4-1-2017 Tidbits

It seems that the time has flown on, yesterday it seems as if it is still in the late winter like in February and now it is the first day of the April! I cannot believe how fast the new year 2017 is going already, maybe it is mainly because I have been very busy that I barely pay attention to the calendar and it passed by me. I remember last year in summer that the year of 2016 were going too fast, that we were already nearing Christmas and I said that I felt everything somehow rushed so now it is 2017 I am saying the same thing except that we are getting closer to summer in a hurry. I am sure by now that through several articles I have written last year especially around in the fall that I was looking forward to the winter because I am a winter person, I am a biggest fan of the winter because I never can stand the heat temperature that summer throws at me in the summer and I am not one of these many people who says that they cannot wait for the summer then they cannot wait for the winter. Not making up its mind, I always sticks with that I cannot wait for the winter for several years now because I am not in particular fan of summer for over a decade and the winter has already disappeared since we are heading for the spring so I miss the winter dearly already even though that the winter have just left us. While the winter is my favorite season, I am also fan of the spring and fall but the most favorite season is the winter because I like cold or cool temperature over the scorching heat temperature that I am not looking forward to when the summer arrives. Anyway, I hope that all of you have done fine lately, I know I haven’t really blog for more than a month or two especially for a tidbits article but besides being busy there are a few of things that consumes my time every day and every night that I would rather not to share the details about them as they are private matters but here I am with at least a tidbits article for all of you to read.

Reflection of ’16 & Happy New Year ‘17

Hey guys and women! I would like to wish all of you a very happy new year 2017! I am sure that some of your nights are still going on as it is still early night at 2:20AM and I hope that those of you who party with alcohol to be careful with deciding about driving because I highly recommend that you call a taxi or uber to drive you home. Even though if you aren’t drinking it is still dangerous to be driving on the road especially tonight since it is the new year and I am certain that there is a lot of people whose driving drunk so keep your eyes out for them. Everyone is celebrating the New Year, as everybody have every right to celebrate the new year but I am somewhat not in mood for celebration because there are a few reasons which I will share a bit later below. I watched the New Year ball drops as we always watch the ball drops on New Year eve every year, we would celebrate every year until tonight we are starting to realize that it feels as if it is just another day even though we know that it is the New Year and now I don’t really see the point in celebrating for the New Year. I guess everyone have different opinions or thoughts about the New Year, I did as we used to celebrate the New Year traditionally with the family and now it is just both me and my mother as our family have been decreased so that’s one of many reasons that we rarely celebrate the holidays.

Tidbits 8/5/2016

I bet that some of you misses my tidbits article right?! I know some of you do and I sometimes do miss writing some tidbits article because they allows me to discuss or share my opinions on more than one topics and not just one topic alone which can be very boring on some days but nonetheless I have decided that I have kept all of you waiting for too long for a new tidbits article so here it is once again. First before I get into it, I want to apologize for having all of you waiting forever for a new tidbits article from me and a few reasons that I haven’t written a tidbits article for a very while. I have been very busy with many things such as the fact that it is summer so many of you know that summer usually is when everybody goes out doing some activities and enjoy their summer around with their family or friends somewhere on vacations as most usually do but for me I have been almost too busy to do anything that I would like or usually do. From the beginning of the summer I started seeing an ex of mine whom I loved for several years since we both were pre-teenagers which that means younger than the age of twelve (12), over a decade later we both started seeing each others but there were obstacles that gets in the way and sadly my wish of having her back in my life didn’t happen as she have disappeared which she did few times every few years when I tried to get her back. In the beginning of the summer, she have started visiting here where we’d hang out together with some of her children which I had fun knowing them and I thought that everything goes smooth but then as the summer is coming to an end it seems that either that I have lost her or losing her because she have stopped talking to me for some reason that I am unknown of.

US Army Helicopter Harvested Marijuana

Two days ago on Thursday my mother were swimming in her new swimming pool with a deck that my step father and his father built out back the house as the heatwaves hits here which the weather service have warned us that we would have a 5-days heatwaves. The weather service were somewhat correct as today is the third day of the 5-days heatwaves, two days ago were very hot but today is hotter as the weather said that it’s a record-setting in temperature today since the year of 2013 as the temperature for today is 97 so it’s bothersome hot but back to the subject, on Thursday two days ago when my mother were swimming and she immediately saw a militarized helicopters making a flyby over here as they did so multiply times so she texted me saying “action” with a picture of the militarized helicopter that she took with her iPhone 6S plus which I will post below. Saw that there were something hanging below the helicopter, she said that it was two men swinging with the rope below the helicopter so we assumed that it was either a rescue mission or a training mission and we both were wrong about that because it wasn’t even close to that. We were not the only ones who saw the helicopter as several people in local, about 10 miles distance within’ from my home saw the militarized helicopter with two men holding onto a rope underneath the helicopter and took a picture of them as well. When they did a flyby over here, after my mother texted me saying “action” with a picture of the militarized helicopter I immediately grabbed my GoPro camera out of my gearbox and went out back of the house where the swimming pool is in hope that they would make another flyby here so that I could finally have something to record a video of which they did make another flyby.

Summer is coming near!

SummerFor several of the days I have written several articles about everything that is news, opinions or analysts but this time tonight I am going to take a break because I have planned on writing two articles about news, sharing my opinion as serious or analysts on some of the things which I have already wrote one article earlier today about Apple WWDC 2014 and I decide to not write the second article on professional level and I am using this time to reach out all of you as my friends. I believe I need to take a break on the professional level because it is exhausting for me as lately so I am just going to sit here and write something easy or something that I don’t need to do some heavy researches to double-check the facts on what I am about to write as I always do in order so that I can deliver the articles based on something facts, opinion or analysts to every one of you instead the false information like many of the bloggers do just to cheat the traffic so they can get some of the money the lazy way which I am against. Anyway on to the subject for this article that I have decided to write.

Good morning!

So as I have realized that I have a good spare in my time to make a post of JoshiesWorld. Here it is, good morning to you all fans, family and friends. What is a good day to start with for yourself? A cup of coffee and a toast or what? For mine of course it has to be a cold delicious 16 fl, oz of Monster Energy can and some cigarettes along with some rock and heavy metal music and sometimes pop genre music only if I feel like listening to some pop genre of music. I don’t eat breakfast though, it’s very much rarely that I have ever eat anything for breakfast because I am not into breakfast. And as well with a internet access so I can surf the internet to read stuff such about Monster Energy, news, weather, of course Monster Energy Army website, hatfield and mccoy trails website along with hatfield and mccoy forums where I can browse in and communicate since that’s my main place to go four wheeling in with my ATV and looking to see if anything changes, news, events and such what is happening on the trails of Hatfield and McCoy and of course preparing to ride down there in Spring or as soon as the weather becomes warm which I can’t wait, very much looking forwards to it. So what are you planning on to do for spring and of course for the summer? Are you going on any vacation? If so where are you wanting to go. My vacations, well to be honest I can’t have any vacations because I got a family to take care of but pretty much I can safe to say that hatfield and mccoy are my only vacation which is not even five miles from where I live so that way I can be nearby in case if there’s family emergency and such. So I still will have plenty of fun in spring and summer even though I won’t be able to travel far away from here like I did few years ago when I left Kentucky for Florida to the beach and as well Virginia for beach but maybe some summer I will again, although I know I won’t be doing that this year so going to Hatfield and McCoy being my neighbor is definitely a huge help for me to enjoy my times when I have it.