Tidbits And The Mother Nature.

On the day of July 13th 2015 everyone were doing their everyday routines whether it be working, running some errands, hanging out with family or friends and whatever else that everyone’s usual routines are but something had happened that no one knew that would happen to every one of them including myself. While every one here in few of counties such as Pike County, Martin County, Johnson County, Perry County among other few more that is in both states of Kentucky and West Virginia enjoying their days regardless what they were doing while at same time not expecting something that would be something bad on the way to these counties that would literally turn everyone that lives around these areas life up downside rather quickly. As the light in the sky in the day becoming darker as it was turning the day into the night, there were something that was brewing something very trouble that was sneaking upon us without us realizing so until it was getting closer to midnight so the night has been set for everyone and out of no where the mother nature smacked us so hard that our heads spun so fast that by the time our heads had stopped spinning we realized that our properties that has houses, vehicles, animals and many of others that is on our properties had been destroyed in a matter of a blink in our eyes. Not only that things on our properties which includes houses, vehicles, animals among others had been destroyed severely there were some of the people had been killed and some had been gone missed so quickly which that was something that we weren’t prepared for because we almost did not expect that would have happened to us but it had been to the point that the state of Kentucky here in the United States declared emergency.

I am one of the people who lives in the state of Kentucky who was in the middle of something horrible we have ever saw ever since the 2009 storm named Derecho that destroyed several properties with houses among of other things on the properties but not only that over hundred thousands of people’s power were knocked out that basically put us back to the old days where there weren’t electricity so it was blackout for all of us as it forced several people in Kentucky to not have any electricity for more than a week or two weeks for some people and because of that all of gas stations quickly increased their prices per gallons because several gas stations were running out of gasoline within’ a day or two due to several people buying gasoline for their generations along with unnecessary things like gas for their vehicles when they should’ve not done that because it made it the point that some others people not being able to get any gasoline just for generation to power their houses.

I was one of several victims in the Derecho storms that had power knocked out, I also had mudslide that destroyed a wall of the basement in the house but luckily it wasn’t that majorly enough to force us to not being able to still lives in but still the mudslide destroyed some of the things we stored for my mother’s memory of my childhood such as my clothes or some toys but nonetheless the Derecho storm caused the power in my house to be out for almost a week which is a bit of luck comparing to several others who went out without any power for more than one or two weeks although thanks to my step father’s friend Raymond for loaning us his generator just enough to power the essential things such as windows air conditioning because at that time of the Derecho storm it was in the summer as the heat in that summer was almost unbearable. Now this time being unaware of the storm a couple of nights ago almost repeats the same storm in 2009 but luckily not bad as Derecho storm but it is eerily close although couple of the nights ago when we had the storm we got lucky that our power wasn’t knocked out which was very surprising but then on the 14th that storm came back stronger than ever to reminds us not to mess with the mother nature and that second night knocked our power out so now we have been without power for two days now. Ever since the storms on the 13th of this month July, the storm was so bad that had knocked out several people’s power to the point that the power company had no choice but to call in for more helps where there will be hundreds of the people from North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana coming in to the state of Kentucky to aid the power company (AEP Kentucky Power) to restore the power so you get the idea of how bad it is but with that being said you realize that people should appreciate the power company in the areas that you are in for doing everything in their power to restore your power as soon as possible by calling some backups so to make sure that you have air conditioning in the summer or heater in the winter to be powered back on to make you comfortable. As risk it is for electricity restoration done by the power company crews, they are working with pains every in their bones but they are ignoring their pain because they want to make sure that you have the power back on so to stay cool or warm and they are hardly appreciated so if any of you lives in these counties to have your power back on then please make sure to either call the power company, email them or send mail to them to tell them to let the crews know who worked tirelessly to restore all of our powers that you appreciate them.


Time for another tidbits article, if you don’t know what tidbits are then I suggest that you search for a keyword “tidbits” in the search box at the top of the website where it will take you to a page of full tidbits articles for you to choose which one or all to read and a few of tidbits articles that has some explanation or the meanings of tidbits. Before I go further, tidbit articles usually ends up with long reading because where tidbits articles has more than one subject in the article instead of just one alone subject which can get a bit boring sometimes. Tidbits article seems to be popular with the fans of the JoshiesWorld which I don’t mind to write tidbits article at all because I like talking about different subjects than to talk about one thing because talking about one thing makes it look like a very short conversation which it is something not everyone like so here it is – Another tidbits article for all of you so I hope that all of you enjoy the newest tidbits article!

Everyone’s most favorite foods – Pizza.

