Tidbits 7/9/2015.

As usual either when I cannot find something that is an interesting topic for me to write about in an alone article or that there wasn’t any interesting news that have sparked my feelings of the need to write about the news or something about some certain news. For a while not being able to find any interesting news that I think that might be interesting for all the readers to be interested in reading made me realize that it’s not only me having problem with trying to do some research on some of the news that could be interesting enough for me to write about or on as several reporters or writers seems like that their creative thinking or maybe it’s just that nothing interesting has happened anywhere that makes it interesting for some reporters or writers to talk about what has happened on the television or to blog about what has happened on their news websites like CNN. Keep in mind that there is several different kinds of bloggers that specialize in some of the genres they are comfortable to blog about, just like I have my own which I am what some call a general blogger and the speciality of being general blogger is everything instead of focusing on one thing such as foods, gaming, technology or something but as for me I blog all the genres there is although the downside of that is there are too many competitions where it makes it even harder for some of the people to be able to find my blog here but I choose to go that direction because I am all for diversity instead of focusing on the very only one thing. Focusing on only one thing can get too boring and that is something I am too impatient for but sometimes the bloggers that focus on one genre only monetize a much more because when a reader search for a specific category they are easily targeted to be found on any search engines.

Nonetheless moving on, like I said I am all about diversity although I do blog on one genre often but each article is different genres so that is what makes my kind of blogging – A diversity and everything. For tonight’s article I am writing is another tidbits as apparently it seems that my tidbits articles is the readers favorite out of one topic alone article because they like same thing that I like which is diversity and believe it or not a diversity is a very good thing. Before I begin to write tidbits, you should know that tidbits article sometimes ends up to be a very long written article because it is being written about different things in one article and by the word “tidbits” means everything else into one.

Tidbits 7/9/2015.

Donald Trump, very little to no chance!

I don’t know if you have watched some of the news on television such as CNN channel or maybe other news channel where they talk about Donald Trump made a statement on immigration problem especially towards Mexico as he stated that the United States of America are becoming a dumping ground for drug trafficking where they bring in the illegal drugs such as heroin or cocaine into the United States of America by crossing the border freely and that the governments of Mexico knew this along with saying that the Mexico governments are pushing the bad ones to the United States of America. I cringed when he made that statement because I don’t know if he realized that there are several Mexican are here in the United States either by the birth or became the United States of America citizen who happens to be successful doctors, technician, government worker or many of other professional positions at some companies and Donald Trump basically insulted them directly right on the national television. Donald Trump also wants to either put the taller wall up on the border of between two countries or ban anyone from Mexico to enter United States and it is no wonder that he have lost relationship with several major corporations. By saying that he wants to stop the immigration to cross the border to the United States of America this would also means that he would have to do so with Canada as well, Canada is one of the United States oldest ally and all what Donald Trump is doing is upsetting other countries which this means raising the tension between us with the other countries as when that happens that could make it even higher chance of war against us due to Donald Trump’s action.

In a couple of last articles I wrote about not deciding if I would vote for him as he is running for presidency here in the United States of America and ever since he made few of statements that makes it even easier for me to decide if I should or should not vote him – I now refuse to vote for him. To think I almost would give a republican a chance at presidency again, forget that as it makes me even prouder to be democrat more than anything because the democratic party cares about the people and republican doesn’t as republican is all about businesses because they are greedy as it seems although I am not against anyone who is republican but I am against the republican itself only so please keep that in mind.

2016 Presidential Candidates, who am I voting for?

For a while I did think that Donald Trump could have the chance at running for the presidency here in the United States of America but after sending that message out there to show that he is against immigration (he’s a republican, figures!) and that have just practically made his chance at presidency slimmed. Now for Jeb Bush which who happens to be a republican, a conservative whether he likes it or not but he has a somewhat good chance of becoming president of the United States but I am hoping that he won’t be because I wouldn’t want him to be the responsibility of the country that I take pride of living in although I will admit that he is a doable but still I do not want him mainly because he is a very close kin to all of Bush former presidents of the United States who happens to suck so badly at presidency and I mean he is younger brother of George W. Bush or younger son of George H. W. Bush so obviously I have seen how Bush family do as president for the United States – No thanks! I made a decision of who I am going to vote for to become the president of the country that I am from, that is Hilary Clinton and why Hilary Clinton? Simple answer, really. You want the golden years of the United States back? She is the one to do that as she is a wife of a former president who DID succeed at presidency which that would be Bill Clinton as Bill Clinton who practically put the United States back on the map like it was nothing but then little George Bush came in and screwed it up all over which that left our current Barrack Obama loaded of messes to clean up but thankfully Barrack Obama knows how to clean these messes up. As much as Barrack Obama have cleaned up the messes left by little George Bush, Hilary Clinton would keep cleaning up some of the messes still by little George Bush but if another Bush is back in the white house I almost guarantee you all that all of cleanup that Barrack Obama has done would waste all of Barrack Obama’s time from struggling to clean it up and if any one of you have common sense then you know Hilary Clinton is the one we should vote for.

