12-10-2016 Tidbits

I know I have not write anything for a few days, about a bit over half of a week because I have been somewhat lately and not only that I have unbelievably struggles with trying to find some time to write an article for the blog since my last article where I was talking about looking for anyone who would like to write an article as a guest. By the way for these emails that I have gotten from you about wanting to write a guest article on here, I am very thankful for these emails and I am hoping that I will continue getting some more e-mails from some of you who would like to write an article as a guest. It seems that through these emails I have gotten from the people, most of them wants to write an article about foods and recipes so I am somewhat taken back by that as I realized that there are more food bloggers than I thought they would be. I have not picked two or three guest bloggers to write one of each articles as guest yet because I want to make sure that everyone can still get this opportunity to write an article as a guest in case if they didn’t know that I am looking for some guest bloggers so I am trying to spread the words about this as much as I can and will do so for as long as I can although I will probably try to call it a deadline by either Sunday or Monday this week coming up so to give everybody a bit more time to decide or a bit more time for more people to find out about this opportunity. Nonetheless I am being hopeful that I can give something back to the bloggers in return for their thanks for helping me to succeed from the day one when I started getting some interest in becoming a blogger in the year of 2004.

2004? Wait, thought that I started at 2007? If we are going to be technical about this then yes I did pretty much start out as a blogger in that year of 2007 but in that year 2004 was when I was learning how to build websites and designs when I was mentored by an old friend of mine who ran an up and coming social networking website until he decided to sell it to somebody who doesn’t have a slight idea on how to run a website so in result of that the website had to be shut down.

12-10-2016 Tidbits

I guess I will go ahead and start writing a few things that I would like to talk about in tonight’s tidbits. First, before I do so I want to check in with all of you. How are all of you doing?! I hope that all of you are doing well and keeping yourselves warm in this cold weather that we are getting. I know it is very cold especially tonight, I believe that tonight is the coldest night that it has gotten so far this year over here where I lives and earlier it was snowing a bit but nothing that would sticks although the board of education over here called all the county’s schools to be closed which is a bit confusing because I didn’t see anything that would put them in dangers except the cold temperature as the snows wasn’t sticking to the roads or anything like that so it was a bit strange. I am doing well myself, I am keeping myself warm with the portable heater going on in my bedroom while at the same time I have the heater (floor vents air conditioner/heater combo) going on for the house so my house is warm and my bedroom is even warmer as it is practically runs two heaters. The temperature outside over here now is at 26 degree which is the lowest I believe as it is 2:30AM now and I think the highest temperature during the day were 37 degree so today is the coldest day so far and it’s supposed to get even colder in few days coming as we’re about to get two or three days of snows in row as the weather service reported.

Anyway, I am going to start with the tidbits and I hope that all of you enjoy a few of topics that I want to talk about tonight although I doubt that they will be the best tidbits I have produced yet because I had somewhat difficulty in thinking of something that I’d like to talk about for a blog so here it is.

Does Online Petition Works?

That is a very good question to ask. Does the online petition works? The answer to that is yes and no. Why? It depends on what you use the petitions for or who is it that you petition against. This year in the summer over in a small city named Williamson, Wv which I believe I wrote about this but they had a petition going against the utility company that runs water and sewage for the people of Williamson and its neighbors such as a few over in Belfry, Ky side especially on the river across the trains on West Virginia side, in East End and in West End. I believe they also service some of the people over in South Williamson on Kentucky side including a few of the businesses such as hospital, pharmacy, tobaccos store, few restaurants and others. The utility company is called Williamson Water and Sewage so it is a local company. What happened is that they decided to purpose an increase in price to the city from their customers, 51% price hike and people from the city of Williamson in West Virginia complained because obviously a 51% is a huge increase especially that the people who lives in that city are poverty but they are a city that is struggling with get out of that poverty. Ever since the resides heard about that purpose from the company to the city officials, a local resides decided to do a petition against that price hike that the company purposed to the city’s officials and the city officials thought that they would get away with it by telling them that they would need about two thousand signatures I believe so they were thinking that it would be impossible for them to get that much signatures for the petition. The person who started the petition is Shawn Williams, he actively goes to people’s house, door by door and used the Facebook to spread the words about it. That ended up a backfire in the city’s officials face as they could meet that numbers that was needed for the signatures for the petition and successfully advocated against the local company who purposed that 51% price increase. Nonetheless, that’s basic of the story and if you’d like to know a bit more about it you can read the article that I told you about that I wrote about it here.

