United States and being an American

United States of AmericaBefore I will start writing the article I will go ahead and tell you what exactly this article is going to be about so you can debate if you would like to read this article or not but this article will be about the United States and American people who resides in United States, so in a way this is somewhat politic subjects or issues in politics so if you like politics especially in United States then you may will like this article that I am about to write. Now there are many countries or nations whichever some of us prefer to call them and there are some good or bad countries on this earth and every country has their own humans ethic such as, the people in China country is Chinese, the people in Germany is German, people in United Kingdom is British, people in Russia is Russian and many more and all countries have their own breed and in my eyes every kinds of the people in all countries are unique. In my opinion I believe that all the nations should be united where each countries be friends with each others and be each others neighbors because then maybe the result of that would make each countries much better especially in economy because if every countries united with each others then all the countries shares finances as if only one currency instead of each countries currency like USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD and many more then imagine how much every countries would improve because then everyone could easily get what they need or want along with their dreams of wanting something like their dream cars or houses or whatever it is.

But it is very doubtful that it will ever happens with the unity of each countries because I believe one of many reasons is that they like being independent especially the United States. And besides every country has their own enemies but thankfully that issues are becoming less as the countries are starting to have a relationship with certain countries, comparing to several decades ago every countries had high numbers of enemies especially United States and few of others where United States went to a war against Germany because of Nazi but then after defeating Germany they both countries becomes a close relationship with each others which is a good thing in my opinion, although some of the people over in Germany begs differ because there are few of people in Germany dislike United States but what they forget is that the United States did not go a war against Germany because of its people as one of few reasons that United States fought against Germany is due to Nazi organization especially Hitler but not the Germany’s people so in technical the United States went to a war against the Nazi people and not Germany itself.

I am going off the topic here but I had the feeling that I needed to share and thought that I should point out something about the United States and Germany, although both of countries have a tight relationship with each others but each countries people are natural with each others and hopefully one of these days in the future that may be solved as I am being hopeful. Anyway to get back on the subject about the United States and the Americans as I intended to focus on these subjects but often I goes off the topic because it comes to my mind as I am typing this.

United States and being an American.

I am going to start a bit of basic history on United States, I am sure that many of the people know about this as this history is in some books at some schools for the history classes. But the North America settlers migrated from Siberia by way of the Bering land bridge about fifteen thousands years ago and Siberia is located right beside Russia along with Columbian Mississippian culture developed architectures and state-level societies. Then European explorers and traders made the first contacts and the populations in United States begins to decline due to some reasons and health problems such as smallpox, measles, intermarriage and violence. If you would like to learn a bit more about the beginning of colonization and building the United States which they call it “new world” then I recommend you to read it from Wiki which can be found here.

I am proud to be an American ever since I was born in the United States and still living here as I have never been out of the United States although I have wanted to travel to a couple of countries as they are on my bucket lists and the both of countries I’d like to visit is United Kingdom and France or possibly Italy. But anyway when I was born here in the United States in ’87, the United States was at the best especially with economy because everybody was becoming richer and the business starts blooming everywhere so in that time when I born, it was nothing for me to worry about because everything was going very smooth but then a few years later into the late of 90s when Clinton becomes president the United States the economy gets even better than the United States has ever been since the first depression so almost every one in my family have jobs earning good incomes and being able to afford foods on the table and some clothes to wear but that did not last long though.

In 2001 it was the time for the new president to be elected, George W. Bush somehow won the election then everything declines especially the economy in the United States where the businesses starts closing, employees being laid off or getting a cut in their pay and then just a few months after George W. Bush became the president there was an attack in the United States which happens in September where two of commercial airplanes were either hijacked or came from another country that flew both of the airplanes right into the twin towers in New York where almost three thousands of employees and the passengers of the both aircraft including 19 hijackers got killed. That was one of the worst moments in the United States which is a bit ironic especially that it was on the same year that George W. Bush became the new president of the United States, because of the attacks the United States declared a war against both countries Afghanistan and Iraq as they were the responsible of attacking the United States so we declared a war against them and to go after their leader which was Osama Lin Laden and the special operation forces found him then killed him by breaching his house with gun blazing everywhere.

The United States war against Afghanistan is still ongoing ever since 2001 but then in 2009 it was the time for the new president to be elected and every one of us had high hope for the new president to be a better one than George W. Bush that has almost killed the United States economy and then for the first time in the history of United States the new elected president are colored which brings a bit of hope for every one of us, the new elected president is Barrack Obama has started bringing back the soldiers back home from the war against Afghanistan slowly as he promised which he has kept and brings economy back up a bit but not entirely as George W. Bush left a huge mess for a couple of good presidents or more to clean up which the president Obama is slowly cleaning them up although there are few of things that he did something we didn’t like but definitely by far he is a better president than George W. Bush ever will be. It is said that George W. Bush is the president who took the most days on vacation than all previous presidents which is not a surprise considering he almost bring the United States to depression but luckily president Obama is one of the presidents that hardly take much of days on vacation and is always at work and the economy is back up and running but slowly which is understandable as it would take a couple of more next presidents to clean up the mess that George W. Bush made as long as we don’t have another president that is bad as him or worse.

