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Firefox LogoIf you ever wonder if there is a way to make your Firefox internet browser to be faster such as boosting your internet speed for your Firefox and the answer to that question is absolutely, there is a way to make your Firefox experience to be a lot faster and if you are wanting to make your Firefox internet browser to be faster then I am going to help you to get your Firefox to go faster so you can have better experience in using Firefox as internet browser. While Mozilla Firefox is indeed number one internet browser already and as in other article I have written stated that Mozilla Firefox is already fast and is very safe to use to surf on the internet but there is a way to make it go faster though, to do so to make your Firefox to go faster you must hack your Firefox internet browser and when you do you must be extremely be careful with hacking because if you do something wrong then you would make a mess for Firefox and Firefox would either be unresponsive or extremely slow so please read my instructions very careful and do what I say, before I go into the instruction I would like to say that I did not create the hacks as these are very old hacks but still work flawlessly and beautifully.

Now let’s get your Firefox to be faster in browsing experience and make you a happy Firefox user. If you do mess up then you can always simply reinstall Firefox so to not let you feel pressured doing this.

Instruction For Firefox:

NOTE: There have been an updated edit by scrolling down until you see the bold “update” word where you can make your Mozilla Firefox browser faster by one-click instead of having to taking the complicated way of fastening your browser.

We are going into change your pipelining which is what will help your Firefox to be very aggressive in responding.

Type about:config in your address bar and from there you will be prompted saying “This might void your warranty!” don’t worry about that and click “I’ll be careful, I promise!” then in the search field at the top of your browser type this network.http.pipelining and press enter on your keyboard and when it show up in bold text and make sure that what you typed in is shown exact in the list “network.http.pipelining” then double-click on your left mouse and you will see the value changed from false to true you got it? Great! Now type another one in search field network.http.proxy.pipelining and it should be shown in bold on the list and when it does, be sure that it’s shown exact as you typed then double-click on your left mouse to change the value from false to true. Now type another one in search field network.http.pipelining.maxrequests and it should show only one on the list then double-click on your left mouse and you will be prompted asking you what numbers for the value you want to put then change it to 8 then click ok and it should show 8 number for the value, you got it? Great, we are doing great here.

Now we are going into another step, a step two. This will help you to render quickly on your browser, this don’t want you to wait while the website being loaded so this is going to feel like snappy which is very useful on large complex websites so this will improve the performance drastically in loading. Now are you ready to get back to work? This is going to be a bit harder for you especially if you are new so please follow my instruction very careful. Again type about:config in your address bar and click “I’ll be careful, I promise!” then on the list (doesn’t matter anywhere, just inside the list) right-click and then click New and then click Integer and you will be prompted asking you to enter preference name so type content.notify.interval and then you will be prompted again asking you to enter the value type 500000, five zeros so make sure you have the right number of zeros and you might want write the preference name and value on a piece of paper because when you doing this, you can’t go back to read this article so please write the preference name and the value number, you got it? You are doing great job, keep it up! Now we go at it again, doing same way but this time instead of integer it’s Boolean so anywhere on the list right-click then click new then click Boolean then you will be prompted asking you to enter preference name so type content.notify.ontimer as your preference name and then you will be prompted again but asking you to enter the value so click true. You got it? Awesome, awesome my friend!

Why awesome? Because that’s it and you are set to go. What? Really? Yes! I hope that you will have a better experience especially a faster experience using Firefox now while Firefox being the fastest and safest internet browser than any of other internet browser, this is just making Firefox even faster than it claiming to be the wildly fastest. I am glad that I help you as I would help any of you out if it’s a possible. This hacks to make Firefox is actually very old hacks but it is still the only best hacks to make Firefox faster to this day and if you have friends or family that use Mozilla Firefox then please share this article with your friends and family so we can help your family or your friends to have same great and fast experience that we both are having now!

UPDATE: There is another method that I have come across which it is something that I have recently started using, it makes Mozilla Firefox a lot faster than ever and that is even easier than the method I gave you all above because with this it is all takes one click then you are set! What is it? It is a plugin for Mozilla Firefox which by the way is a great plugin that I have found that I am very pleased with and it is called Fasterfox which can be found on Mozilla add-ons website or you can simply click this link FasterFox then click Add To Firefox yellow button.

Now that we have done the hard work, this gets me very dehydrated so I better get going and get me something to drink and celebrate our hard work in getting you to have a much faster and better experience using Firefox internet browser. 🙂 I hope all of you have a great day and please be sure to check back here in case if I am going to write another or more articles which I am hoping to do so before end of the day. If you still need any help, confused or stuck on between these steps then please leave a comment below or contact me through the contact tab on top and I would be glad to help you further.

If you think this sounds good and want to have the fastest internet browser and do this to make the fastest internet browser to go even faster then go here: Mozilla Firefox Download.

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