Coal and EPA.

Every one of you who residents in Kentucky and West Virginia as these two states are known for coal states more than anything. When you hear, see or smell the coals then the chance is they are coming from Kentucky and West Virginia which they used to power the utilities such as your electricity in your home and or your business. Here in Kentucky and as well West Virginia has been the ones who power the most important things in your homes and your business otherwise you wouldn’t have any electricity or customers/clients however that changed now since they have found another way to power the electricity by using natural gasoline and that is what are hurting the history of coals in Kentucky and West Virginia.

The governments especially the white house has put several workers in the coals out work, what they don’t know is that in Kentucky and West Virginia we breath in and out the coals and believe it, we like to breath through them. We lives on coal for several years, we born with coals and the coals are in our bloods especially in Kentucky and West Virginia however the other states may not understand what this means but only if some of you who residents outside Kentucky and West Virginia has ever lived in one of these state then you would understand my point. Now me, myself I am grew all of my life in Kentucky which is the king of coal along with West Virginia but I am Kentuckian nonetheless.

I literally lives on the land of coal for several years, half of me on my father’s family side were all coal miners and I am one of generation that was NOT a coal miner but there is a reason behind it is that I have disability that coal industry wouldn’t accept however I did had wished that there was a way that I could work in coal mines a long while ago and one of coal industry has said that there is a possibility that I could be dispatcher/monitor which that takes the role of monitoring underground to make sure of coal miners is safe but I changed my mind, regardless my opinions about the coal mines I breathed in and out of coals.

For several years I have some members in the family and some of the friends who works in coal but now almost all of them are laid off due to coal industry are going out of business because of the huge switch in resource for the electricity which is switching from the coal that powers the electricity for several years, several hundreds of years that it had been powered by coal in electricity when the electricity was born is when the coal mines blooms larger than ever due to only being able to power the electricity was the coal but with new technology being invented today and the technology has improved tons today from many decades ago now it has hurt the coal industry drastically therefore the result of that is the coals are almost non-exist today because of it and now if we are not already yet we will be running solidly on natural gasoline as resources to power the electricity in our homes and our businesses and the new generations of people who are being born today and future generations will not know what are the coals and how the coals works. Coals are starting to be forgotten, which is quite saddening because it is a history and if not for coals then the electricity may never been invented because to invent the electricity, they had to have the coal.

Now coal industries are disappearing, several areas in states of Kentucky and West Virginia are becoming ghosts towns and the family are struggling to make money to afford foods, the houses to live in and the things that they needed to survives on thanks to governments. Several people in Kentucky and West Virginia sweats and bleeds in coals just to keep their family’s stomach full while in return to gives you the electricity to turn on heating so you wouldn’t be cold in the winter or air conditioning in the summer so you wouldn’t suffer in heat. Yes we still be able to have electricity and all due to natural gasoline but you are missing the point is that coal miners worked hard to keep their family’s stomach full in RETURN to keep the other family who don’t work in coal mines and other states that are on dry land (no coals) in houses of lights, air conditioning, heating, water (it need the power to keep the water cleans and to keep pumping the water out in your bath tub, sinks and others) and many other as it gives you the luxury to survive on even some of the things is NOT necessary yet coal miners give that to you.

Now that governments and white house administrations puts a stop in coal mines by switching the coals to natural gasoline to run the power plants for electricity results the workers in coals which over half populations of people in Kentucky and West Virginia had been laid off with no choice to work somewhere else even if it is for temporary. That is quite very low of the lowest for governments and the white house administrations to do that on the coal miners, they stopped many, so many coal industries where to a point that Environmental Protection Agency aka EPA puts coal industries out of the picture! Therefore it also hurts not only coal mines, but the workers at EPA as coal industries was the one reason that people was able to get jobs at EPA because EPA works very close with coal industries more than any other industries so that tells you how much the governments and white house administration has done hurt coal industries and other industries that rely on coal mines. You can read about it here on EPA putting coal industries out of the picture.

There are still very few coal mines left in Kentucky and West Virginia, so few that it isn’t noticeable but there are still few about 10-15% of coal mines that are still standing today in two states of Kentucky and West Virginia thankfully but still it don’t covers about 65%-70% of people in the population of each states miners enough to put them back in as it don’t have enough space or to be able to afford for these percent of former coal miners back to work. And these few coal mines are being used to sell coals overseas, before it was all about United States and it powered the entire United States but not anymore, in order for these few coal mines to struggle is able to still work in coal is to sell coals oversea especially to Japan as I have a friend who owns the coal industry in two or three small counties in Kentucky and West Virginia, two in Kentucky and one in West Virginia and it is only owned by a family so it is a family owned local business. Not enough to put everyone back in coals though, only about 5%-10% out of 70% back in coals because the owner that I know has a heart for these families even though he is struggling to keep the family and local owned coal industry going.

That is my rant for the day along with few facts. Eventually there will not be coals left, not only it will hurt these small family that owns the family coal industry but other country such as Japan as Japan still rely on coals to run electricity and other that requires the coal to keep the things running. Coal was once the backbone of United States power, Kentucky and West Virginia is the two states who keeps United States power going until now so you are looking at two states becoming poorer than any of other states in United States. Thanks to governments and white house administration for hurting several families in these two states. I am just hoping that the future generations of families and the people to know the importance in coal that was once the backbone of the greatest country. I born breathing coal and my last breath will be through the coal.

If you want to know more things about coal mines, the latest news about the coals and the coal industries I suggest you to search on Google or any of other search engines but I tell you that it is very awesome to learn things about the coal if you have not yet to know about coals and the birth of coal and what they were used for, it is quite valuable and important education for everyone to learn about coals and maybe, the next president or one of the president in future decide to bring the coals back then it would be very great as it would be the most relief for the family in Kentucky and West Virginia they ever will feel.

I apologize that this may be very long to read but I feel the urge to rant and as well give few of facts or hopefully something for you to learn especially if you don’t know about coal.

Thank you for reading,
– Joshie.

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