my sides and shampoo my beard sometimes because if you shampoo your beard too frequent you would damage your beard. So, all tools I uses for my beard is my Gillette razor and my WAHL beard trimmer that I paid around $60 for. After a couple of decades, I am in my 30s and still notice that my beard would fizzes many times which it makes it easier for them to get in a knot so I decided to do some research in how I can improve my beard.

After long research and decision on the products. I have discovered that there are more tools than just a shaver and a beard trimmer to care for your beard or mustaches. At Wal-Mart, a couple of weeks ago I discovered that there has a conditioning shampoo that specialize in beard so I decided to buy a bottle which is a very small bottle which is common as any beard conditioners comes in a small bottle unlike the size of hair shampoo bottles. I bought Cremo Beard & Scruffy conditioner. At that time when I brought it, I had in mind that I can use them at any time I wish without using any water because I have heard a lot of people would just slam in their beard and rubs them in then forget about it. I realized that it wasn’t a product that I was wanting to get, I was wanting to get something that I can utilize my beard without having to wash my beard every time just to put some of the conditioners in because the research said that if you wash your beard too often that you would damage them and that wouldn’t be a good thing because with this beard is who I am as I have had it since I started grew facial hairs (the style, not hairs as I trims them once in a while). I decided to look up for different products on Amazon instead because I figured that Amazon or anywhere else on the internet would have more products than only one brand (Cremo) that Wal-Mart sells. I finally stumbled upon a product that I have forever looked for and I immediately decided to buy two of them. So, what are they? It is beard balms. The difference between the beard balms and the beard conditioners/wash is that you can keep your beard moist for the entire day which is important because your beard needs moisture to keep them from being damaged.

There are few products that you can buy for your beard care. Beard conditioners, Beard Wash, Beard Balms, Beard Oil, and Beard Cologne. Yes, they even have beard cologne! Nonetheless, I brought two beard balms and started using them a few days ago. I can see a huge difference, they are starting to be very soft, more straightened and I haven’t found a knot in my beard ever since I brought the beard balms. I am very thankful for these products that I have discovered and brought to care for my beard. Now, I can feel confident that my beard will start growing longer, softer, and more straight and not fizzes.

You have a beard, goatee, or scruff beard? If you want to care for your beard, by doing so your beard will thank you for it and in return they will start grow beautifully. What can you get to care for your beard? Here it is.

Beard Wash to wash your beard, don’t use the hair shampoo because your facial hairs are different from your hairs as the studies stated. Do NOT wash your beard too often because in doing so can damage your beard, by damaging your beard would means making it harder for you to grow a beard naturally and beautiful. Not only that, by washing it too frequent would break your beard hairs too much and it wouldn’t look right as they would go in a different direction instead of down. I recommend Beard Brand’s Spiced Citrus Beard Wash which costs around $11 (remember all beard wash including conditioners comes in a very small bottle so I suggest getting 3-4 of them to last a month).

Beard Softener to soften your beard by mixing with your beard wash products such as above, so that you can wash your beard and at the same time to soften your beard too. I highly recommend Beard Brand Spiced Citrus Beard Softener. If you are to get 4 of Beard Wash then I recommend 2 of beard softener because you only need a tiny amount of the softener to mix with your beard wash.

Now, the most important of all to care for your beard. Beard Balms. This is my favorite beard balms so of course I am going to highly recommend it, The Prophet Premium Beard Balm which can be brought on Amazon. Don’t be tempted to buy beard balms from beard brand along with your beard soap and beard softener because they will try to encourage you to add them to your checkout. Although you may like Beard Brand’s Beard Balms but I don’t and that is why I choose over The Prophet Premium Beard Balm as it has more important ingredients than Beard Brand has in their beard balms products. The Prophet has citrus scent with a hint of vanilla and oak. The Prophet Beard Balms costs $12.99 and if you get two they will give you 10% off for both.

Beard Oil is same as the beard balms, only difference is that it’s in liquid form instead of wax in beard balms. Beard Balms lasts longer than beard oil but it’s up to you though, I recommend beard balms over beard oil though. If you decide to get beard oil, I recommend The Prophet Black Panther Beard Oil.