If you don’t like pizzas then you have no taste whatsoever but pizzas is very irresistible to several people obviously because they are delicious and pizza is one of my favorite food although it is not my most favorite food because my most favorite food all the time would be my mother’s homemade breakfast gravy. As for pizza you do know that many of pizzas here in the America aren’t real pizza that you expected them to be? These pan style, Chicago style, deep-dish style or other different style of pizzas crust are not real pizza but if you want a real pizza then you would have to find an authentic pizzeria, yes I said pizzeria because real pizza is called pizzeria but authentic pizzeria restaurant which is actually very rare to be found here in the America and to eat a real pizza you would have to fly yourself to Italy to taste the real pizza. I wish that there are more of authentic pizzeria restaurants around here in the America because I love pizzeria but was the pizzeria I ate real? Absolutely not but the pizzeria I ate did just gave me an idea of what a real pizza should be, to get an idea of what real pizza you can get frozen pizzeria at supermarket store such as Wal-Mart but please note that they are not real but still they do give you an idea of what pizzeria is though and it is shame that there aren’t much authentic pizzeria restaurants around here in the America for some unknown reason but in my opinion for the reason that there aren’t many authentic pizzeria restaurants is because out of respects for Italy for their authentic pizzeria.

With that being said, there are several pizza restaurants all over here in the America for everyone who lives in the United States to pick who they want to order the pizza from such as Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Giovanni’s, Dominos or Little Caesars and few of more popular names for pizza restaurants to order from. I wonder which pizza restaurant do you like the most? Myself I am crazy for Dominos, Little Caesars or Pizza Hut but if I had to choose which one to be my favorite then I pick Pizza Hut because I cannot ever get enough of their cheese or crusts but recently with new additional to their pizza such as premium crushed tomatoes for sauce is to die for! If you know any authentic pizzeria restaurant close to Pikeville in Kentucky here in the United States please let me know and if you wonder what real pizzeria looks like then I suggest you to do some image search on a search engine like Google or better yet watch a film called Eat Pray Love.

Thirst For Some Drinks!

So I have talked about pizza for food that everyone loves but now let’s talk about something that we thirst for and that is something to drink. Just same with the foods there are many of drinks to choose for our thirst such as milkshake, water, pop, energy drinks or electrolyte like Gatorade or among others and some more. Before I go on to talk about some drinks, I am wondering what do some of you call them beverages like pop, soda, soft drinks or others? Let me know by leaving a comment below here under the article! Myself I cannot stand electrolyte drinks like Gatorade but I am in love with energy drinks especially Monster Energy which is the only beverage I drink everyday (really) because it seems to me that Monster Energy is the only beverage that I can taste as several of other beverages I hardly can taste for some reason and I drink four cans of Monster Energy everyday but when it comes to other beverage I can only be able to drink Diet Mountain Dew probably due to that I have drunk diet mountain dew ever since I was a child although I am losing my taste of diet mountain dew everyday. For some of the people thinks that energy drinks aren’t healthy, while in some way that is true especially Red Bull which I will give you the reasons here in a bit but as I said that it is not healthy in some way but majorly the energy drink is good for you as it has several vitamins especially in the Monster Energy along with few more of things that is contains in the Monster Energy. As for Red Bull; I was addicted to Red Bull for a couple of years as I used to drink Red Bull all the time until one day I started feeling like there were something wrong with my heart so I called my physician doctor for a checkup so my doctor referred me to a heart doctor to only find out that there were something wrong with my heart which that was my heart beats irregular as it beats too fast for normal then found out what it caused that and that is Red Bull. So with the heart doctor’s recommendation that I should either stop drinking Red Bull or drastically cut down from 5-6 cans a day to 1-2 cans a day which cutting down to one or two cans a day isn’t enough for me because they were the only ones I could have the pleasure of tasting for a beverage so I went on a search for alternative then I discovered Monster Energy that I had never tried before in my lifetime which is a bit of surprise considering that Monster Energy has been around for a while now so I bought Monster Energy and I fell in love with them immediately so I started drinking Monster Energy 4-5 cans a day for replacement of Red Bull then it was time for me to visit back to my heart’s doctor due to monthly checkups for my heart. When I went back to the heart doctor after quit drinking Red Bull but replaced with Monster Energy, when I went for EKG test to check my heart status such as beat rates etc and it came to surprise for all of us that my heart started getting back to normal so from that day after finding out that my heart is getting back to normal I stick with Monster Energy for many years so that says a lot how bad Red Bull is for healthy comparing to Monster Energy. So the bottom line is that Monster Energy drinks are healthier than Red Bull as long as you drink them carefully so for however many cans you drink Red Bull you switch to Monster Energy with same amounts of the Red Bull that you usually drink you would see a change in your heart for better which is a good thing but at same time it questions Red Bull themselves in a way.

… The end.

I have written all the subjects that I had written on a piece of paper for an idea of mine to write about on here which that means I run out of what to talk about and for the next tidbits I would be very happy if you send me some ideas on what to write about in the next tidbits article so for you to send some ideas to me for what I should write about in the next tidbits article please click here to submit your ideas. There are more ways to send me a list of some ideas for me to write in the next tidbits article by send me a tweet on Twitter by tweeting the list of ideas to @JoshiesWorld at Twitter or like JoshiesWorld Facebook page to post a wall post of the ideas. Thank you very much for all of your time to read the new tidbits article which I hope that some of you enjoy although I do know that it is not one of my best but still that counts something though hopefully, please be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe doing whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do for the day and stay out of trouble!
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– Joshie.

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