Nyle DiMarco Exposed.

Nyle DiMarcoSome of you may know who Nyle DiMarco is but almost every one in the Deaf community knows who Nyle DiMarco is because Nyle DiMarco is a part of the Deaf Community and yes that means that Nyle DiMarco is Deaf or Hard of Hearing but in this case Nyle DiMarco is Deaf. But outside the Deaf community, millions of people knows Nyle DiMarco through a television shows calls the America’s Next Top Model (guys/girls) contestants who is in top eight (8) 0r ten (10) if I remember correctly in the cycle 22 on with Tyra Banks on CW channel every Friday if I am not mistaken but you can find more accurate information about America’s Next Top Model shows on the channel’s website CWTV.com and to get better idea who exactly Nyle DiMarco is you can find a small biography for Nyle DiMarco through Wikipedia or through one of search engines such as Google or Bing. For several weeks Nyle DiMarco have won where he is to be safe from several eliminations which is somewhat surprising but at same time it is not because Deaf people have the best ability of creating face expression or body expression which that is what takes huge part in modeling especially for photography and of course most of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing people in the Deaf community is rooting for him to be the next America’s Top Model while at same time he is letting these millions viewers all over the world to know that we as Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals can do it all except hear. A great exposure for the Deaf community which that is something that I am very proud of and take a pride in because I am one of them.

From the beginning ever since Nyle DiMarco won a spot in contestants race on the America’s Next Top Model, we in the Deaf community and millions of the people outside the Deaf community which they are what we call “hearies” roots for him especially most of the women as it seems because there are everywhere on the internet that I have seen where many girls are saying that they would learn American Sign Language (ASL) just for Nyle DiMarco.

Now for a while, several weeks goes by there were a person who withheld a secret information on Nyle DiMarco saying that Nyle DiMarco’s secret would be revealed only if he is caught from sneaking and doing something that Nyle DiMarco himself told that person he isn’t something what that person suspected Nyle DiMarco to be of — Which in this case lying to that person so if that person caught Nyle doing what he denied then that person promised that he would reveal something what he suspected of Nyle DiMarco in the first place. Nonetheless to say that Nyle DiMarco was caught doing something in Europe that he denied to that person in the first place so that person then do what Nyle DiMarco was promised in the first place by revealing an information Nyle DiMarco denied or in this case lied. What did that person suspected Nyle DiMarco of in the first place before Nyle is showing success in the America’s Next Top Model television show? Homosexual or gay to be exactly. That person is also Deaf, a Deaf guy name Ricky Taylor who is openly gay who suspected Nyle DiMarco of gay and Ricky himself caught or saw that Nyle DiMarco created a profile at Grindr which is application (app) based only for smartphone that is used for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) to find other same-sex people to either date or to have sex with. If you don’t understand what exactly the Grindr App is then Grindr is same thing as Tinder’s app but for LGBT people and Tinder is for straight people only so now you get the idea what Grindr is exactly.

But ever since Ricky Taylor or in the Deaf community knows him as Ridor/Ridor9th who is probably the most popular Deaf VLogger on YouTube where he record videos using American Sign Language (ASL) which is a primary language for most of the people in the Deaf community. Ricky Taylor caught Nyle DiMarco lying to him by saying that he is not gay himself when Ricky asked Nyle if he is gay through Twitter if I remember correctly, then Ricky found out that Nyle DiMarco has an account on Grindr app with a picture of Nyle himself topless in it then by Ricky’s promise that he would publicly announce that Nyle DiMarco is gay himself and Ricky did so by making a wall post on Facebook to reveal the secret or the lie that Nyle DiMarco denied to him in the first place when he was asked if he was gay or not. Here is a screenshot of Ricky’s Facebook wall post announcement of Nyle DiMarco’s where Nyle himself denied that he is gay as Ricky suspected in the first place.

Nyle DiMarco Announcement

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The moment that Ricky made the announcement by posting on his Facebook wall post, I believe in a group called Deaf Thoughts Police on Facebook that angered hundreds of the people in the Deaf community and to their outrage they left the group which that group had almost 15 or 16 thousands members but with many of the people leaving the group that counts of the members in that group goes down rather quickly to last time I checked which was last week but to almost 12 thousands members! Also hundreds of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing people is outraged with how Ricky “outed” Nyle DiMarco saying the way that Ricky outed Nyle DiMarco is wrong because it wasn’t Ricky’s place to publicly announced a private information in Nyle’s life because only person that can share if he’s gay or not gay is Nyle DiMarco himself so hundreds of the people in the Deaf community started using few hashtags everywhere on social media such as #BlockRickyTaylor, #CommunityAccountability and others.

Ricky Taylor himself is one of few administrators for the Facebook group Deaf Thoughts Police along the founder Jason Lamberton and other ten more administrators is close friends with Ricky Taylor himself so many of the members from that group protested to have Ricky either demoted from administrator to a regular member or to be kicked out of the group but what some of them didn’t realize is that all the administrators for that group is close friends with Ricky so of course none of the other administrators will listen to any members requests to have Ricky himself to be kicked out of the group which they have the right to do so by not kicking Ricky out of the group or to demote his place as administrator because it is their group nonetheless. Ricky have said it himself that he hates LGBT who stays in the closest and refusing to come out of the closest because in some of his vlogs have said that there are some gay people who choose to stay in the closest permanently is more than likely to do more than harms to the LGBT community to self-loath themselves.