However there have been several attempts for the petitions against larger companies, federal level and such. A lot of times the petitions failed to get what they want, so if it is against a local company, a small city like Williamson in West Virginia or if lucky, up to the county’s level in the state but any higher such as the state’s level or federal’s level then they rarely succeed. So, it is all depends on who you use the petitions against and the locations but when it comes to the federal’s level or around that then you would have a better chance of getting the message across is if you rally in person, call and e-mail everyone and hope for the best.

The Most Accurate Weather Service

Every one of us have our favorite services that we use, such as search engines, social media, maps, news and many of others. But what about the weather service? Do you know that a lot of the weather services that aren’t accurate and that there are a couple or three weather services that are accurate as they can get? I am sure that a lot of us use the weather services like Weather Channel, weather bugs, weather live (app), dark (app) and bunch of others while there is one weather service that is as accurate as it can be. Do you know what weather service I am talking about? No? Okay, it is Weather Underground aka WunderGround. That weather service is said to be the most accurate weather service there is as it offers live reporting service from the national weather service and not only that it also allows millions of people to report the weather in the areas that they live in then weather underground verify it before accepting the people’s report. Weather Channel is said to be the second most accurate weather service and it isn’t as fast as the Weather Underground is though. So, I highly recommend that you check it out by visiting wunderground.com or search for WunderGround app on your smartphones as they have app too. I heavily rely on WunderGround when it comes to knowing the weather wherever I am at and beside WunderGround is a free service so it’s better than buying a weather app like Weather Live or Dark when they aren’t as accurate as the WunderGround.

Don’t believe me that the WunderGround is the most accurate weather service? Check it out here and enter your zip code which will provide you the most accurate weather’s report and at the same time letting you know which weather service is the most accurate at the bottom of the website. http://www.forecastadvisor.com/

Kentucky and West Virginia Need to Get with The Program!

What do I mean by these two states to get with the program? It is a saying that they are outdated, behind its advanced technology that they could be provided with or by, behind on economics and others. Now I lives in the state of Kentucky for all my life, I have never lived anywhere outside the state of Kentucky, I was born in the hospital over in the state West Virginia though and my family such as my grandparents, uncles, aunts and others lived in West Virginia before they passed away which this have affected my life deeply but anyway. I am basically both Kentuckian and West Virginian but just a bit more Kentuckian than West Virginian so I can speak about these both states as I grew in both states equally until the year of 2011 or 2012 I stopped visiting West Virginia as all of my family that lived in West Virginia passed away as my grandmother were the last member of the family in West Virginia which is odd as her children passed away before her except my mother and my uncle that we aren’t really close to. So, as for the state of Kentucky can I say that I am proud to be Kentuckian? Almost no and that goes the same for the state of West Virginia. While both states are known for the coals, my family in generations breathed and worked in coal mines for all their life. But that is it and that is a problem. When it was decided that the coals to be out of business, they had nothing to fall back and they became as if they were chickens with no heads not knowing what to do. They blamed the president for it, but what bothers me is that they never thought about how to be prepared for themselves and have something that they can fall back. They did not think about anything outside the coals, I am sorry to say this but we are not going to have the coals forever and eventually we will run out of the coals to dig from the coal mines. They never bother to think about “what if” the mines were to run out, they think that the coals were the only places that they can get jobs for when not realizing that there are few others that they can do too and prepare to do them when the mines run out of coals in time. Become doctors, lawyers, work in construction, work for the government, attend a college to get a degree and work for the places that can pay them even more than what they were getting paid from the coal mines. It bothers me to see that they think that the coal mines are the only ones that write them a fat checks, while they do but there are jobs that doesn’t have to do anything with coals that would write them fatter checks and some places can never run out of things to work on unlike the coal mines as the coal mines will eventually runs out of the coals to dig out underground.