Although here in America there are still problems that needs to be solved which will take several years to be finally solved but it is very questionable because that depends on a couple more of presidents after Barack Obama, president Obama is on his second term for president of United States so that means it is his last term because in United States only a president can be a president for two terms if they want to, but after two terms they cannot be any longer a president and each a term is four years. In 2016 is the year for presidential election which every one of us especially the Americans are worried it was a luck that Barrack Obama was picked to be a president and by a luck I mean we hardly have any good presidents ever since the era of Abraham Lincoln or John Kennedy, after both of these last good presidents we do get a decent president but we would often get one good president every three or four presidents which that is what worries us about who will become the president in 2016. It is up to us to choose the president we want by voting but the problem is that not every presidential candidates are telling the truth and knows how to convince us to vote for the certain president then once he is elected and then the new elected president may lied about what he said because the presidential candidates only say something convincing just so to get a vote so that is where we must be careful when it comes to voting the right president because the person we vote will become the person that controls the country we lives in.

I will say that I have the pride of being an American and so does most of the people who resides in United States although in United States there is diversity which is a good thing but I have some problems with how this country becoming or the path that it is going, I can think of few things what United States needs to improve to be a better country even with the United States being the number one country for several decades doesn’t mean the country can stop improving. For a few of things that needs to be worked on or be improved in my opinion would be the economy, bring back coal jobs which is one of the biggest mistake that the president Obama has ever made by forcing all of coal mines to go out of the business as the coal mines pay thousands of dollars to every employees that works at coal mines, decrease the gas prices, force all of schools to include American Sign Language as their languages classes, a bit of work on taxes but Obama did great job as to only make the low and middle classes to pay a little of taxes while forcing millionaires or billionaires to pay bigger taxes which makes a lot more sense, increase the military budgets, increase the disability and veterans budgets, creating millions of jobs for disabled people where they can be comfortable with while being able to have a job like a desk job or such and a few more but that is a few of things what I would work or improve in the United States so I hope that president Obama or the next presidents to recognize these problems that need to be looked in and improve.

By the way if you would like to see the countries comparison in general or comparing countries in different things like military, economy, resources, populations and others I would recommend you to check this website out: GlobalFirepower.com and please note that I or JoshiesWorld and JoshiesWorld.com are NOT affiliated with/to that website.

Another mistake that the president Obama made was to increase the prices on cigarettes drastically, by tripling the prices of cigarettes prices although I can understand what he was trying to do is attempt to help the smokers to quit smoking by not being able to afford them but what he doesn’t understand is that the smokers have the better chance of quitting them is by the choice, or offer some options to help the smokers to quit smoking such as either cheap or free gums, patches, medicines or something to kill the nicotine including the new technology that is proven to help the smokers to quit smoking such as electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). So if it was me I would bring the prices of cigarettes back to the original prices that used to be before they started increasing and then offer these options that I listed to help the smokers to quit smoking and to advertise them I would force the advice to quit smoking label somewhere on each cartons or packs of the cigarettes along with smokeless tobaccos so that if they are thinking about quitting smoking then they get the advice label on their cigarette packs, cartons or their cans of smokeless tobaccos.

I truly do think that the United States can go back to the glory that they once was in the future but that does depends on every one of us if we want to make the effort of making that to happen as we have that power to ask the white house administration or governments repeatedly or making a protest as long as we aren’t being violent while doing so although I can understand that some of the governments or some of the employees over at the white house administration may ignore us but that doesn’t mean we are powerless because it is our job to say “HEY! DO IT!” whether all of us think we don’t have the power or not but all of us need to remind ourselves that we DO have that power as we are the Americans.

At the moment the United States is doing alright but definitely not the way it should be though, but they are doing something about it slowly though but some of us need to be reminded of how much the messes that George W. Bush left and all of us know that it is NOT going to be cleaned up overnight as it may take a few of years as long as we keep voting the president we think he would suit to keep cleaning up the messes and improving at same time because that is the another power that we have to recognize which is we have the power to vote the president we WANT and that’s a problem because not everyone is being careful with which president we’d like to pick or we need a lot more of the people to vote the president we want to pick to take care of the United States and us as the Americans but then hope like heck that we vote the right president just like we did with Barrack Obama, obviously with Barrack Obama being reelected twice must mean that we think he is doing something right which he is especially comparing to previous presidents and what better is that he has Clinton helping him out when he needs some help and you all know as politically Clinton was one of the great president if we don’t judge what he did when he was NOT working in the office at white house.

Anyway that is my input or my thoughts about the United States and being an American that I am, now I would love to hear yours if you don’t mind my asking and you can share yours by leaving a comment below this article and I would greatly appreciate it! I think that it is all for now as I must get going because I got another business to take care of too, but please keep checking back to see if I am writing another article which I am planning on to write another article before end of the day if I can find something or heard something that is interesting enough for me to write about or on but if you have some ideas for me to write about something or on something then I would be very much grateful for your ideas and you can submit your ideas right here by clicking this link. Thank you very much for reading this article, I hope that all of you have a great evening, and I hope that all of you be safe wherever all of you are or whatever it is that you are planning on to do for the day, stay awesome my friends!

– Joshie.

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