Due to the outrages of many people in the Deaf community, who made some vlogs to share their rants about the Ricky himself or to share their opinions about how Ricky goes out to made it public that Nyle DiMarco himself is gay. There are also several people in the Deaf community who obviously backed Nyle DiMarco or supporting Nyle DiMarco especially the producer of ASL Films Mark Wood who is also gay himself where I believe he was the first person to respond by saying that Nyle DiMarco don’t consider himself as “gay” but sexually fluid where he have no preference at all in which genders he have a interests in so he goes forward and back to both genders as if water in a glass moving left to right fluidly. Mark Wood also himself said that Nyle himself is sadden with how Ricky goes out publicly announcing that Nyle is “gay” on Facebook as if Ricky pushed Nyle himself on to the stage in front of thousands Deaf audience in the seats shouting that Nyle himself is gay is how many of the people in the Deaf community puts it. With that said, Ricky decided to make a vlog to let everybody know why Ricky himself did that and discussing about the part where he said that he promised Nyle himself that if Ricky was to find out that Nyle lied to Ricky himself that this is what Ricky would do as like he recently did by publicly announcing it to his Facebook wall post.

After the vlog that Ricky himself made on YouTube for everyone in the Deaf community to watch about that scandal where he publicly announced that Nyle DiMarco himself is gay and then said that he wasn’t the first person who “outed” Nyle DiMarco about him being gay because he says that there was someone else who “a hearie” outed Nyle DiMarco first in some forum on the internet which he asks everybody why didn’t they go after that person who was the very first person to outed Nyle DiMarco himself too? That is understandable but like what Ricky said, he admitted that he was the first Deaf person to outed Nyle DiMarco about being gay so it is all about the Deaf community and not the hearing people (hearies) as everybody says. Ever since Ricky made that vlog the outrages in the Deaf community continued for several days and hundreds of the people in the Deaf community were still upset at him for what he did by outing Nyle DiMarco himself then few of the people started threatening Ricky’s family his mother in particular which that is where it went too far. Ricky said that he have reported the threats and the few of the people who threatened Ricky’s family to the police station in his hometown. Then a few days ago the outrages in the Deaf community against Ricky Taylor have calmed down somewhat a bit and Ricky have decided to make a second vlog on the situation by discussing his weakness to everyone in the Deaf community who watches his vlogs. For some of you who don’t understand American Sign Language then I suggest that you have somebody to interpret what Ricky is saying in both videos to you or search online to see if there is somebody in the Deaf community who would be more than happy to write you a transcription of what he is saying in both of the videos but in both of the videos to make a long story short Ricky is basically saying that his most weakness is helping some of the people in the Deaf community while he gets nothing in return or these people who he helped backstabs him in the end. In the first video he have said that Mark Wood who is ASL Films producer used to be a preacher for a church in Washington, D.C. who would go to Gallaudet University that caused fears to many students enough to where they would drop out Gallaudet University because where Mark Wood says that they cannot choose two masters as they would have to only choose one master — Gallaudet or God? That Mark Wood was one of many who also in the closest because in a few years later Mark Wood decided to came out of the closest announcing that he is gay himself when Mark have harmed LGBT community before when he was a preacher for some church in Washington, D.C. that Mark is hypocrisy himself. Although in my memory Mark Wood did not come out of the closest himself because Mark Wood went through exactly the same way that Nyle DiMarco is going through as somebody which I cannot remember publicly announced that Mark Wood himself is gay and how it was found out that Mark Wood himself is in the closest was when that person was chatting with Mark through video phone then Mark trusted that person enough to answer that person’s question on if Mark himself is gay or not but Mark answered that he is gay who was still in closest at that time.

With that being said. After a couple of weeks, there now is news announcing that Nyle DiMarco is sexually fluid himself which confirmed what Ricky Taylor were saying except the difference between gay and sexually fluid but Nyle DiMarco himself made it public in the news that he indeed is sexually fluid as what Mark Wood said in one of his vlog. I have no opinions over this situation whatsoever as I was only person that observes the heated situation over this with between two but the bottom line is that Nyle DiMarco himself made it public that he is sexually fluid and Ricky Taylor was who started this all even though he was not the first person to outed him but the reason that Ricky got more heats than the first person (a hearie) who first outed Nyle DiMarco himself is because that forum was a very small-sized forum comparing to thousands of members in the Facebook group while at same time thousands of subscribers to Ricky’s YouTube channel (YouTube.com/Ridor9th), his Facebook friends list and his Twitter account even though they are set private but still he had several public eyes watching him more than the eyes at that thread in the forum where the first person outed Nyle DiMarco.

Nyle DiMarco’s news about sexually fluid: America’s Next Top Model Contestant Nyle DiMarco Comes Out as Sexually Fluid by People Magazine

You can look up at some of the posts that is using the #BlockRickyTaylor hashtag on social media like Facebook and Twitter so you can get some idea of the outrages that it was received by the Deaf community here:


Please beware that there are some profanity in videos and posts so if you are under age then you must ask your parents or guardians for the permission to view them. If you went ahead to do so then this would assume that you have gotten the permission and I take no responsibility howsoever.

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