Anyway, when I was born, at that time the things were changing and we were getting more businesses over here such as that Wal-Mart over in South Williamson, Wv when they killed the pops store that was used to be there. We see new fast-food restaurants opening here and big chains companies were taking over these both states. That was in the year of 1990s and then suddenly it stays that way. I applause Hatfield-McCoy Trails System for starting their business over in both states, especially in West Virginia state in west-south area but we need more. It was as if we blinked an eye then we saw the old become the new and then frozen as nothing have been changing lately since the year of 1990. Don’t you dare to blame that it is because of the coal mines were closing because they have nothing to do with that. I am talking about competing with other states, like New York, Florida, Tennessee and Nevada due to Las Vegas. Sure, we have Lexington, Louisville over in the state of Kentucky and Charleston, Huntington over in the state of West Virginia but that’s it? Almost the entire east part of the Kentucky’s roads is outdated, barely any new businesses opening and that goes the same for the west part of West Virginia. How about bring Starbucks over here in Pikeville, Ky? Or maybe Logan, Wv? What about Best Buy in Pikeville, Ky or Logan, Wv? Come on. Everywhere I go, it looks almost like as if every zip codes in both states are controlled by none other than Wal-Mart and I am getting sick with that so we need something new for the cities that have a lot of potentials such as Pikeville, Ky, Belfry, Ky, South Williamson, Ky, Williamson, Wv, Logan, Wv, Delbarton, Wv, Matewan, Wv and the likes. So seriously, get with the program and make both states to competes against different states to become better. It’s not about which state is the best, it is all about getting better and to get us with the future instead of keeping us so behind.

Not just that, both states of Kentucky and West Virginia are also very behind on Americans with Disabilities Act to provide equal access for the Deaf people who lives in both states. Including myself as well, since I have struggles for to get equal access in my state Kentucky since I was born and I am still struggling to get equal access to this day in the state of Kentucky so seriously get with the program!

The Origination of American Sign Language

Have you ever wondered how American Sign Language were originated? The American Sign Language were created when a man named Thomas Gallaudet who lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania decided to go across the ocean and meet another gentleman named Laurent Clerc who lived in France as Laurent Clerc was teacher for the Deaf children in France using gestures or French Sign Language at Deaf school in France while in America there were no Deaf school. Thomas Gallaudet decided to invite Laurent Clerc to America which Laurent Clerk himself accepted so both sailed from there in France over to here in the America and they decided to invent the sign language for the America so they did a bit of study in Martha’s Vineyard as there were several Deaf people who lived on Martha’s Vineyard. So, both studied them for a bit along with gesture and Laurent Clerc realized that we had no Deaf education here in the America so Laurent Clerc decided to set up the first Deaf school for the America namely American School for the Deaf (ASD) to teach the Deaf children with the gestures and some from Martha’s Vineyard their own sign language so from there American Sign Language were invented. Then Thomas Gallaudet decided to set up the first university for the Deaf community so he set up Gallaudet College which have become what we know today the Gallaudet University over in Washington D.C. Both created the path of the education for the Deaf community so American Sign Language were invented by both. If you’d like to know more about the origination of American Sign Language and better information than I can give as this video does it better. This video has voice-over for any one of you who want to hear about the story on the origination of the American Sign Language, also it has closed captions for us Deaf community to see and I highly recommend you to watch this video.

Still Using Internet Explorer? STOP IMMEDIATELY!

One of the tech news giants named Engadget have said that the people who still using Internet Explorer which belongs to Microsoft, aren’t safe and that all of you need to stop using Internet Explorer because it has carried malware for a while now as the malware is hidden inside the Internet Explorer. So, I highly encourage that you all to stop using Internet Explorer and use something else. I highly recommend Mozilla Firefox which is my all-time favorite internet explorer or Google Chrome is good too and is safe to use as well. Read about it here: https://www.engadget.com/2016/12/08/malware-infects-computers-by-hiding-in-browser-ad-gifs/

Over to You

I must stop here, as I am calling it a night because it’s past 4 o’clock in the morning and I haven’t been to bed since 7:30 o’clock in the morning yesterday so I am pretty much have been up almost 24 hours so I am very tired. I have a couple more things to talk about but I am starting to realize that my mind is fluttering, it is telling me that it is time to power down my brain and sleep for a few hours. By the way I am still looking for guest bloggers so if you are interested in writing an article as a guest please read the article about guest bloggers which you can find the article before this article on the homepage. If you have any ideas on what I should talk about the next time, I would greatly appreciate for some of your help with that and please do so by submitting your topics suggestion here.

Thank you so much for all your time, I bid you good night and please keep yourselves warm!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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