Cochlear Implant Isn’t A Cure!

As a few of you who aware of that I am hard of hearing although I would often tell everyone that I am Deaf instead but when it comes to the medical term of what I am it is hard of hearing due to no ear canal opening in my left and only a very little opening in my right ear canal. No there is no way to do a surgery to open up in both of my ear canals because the doctor said that if I were to have a surgery to open both ear canals that it would cause the entire of my face to be paralyzed because it would mess with the nerves in my face from my ears so thankfully my mother decided that she prefers me to be hard of hearing or Deaf and still be able to see me smile but now that I am adult I still would not want to have a surgery to make myself the ability to hear as I have told many of the people who I love being hard of hearing and that I do not want to be fixed so to leave it at that. Yes this means that I take the pride in being Deaf or medically hard of hearing because the culture is a such beautiful thing especially in the Deaf community so I wouldn’t do anything to change that for anything and I am sure that this irks many audiologists — Good because all audiologists does is doing harms more than goods.

Some of the universities here in the United States would have some brochures especially at the universities that offers classes for if anyone wants to become the audiologists that likes to bring nothing but false hope to many parents of Deaf child would have a certain course where there is a class that teaches the audiologists on how to convince the governments that the cochlear implants is a cure just to get government’s funding supports.

Yes you heard that right, some universities that offers classes for the students who wants to become audiologists has the brochures with few different of courses for the students that they must take to have a degree in audiology to become audiologists but there is one course on that brochure where it would explain or give you a strategy on how to convince the governments that the cochlear implants is the cure for the people who is “hearing-impaired” which many of us considered impolite term as we prefer that they call us using term such as “Deaf” or “Hard of Hearing” but mostly “Deaf” is more than enough. Why? Because terms such as hearing impaired, Deafness, Hearing Loss or some of the others sounds negative which is something that most of us don’t think ourselves as negative so we prefer to use “Deaf” which sounds somewhat positive or neutral. But nonetheless, back to the subject of this article; cochlear implant.

There are many of the people in the Deaf community complained tirelessly that we have seen false advertising everywhere especially all over on the internet but mostly through YouTube where there would be some videos that would show you where the people who have recently gotten cochlear implants visiting the audiologists office to have their cochlear implants activated and they would show you their reactions when the audiologists have activated their cochlear implants for them to hear for the first time in their life. Inspiring right? But what you are getting from these videos is nothing but false advertisements. You would think that cochlear implants would help them to be more independent or have more freedom but the reality is they have just made themselves a way less of independent or worsening their freedom at life. When they get cochlear implants they cannot swims, can’t play any sports such as football, basketball, baseball, rugby, very high risks of brain damages and more so cochlear implants don’t just do more harms than good but they also lessen their freedom in their life in a big way. Cochlear implants will NOT help them to have better way of communication because they will still have the same problem in communication as they did before getting cochlear implants because with cochlear implants only will give them a way of hearing the sounds but they never will be able to understand any communication by humans which they would still have to rely on lip-reading more than ever for the rest of their life. With cochlear implant you won’t be able to hear what anyone is saying but you will hear sounds such as “PSH, PSH, PSH” of each different words anyone is saying to you for the rest of your life which is saddening so please do not fall for their false advertisements and do research yourself online instead of listening what audiologists are saying to you because it is audiologists job to convince you to get cochlear implants using the words out of cochlear implant industries mouth so if you want a real advice, feedback or opinions on cochlear implants be sure to do your own research by either asking more than one Deaf person who have cochlear implants or used to have cochlear implants — Yes, used to as in they even ripped cochlear implants out of their own brains with their own hands as this happened before because they were tired of them.

Here are few of the people rants or complaints on the cochlear implants:

Cochlear Implant

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Audism Free America AFA.


There is some more out there on the internet but these are three videos that I believe would give you some ideas on the cochlear implants, the first one and the third is by the same person but in the first video she is sharing the story of a girl who have issues with cochlear implant. If some of you who able to hear, don’t know American Sign Language then I am sure that the second video has voices in it as it is a hearing mother sharing the experiences of his daughter who gotten the cochlear implants. But first and third I am not sure if they have any voices in there as I am hard of hearing which is same way for Deaf with cochlear implant and still not be able to understand or hear voices but can hear sounds out there.

If you are into reading someone else blog then here is the blog’s article about the cochlear implant which is where I got the picture of Jessica Harris rant on cochlear implant:

As for me I would never get cochlear implants, why in the heck would I and why in the heck would you too if they prevents us from having the freedom of doing things such as swimming, playing sports or anything?! No thanks and nice try audiologists you dimwits audism.

Audism: is the notion that one is superior based on one’s ability to hear or to behave in the manner of one who hears, or that life without hearing is futile and miserable, or an attitude based on pathological thinking which results in a negative stigma toward anyone who does not hear.

So if any of you parents who are pregnant, found out that your child are either Deaf or Hard of Hearing please do not take any advice from audiologists or such and do your own research for the options on how you go about this for your child. I highly recommend the proven solution which is having your child to learn American Sign Language because it is the ONLY proven successfully communication tool for the newborn child otherwise if you choose cued or other options you are set to fail I promise you that so take that from me because I am experienced enough to say that American Sign Language is the way to go as I have learned other options but failed miserably including speech therapy.

Here is a great resource for the parents with Deaf or Hard of Hearing child(s): Now What? By and be sure to browse around on as there are plenty of knowledge and resources ready for you to start with your Deaf or Hard of Hearing children(s). 🙂

I have realized that this post is mixed with rants, resources, information and others into one but at least it is something for you to learn today! If you are parents of the Deaf children and wants some help please do contact me by going to the contact tab at the top of this website where you will be provided on how to contact me. I got everything packed just waiting for you and other thing please NEVER be ashamed of having Deaf or Hard of Hearing children. Also please learn American Sign Language yourself too with your child because believe me in the end both of you will be very close with each others and very happy at the same time — I was there.

Thank you for the time of yours for reading this post which I am not really sure what to call it because I ended up getting off topic here and there (oops) but I do hope you don’t get lose there though! Have a great day and hope all of you to be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe doing whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do for the day!

P.S. If any of you who have experienced with cochlear implants or even audism, please feel free to leave some comments below the article if you want to let everybody to know how you feel about them.

~ Joshie.

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