12-28-2017 Snippets

How has it been going with you all? I hope that everything is all well with you all! As for me, all is well except that I am suffering with no internet for several hours now since this early morning and only theory I have for the internet not having any connection is that today is the coldest weather we have had so far this year as it is about 10 degree outside so I suspect that for some reason their cable or their system doesn’t resist the frigid cold that well. Unless there is a car accident somewhere down the road, but I am certain that there isn’t because I still have television and not only that I also have no internet connection on my cell phone, so it isn’t just my broadband internet that is down but also my cellular data is down too. That means that I absolutely have no internet whatsoever, from broadband internet to cellular data and this is frustrating me because usually at this time of the day I would be watching something on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime for few of hours before I head out to bed, so it is screwing with my daily routine. Since I have no internet whatsoever, I figured that I would might as well write an article as a draft and wait for the internet to come back to publish this article so to give me something to do while the internet is out but I hope that whatever is causing all-out internet will be solved within’ an hour or two as that would be near my bed time so I can watch an episode or two on one of these streaming services. I am wondering what cause this, an all-out internet from broadband and the cellular data at once? If you have an answer or theory to that then please leave a comment below so I know what is going on next time if that is to happen again which I hope that never will happen again after this but almost nothing is a guarantee.

Usually when I have no internet, I would play some games from Windows 10 store such as Hill Climb which is one of the most fun games I have ever played because of the difficulty and challenging especially when you use some vehicles that isn’t fast enough to reach for a refill so that you could keep on going until the next refill. The highest levels I have reached is 32 levels I believe, at least one or two stages and most other stages I have reached 20-25 levels so it is quite fun to play.

12-28-2017 Snippets

Now, remember that I have no internet, so this mean that I don’t have the access to a list of things that I would like to share my opinion or thought on as I use Microsoft’s OneNote to keep up with a list of things that I would like to talk about or as a note taking. I will be writing the topics on the fly, whatever comes to my mind as I type and hopefully they will turn out to be interesting for some of you! Please keep on sending me some topics suggestion through the submit page which can be found at top of this website under the name “submit”! That way I can have something more to talk about next time when I write another article and hopefully I will have the internet at that time too.

93rd Representative of Kentucky Announced Re-Election!

The representative of 93rd of Kentucky names Chris Harris announced that he decided to run another term and I am more than glad to see that he decided to announce his re-election bid for his own seat which is very important especially for the eastern Kentucky. The 93rd Representative of Kentucky represents two counties, Pike County which is the largest county of all in commonwealth of Kentucky and Martin County. Representative Chris Harris have fought nails to tooth for the people in Commonwealth of Kentucky for many years, when it comes to fighting to keep the eastern Kentucky stabilized after many of unfair bills passed in law such as the most recent one, Tax Reforms, he also is vocal for the Affordable Care Act because the people in eastern Kentucky rely on Affordable Care Act more than ever and Affordable Care Act in eastern Kentucky is very important because the majority of people in eastern Kentucky cannot afford the unfair healthcare before Affordable Care Act became the law of the land. Eastern Kentucky is where Affordable Care Act is very successful, very popular than most and with most Republicans strategically fighting to have it repealed which is why it is very important to re-elect Chris Harris. He is a Democrat, but he doesn’t care about that, he doesn’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, what does he care is making your voice his at the capitol and make sure that we come first before his own party or the opposite party. Now he is fighting to fix the pension system in Commonwealth of Kentucky, which is known as worst pension system of all other states and Republicans is doing everything they can to make it even worse than being the worst pension system of all states. With Chris Harris as a leader, which he has shown repeatedly he is working harder than most to overhaul the pension system so that the teachers, police officers or other public servants can feel safe knowing that they have pension system in place to back them up after they retire. He fought for the unions, fair wages and others that Republicans have repealed due to be a majority of Republicans. He was one of many others who proudly voted a bill for the Deaf community where they are registered as Deaf in system for law enforcers so that they can be aware that they are Deaf and to approach the Deaf people properly by training. I voted and endorsed him last election, I am more than proud to declare my endorsement for Chris Harris to be continued as a representative for the eastern Kentucky again and I will personally see to that he has my vote again. If you are in Pike County or Martin County in Kentucky, which is at very east part of the state and are a registered voter I highly recommend that you give your vote to Chris Harris. If you aren’t registered voter, please go and register to vote so that you can vote him to keep his seat so that he can keep on fighting for the minorities including the people with disabilities along with senior citizens in mind! Need help with becoming a registered voter? You can register a voter by visiting the website here (Vote.org) which won’t take more than a couple of minutes of your time! Your vote is very valuable, as always!

First Deaf Candidate to Become A Congress of Third District in Kansas!