The Prophet Beard Balm:
The Prophet Black Panther Beard Oil:
Beardbrand Spiced Citrus Beard Wash:
Beardbrand Spiced Citrus Beard Softener:

DiRT 4 Game

I decided to buy a new game the other day for the computer, I was getting a bit tired of all the games that I have played such as Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Minecraft, Battlefield 1, Grand Theft Auto V and others. I was having urge for games that has something to do with cars so I decided to look around for PC games and realized that they really don’t have a lot of racing games for the PC which is unfortunate. I saw that they have released a new game called DiRT 4 not too long ago, I have slept on it a lot of the times deciding if I should get DiRT 4 or not because I look for a game that is more like Forza Motorsports. DiRT 4 is a rally racing game, few days ago I decided that I just go ahead and buy it hoping that the game wouldn’t turn out to suck. After playing the game, I notice that I was starting to get addicted to DiRT 4 because of the difficulties that they have in controlling the vehicles especially on dirt roads and heavy gravels. The controls of the vehicles are almost real, if you push too much of throttle then you are going to spin out of control and wreck or if you are going to use too much of brake then you will start sliding everywhere. It is very realistic, so I am impressed with DiRT 4 and glad that I brought the game. However, it costs me $60 and do I think that the price is right for DiRT 4? Somewhat no. I would say $39 or $49 would make more sense and it would be more fitting price for that game. Usually racing games would require more than 60GB of space for hard drive and DiRT 4 only require 30GB or less so that tells me that it’s won’t offer a lot of gameplay times which is a bit disappointing but good thing that they have different types of races that you can do in rally such as trucks, buggies, and cars.

PC version:
Xbox One:
PlayStation 4:

Happy Father’s Day

I know that the Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, I figured that I would go ahead and wish you all a happy Father’s Day. I hope that all of you have fantastic time with your children and share bonds with your children because they are very important. I would have been a father in 2005 if we didn’t have a miscarriage. Ever since I found out that my ex-girlfriend, at that time she was my fiancé was pregnant and I was thrilled. I would tell people that I cannot wait until I take him or her out to fishing, hunting and go four wheeling with me to connect ourselves with the mother’s nature. I started buying my ex fiancé some pregnant clothes and stuff to care for her. I was looking very forward to become a daddy at that time, until that day I found out that she had miscarriage and I pretty much crashed down because I think I made myself too excited as I was looking forward to having a child of my own. Some people says that I am a father nonetheless, even though that my child died and it’s been hard on me still to this day. We lost our child at 4 ½ months pregnancy. This was in 2005 when I was eighteen, now I am thirty years old and my child would have been 12 years old in March as it was when he or she dues if he or she hadn’t died.

Anyway, I have no surviving children now but I did have a child that was on the way. I would like to have a child someday but if I won’t then at least I have beautiful nieces and nephews that comes from my line.

Gene Simmons Wants Trademark on I Love You in American Sign Language

Few days ago, a lot of news outlet wrote articles to let us know that Gene Simmons, the singer of KISS filed a trademark for the “I Love You” in American Sign Language and that caused outrage in the Deaf community. The reason of the outrage is because, Gene Simmons stated that the “I Love You” in American Sign Language were created by himself back in 70s and what he doesn’t realize is that we the Deaf community created that several decades longer than his claims that he was one who first invented that “hand gesture” for horns of the devil. Organizations and a lot of Deaf people have already sent a letter to USPTO (United States Patents and Trademark Office) demanding that they should not accept Gene Simmons’s trademark filing claims because it does not belong to Gene Simmons in the first place as it belongs to the Deaf community since 1905 stated by Deaf Heritage via Wikipedia.

Here’s the article about Gene Simmons wanting to trademark the “I Love You” sign:

I must say that I am baffled to see that Gene Simmons would do something like that, especially claiming that it belongs to him when it isn’t as it belongs to the American Sign Language which is recognized as a language by United States and worldwide. If Gene Simmons’s trademark filing somehow got accepted then that would mean that we cannot use one sign of our language commercially and this would hurt the Deaf-owned business who sells products with the “I Love You” sign (example: By Mara). If the USPTO accepts Gene Simmons trademark claims then that would be no different from filing a trademark on some English words such as “I Love You”. How would you feel if somebody file a trademark claim on “I Love You” in English and then the trademark owner found out that you use that words “I Love You” somewhere without their permission then they can file a lawsuit against you for using “I Love You” in English text somewhere? Shame, right? Me thinks so.

Over to You

It’s getting a bit late, good news is that I still have a couple more of things that I want to get off my mind but I just now realized that it is 6:20AM in the morning and that means that I need to stop typing here because I am usually in bed at around that time so it’s a bit late for me. So, I will just keep a couple of topics that I want to get out of my mind until the next time that I have the time to write a blog again and I am going to try my best to blog soon instead of several weeks. I know I don’t blog as much as I used to, I apologize for that and I barely have any energy to write a blog nowadays. If you have any idea for the topics that you would like for me to share my opinions in the next snippets article I would greatly appreciate it and you can suggest topics that you would like to hear my opinions or thoughts on certain topics by using the form here. Thank you all for your time reading this article and I hope that all of you have a great day as I am sure that in a couple of hours you will be waking up. I am night person so, that is why I am up now of the morning and the bed is calling my name so I must get going! I bid you all a goodnight.

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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