Please note that I am in no way convince you to vote the presidential candidate that I am voting for because this is all my opinion so you have your own opinion for who you would like to vote to become the President of the United States but I do have something to tell you and that is please think carefully who you want to run our country by keep up with all of news for all the presidential candidates but not only just two or three but ALL presidential candidates because that would be the right thing to do because voting is more serious than ever because you would be voting someone to run our country.

Vampires? There are vampires?!

I have a secret that almost nobody knows, I am about to reveal one of the most kept secrets that I keep to myself at all the time and that is I am easily fears of the vampires when it comes watching vampires films or shows. I don’t know why though but I remember when I was a child where I for some reason changing some channels on my old big box television in my bed room one night and then I found a film that it seems interesting to me but then I saw a vampire I literally cringed – That left a scar in my mind forever. I remember a lot of the people would tell me that vampires, ghosts, monsters or others that I saw in the films or television shows are not real as that it is part of makeup along with dressing up and act in the film or shows. I believed the people who told me that there are not a such thing, but I almost couldn’t believe that vampires did not exists but I just forget it and several years later to tonight I decided to surf some news online as I was trying to find some news to blog about then I stumbled upon an article saying that vampires keep doctors in the dark for fear of stereotyping: Study. I was amazed to see the title of the article saying that so of course I decided to check up the article that someone wrote on Yahoo news and for what the blogger/writer said in the article make me questioning; Is vampires really real? I don’t know but this article is very interesting so I copied the URL of the article and think that you all should read this article written by Yahoo news: ‘Vampires’ keep doctors in the dark for fear of stereotyping: study by Reuters at Yahoo! News.

So that brings me a question to ask all of you, to answer the question please leave a comment below in the comment section under this article and the question for you answer is: Do you think that there are a such thing as vampires, ghosts, monsters or other some kinds?

United States Army Reduction Plan.

Tonight there was news that is trending everywhere on social media especially both Twitter and Facebook discussing about this news which is a bit risk or something that makes us think. Every one of us know that the most powerful military of all in this earth is from the United States of America which is something that most of us Americans take a pride in because it gives us the confidence of knowing that we are being defended at all the times from any of other countries but recently the United States Army made an announcement saying that they are going to reduce the numbers of the soldiers in the United States Army by cutting almost fifty thousands (50,000) both soldiers and personnel from active duty for the United States Army. Something like that leaves us wondering because almost sixty thousands is a lot although that only put a small dent in the military strength but the reason United States Army says of cutting that numbers is due to tight budget and in my opinion that it is a bit of risk for the United States Army to do that but again it’s only putting a very small dent in the strength of the most powerful military though. Only what makes me think when the United States Army announced that they are cutting fifty thousands off the active duty is why are they having a tight budget as last time I check that they had a budget that was doable and more so is that the United States army themselves made the decision of cutting instead of the United States of America own governments? That leaves some of us a question mark but I feel that it is just a scare tactic from United States Army themselves to convince the United States governments to increase the budget for the United States Army but I could be wrong though.


… The end.

I just realized that I should have started writing about an hour earlier because then I could be able to continue writing at least a couple more of different topics but to not mess up my timing along with my schedule I must stop here but I will try to make up for that in a few days by writing another article but a few more topics. I apologize cutting this short although in this article has more than two thousands of word counts which is actually a lot because the average of bloggers word counts is 800-1,000 although two thousands word counts is just a bit too short for a tidbits article because usually for tidbit articles they ends up to be in the range of 3,000 to 5,000 words count which is obviously more than anything. Anyway I more than appreciate for all of your time reading this article and I hope that all of you have a great night or morning whichever it is over there. Please be careful wherever all of you are at or be careful doing whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do for the night or in the morning and stay awesome my friends!

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– Joshie.

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