Confederate flags, enough is enough!

Oh gosh you have no absolutely idea how annoyed I am with several news that has flown around all over on the internet talking about a lot of people who wants confederate flags to be removed from everywhere including many stores that sells anything with confederate flags on them including thousands of thousands clothing with confederate flags on them. What is even worse is that a lot of the people in governments here in the United States of America have already agreed to force the removal of confederate flags, then I have heard something that is even more nonsense is that Mitch McConnell a senior United States senator from Kentucky who happens to be a Republican are requesting to remove the Jefferson Davis statue from Jefferson Davis State Historic site in Kentucky on 258 Pembroke-Fairview road in Pembroke city because Jefferson Davis is associated with confederate flags. It’s just not confederate flags that happens to be banned from shelves in several stores such as Wal-Mart, it is also banned from one of internet giant Amazon and what is even crazier is that the production who produce the Dukes of Hazzard shows and movies are banning the General Lee confederate flags off their famous orange 1969 Dodge Charger along with their Duke of Hazzards orange cars toys from anywhere.

Shame! Shame! A lot of people are overreacting too much on the confederate flags because the confederate flags are not what several people thinks the confederate flags are or importantly the confederate flags origination and that is telling me that the numbers of these people are not educated or at least educated enough to know about the confederate flags.

I am one of the people who oppose to have the confederate flags to be torn down because in my opinion is that if you are going to tear down the confederate flag then you might as well go ahead and tear down the fifty stars with thirty stripes flag which is the United States of America flag because both of them practically associate with each others whether you like it or not. I do know that the confederate flag was made around the time of slavery which apparently there were some of the people who misled some of the people to think that confederate flags to represent the slavery against the colored people but it is not though. While I disagree with banning the confederate flag, I blame the people who misled the confederate flag as racists and I really don’t see the reason to remove the confederate flag entirely. Like I have told my friend the other day that I believe the only reason that the governments are forcing the removal of the confederate flags is because they are paranoid that it might ignite the race war so removing the confederate flag to prevent that from having the race war here in the United States but the thing is only reason I think that there might be a race war because the governments here in the United States of America panicked quickly which practically are saying the people who misled everyone several decades ago that the confederate flags were racist when they were not so if the race war happens then I blame the United States Governments wholly.

If you are going to tell me that it is the guy who murdered the people at church in Charleston in the state of South Carolina is the one who starts the race war then you are somewhat wrong because it is the United States Governments who starts it in public right on both of the television and on social media. Regardless my opinions are, they are overreacting about the confederate flag and I don’t agree with the governments who are saying that it is good idea to ban the confederate flags or worse yet some statues such as Jefferson Davis. Speaking of Jefferson Davis I bet that they don’t realize that where Jefferson Davis is associated with confederate flags, one of our best United States president Lincoln Abraham is associated with confederate flag as well so does that mean we should ask to remove the famous large statue of Lincoln Abraham? While the United States governments are removing the confederate flags, they might as well go ahead and remove all the flags such as United States flag and all of states flags. Or what about the gay and lesbian rainbow flag? Yeah let’s remove that as well. It is shame for how many people who overreact over the confederate flags, I guess that just shows us the numbers of the people who doesn’t know history but if any of you doesn’t then I suggest you to head over to do some research about the confederate flag and confederate army units before you overreact like many of other people including our own governments here in the United States. Bottom line is the confederate flag is a reminder of the civil war, just like POW flag and homosexual flag. Many of people misunderstood I realize, you don’t look at it as racist or such and you look at the confederate flag as a history piece that is from civil war. What I am against the most since the confederate flag news is the senate of Kentucky, a state I raised in decide that we should remove the Jefferson Davis statue just because it is associate with confederate or confederate flag when confederate flag is nothing but represents the history of civil right which this means the confederate flag is not displayed for the people as it is displayed to remind you the history of the civil war here in the United States of America.

There is an article that I like by CNN about the confederate battle flag that I think you should read if you have a time to do so as it will tell you a bit about the confederate flag more than what I know about the confederate flag:

For some reason that some of the people misled other people that confederate flag are the rebel flag when it is confederate flag, someone used the confederate flag and called the confederate flag a rebel flag when it is confederate flag so they tell you the confederate flag are rebel flag just to confuse you into thinking that it is racist flag instead of the history of confederate battle flag.

Thank you for all of your time reading, I hope that all of you have a great night or morning and all of you be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe doing whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do for the day! Stay awesome my friends!

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– Joshie.

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