It is about time that we have someone in the Deaf community who decided to run for an election in any form of government in this country, United States and his name is Chris Haulmark. Chris Haulmark is Deaf man who runs for third congressional district in his state Kansas as a Democrat against incumbent Kevin Yoder who is a Republican and has been in that seat for a long time. There has been Deaf people who attempted at becoming elect at government in United States such as mayoral and others, but Chris Haulmark is running a higher level in government that no other Deaf has (I believe). He announced his candidacy early on this year in 2017, along with several other Democrat candidates and now it has narrowed down to four including Chris Haulmark for the time being. His campaign slogan is “Believe” with his campaign logo of himself in motion of “believe” using American Sign Language which is his first language and if he is to be elected by voters he would be truly the one who represent the people over the corporations or business because he is a minor himself, so he can represent for the minorities at best. Minorities includes disabled people, Deaf community, people of colors and senior citizens. If you reside in Kansas third district you will be seeing his name as primary election among other Democrat candidates and if he gets the most votes he will be the nominee Democrat in general third district Kansas against a primary Republican which is incumbent Kevin Yoder as he is running for a re-election himself. Chris Haulmark is connecting with his audience by making daily vlogs through his Facebook campaign’s page which can be found here, for the people of Kansas and third district in Kansas to interact with him. If I was in third district of Kansas, I would endorse him, but I am not as I am in Kentucky and I wish him nothing but the best with his campaign!


How was Christmas for you all?! I hope that all of you had a great time. I had a great time, although I don’t really celebrate Christmas much anymore like I used to, but I always would celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ and opening presents is always great too obviously. What did you get for Christmas this year? Here is a list of things that I got for Christmas, most from my mother and a couple or three from the rest of my family.

And here are the things that I have gave my mother, step father and others for Christmas.

My Mother:

My Step-Father:

And I got my uncle Ronnie a black yeti 30oz Rambler, so I hope he likes it. He didn’t know what Yeti is or get the idea of the importance of Yeti’s.

All of us loved our gifts, but I wish that we had a white Christmas and that didn’t happen. I always think that on the day of Christmas Eve and Christmas both with no snow (White Christmas) doesn’t make sense. I often think that on December 24 and 25 with no flake of snow isn’t Christmas. But again, we are in eastern part of Kentucky, so we rarely have white Christmas and to my memory the last time that I saw snow on Christmas was in 1994 I believe. For Christmas in early 90s we visited my grandparents’ house where all of my family on my mother’s side celebrate at every Christmas until the last person of the family passed away which was my grandmother after my uncle and aunt; I remember that there were so much snows that we barely get ourselves back home so we had to call a cab to take us home instead of taking a risk for my mother to drive us back home. To make things even more scarier yet a memory, the cab driver that drove us back home from my grandparents’ house instead of having my mother to drive us both back home was drunk and inside that cab I can remember as if it was yesterday that it reeks alcohol badly. We didn’t pay attention that our cab driver were drunk until a mile later, when we just realized that what was smelling so strong in that cab was alcohol and to confirm our nose was when we saw the driver taking a drink from a brown bag which is a common thing for people to hide their alcohol in hope that we didn’t know that there is a whiskey in that bag but what the driver didn’t realize or too drunk to realize in his case was that the smell were very alcohol that we could smell it. To our surprise, we got home safely as long as we didn’t let the cab driver to pull us in our old driveway because there is a wood bridge that we used to have where we used to live at and it was always very dangerous to drive across on it because there was nothing on the sides of the bridge that would prevent anyone from going into the creek by side. It had happened to one of my mother’s ex boyfriend’s friend because I remember that he had somehow drove his white truck over the bridge and that side of the truck was sitting in the river while the other side was up in the air, so it was the crazy thing to see. He was drunk as he always was, I don’t know about now because we haven’t seen him for more than two decades now as my mother is no longer with that guy and we were snowed in that night too which he should have known better than to drive across over the bridge especially that he knew that the wood bridge we used to have been in very bad shape where I used to live at.

Nonetheless, the last time white Christmas I could remember was in early 90s and I miss it. There is nothing like white Christmas and if you had a white Christmas I envy you. I see that there is a record-breaking snow in Pennsylvania and I envy the people who get to witness the record-breaking snow!

Enough about me and my memories of Christmas. What did you get for Christmas?! Leave a comment below and please feel free to share your favorite memory of white Christmas as well!

Happy New Year 2018!

In case if I am not able to find time or something in time for New Year Eve and New Year then I would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year! Please be safe, I know there are many of you who look forward to party hardcore with alcohol but at least drink responsible because there are people other than you and both sides need to be safe as possible! As for my resolution in 2018, to be continued in next snippets article and I would love to hear what your resolution for the year is for 2018!

… The End

I am calling it a night, beside I still need to try to catch a moment of internet connection so that I could publish this article to the blog before the internet goes down again because ever since a couple of hours ago the internet finally came back on and it started fluttering a lot so I am worried that I might not get a chance to publish this article today due to internet connectivity. Remember being sure to send me some topics suggestion that you would like for me to share my opinion or thought for the next snippets, you can do so by going to the submit page at top of this website or you can simply click this link and you will be taken to it. I would be grateful for any suggestion for a topic I can get from you all! Good night folks and ladies!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan

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