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For some of you know one of my few hobbies that I love very much doing which is blogging and if you ask what is it, blogging is where you would write any kinds of topics online that you’d like to share by publishing your written articles or posts to millions of the people in worldwide. Blogger are practically writer, journalist, author or other names you could think of but only way to be a blogger is to write articles or posts on regular basis online and no it doesn’t mean that if you’re writing some topics on a physical paper qualify you a blogger even they are the same thing but the only difference is online and offline. I have blogged for several years now, ever since the year of 2007 which is the birth date of JoshiesWorld and I blog for a living. There are thousands of bloggers so it is a lot of work because it means that I have thousands of competitors where I would have to try to rank up some of my niches as possible I can that some of the bloggers already own, such as if your niche is electronics then you google that word “electronics” you would see millions of searches so the challenge is whoever own that top 10 niche or even top 20 you would have to try to move up the rank so that the searchers sees your articles or post before the other bloggers.

Either way, if you want to have a successful blogs you would have to actually work hard for it, you don’t only have to try to write a better article or post then call it a day because you would have to work to get the new article or post you have written to millions of the people to let them know that you’ve written an interesting article or post that may worth their time depending on if it’s the niche that they are interested in. That is if you want a lot of visitors because the more the merrier, right?

If you love writing about different of things or love to share your opinions on some of the things then I encourage you to become a blogger because it is actually fun thing to do and you can be paid for writing some interesting information or some of your opinions with everybody. That is why I am writing this post so to help you with some of the information or at least some of the guides on how to get start to become a blogger and join the blogosphere that I am in. If you want to get paid for writing some of your opinions or some interesting information, there are two options that you would have to choose and start blogging away. Two options for you choose with how you want to start becoming a blogger, paying or free and they are a big differences. If you have a few of dollars then it would definitely worth it in a long run, but if you cannot afford then at least choosing the free option can help you in a short run to get some money to afford a better option.

Free option. There are many of free blogs services to choose such as Tumblr, TypePad, WordPress, Web, Blogger and more but there are only one service that got the option for blogging with pay. Blogger service is that option, which is actually an excellent service for beginners because blogger service is ready to go with few of great tools. Blogger service are owned by the most popular search engine, Google and it has a built-in advertising placements program called Adsense (also owned by Google) that brings in your revenue (money) for placing the advertisements banners or buttons on your blog. Google Adsense is arguably the best advertising placements program out of all other advertising placements program that brings in revenues, it is who I am proudly with for several years and they often brings more revenue than the rest of other advertising placements program. But you will not be qualified right away because when you become a blogger for the first time you have to write as many as good articles so to bring as many as visitors you can to read your blog for at least a few weeks (sometime Google can accept you within’ a week or two) to be qualified to join Google’s Adsense program and start blogging with pay (good pay!).

If you are thinking that I am sound like it’s very difficult to be qualified to get accepted in Adsense program then please don’t because it is actually easier than it sounds as long as you keep on writing while not worrying about that for at least a couple or three weeks then before you know it you would be getting a notice that Google have qualified you to become a member of Adsense program. Blogger service is actually very easy to use as they have tools that would do the job for you that you wouldn’t have to worry about anything to do make your blog to look good because they have a few of templates (themes) for you to choose so that you don’t have to actually build a theme yourself like some of other services. If you need some help with Google’s blogger service then please feel free to ask me for my help by either leaving a comment below or using the contact tab on the top of the website to contact me via e-mail and I would be more than happy to be your mentor to turn you into a blogger. When you sign up for an account on blogger service you will see the “earnings” option which it is where you will join the Adsense program but at first you will see a button that won’t let you click it is because you are not qualified yet so keep checking back to that option so that when you see that you can click it that would means you are qualified to join the program.

Here’s the link to the Google’s Blogger:

Paid option (better option). If you have some money that you don’t mind spending then I would highly recommend that you take this option because you would have a lot more of choice or control of your own blog. You would need to buy a domain where you get to have your own website address such as instead of which that would make it a lot easier for your repeating visitors to remember the address of your website for them to return to read more new of your blog posts or articles. Then you would need to buy a hosting plan because to have your website up and running you would need a hosting or server but hosting especially shared hosting is very affordable which it’s a great to start with. For a domain it only cost you about ten dollars ($10) annually, for a hosting plan it only would cost you about at least one dollars to ten dollars ($1-$10) monthly depending on who you’d like to use. After buying a hosting plan there would usually offer tools which what they call it CPanel where you would log in your hosting to set up a website by using the Simple Script option or Franstico option as it would only take about two or three buttons to fully set up your own blog using their offered scripts such as Chyrp CMS, B2Evolution, TextPattern, WordPress, NucleusCMS and others. Here are the links for you to order, these companies are who I have been with for several years and they are always there for me when I need them.

To order a domain and a hosting plan: Click here to visit

After you click the link I provided is a company that I am proudly with for several years, click the “Hosting” tab on the top of the website from there you will see the button that says “$0.99” under “Web Hosting” then after you are taken to another page be sure to click the “Get It Now” button on right side of the website and from there carefully think of what domain (your website address) you would like to have then if the domain is available to register then go ahead to order it. Once you have order yourself a domain with a hosting plan you will get an e-mail from them with all details for your order along with your log-in information where you would then log in and then you can go to the one-click scripts where you will set up you a blog within’ a minute or two depending on your internet connection. I would recommend to use the WordPress as your blog because they are the leading company that many popular bloggers use as WordPress is very simple to use and it comes with many awesome tools for you to use on your blog along with numberless of features you can add onto your blog.

Once you have done that then be sure to write some articles or posts on your new blog on regular basis so that you can bring in visitors, also be sure to let all of your friends and family know about your new blog because the step two is to bring as many as visitors you possibly can bring to your website. When you have started bringing in a good numbers of visitors such as one thousand visitors or more monthly or at least a few hundreds in a couple of weeks then you apply for the advertising placements program Google Adsense so to make revenue from your new website/blog by implementing the advertisements that Google Adsense provides onto your website using a such simple plugin that Google developed for WordPress which can be found here where it will help you to implement the advertisements on to your website by one-click. From there you can then blogging with pay while at same time having fun doing so, I mean nothing beats blogging with pay right?!

Of course you may be thinking that it sounds somewhat complicated but really it isn’t because once you have bought a domain with hosting plan then it will get easier from there as when you are logged in your account at there, they already provide useful information along with guides that would help you get your blog going in just a matter of minutes but if you would like some of the help so that to make it easier for you to just get your blog going in less than ten minutes then please feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to help you setting up your awesome blog as I offer to be your mentor to get you going so that you wouldn’t need to worry about setting up anything as you can just log in then start typing right away to publish your article or post then log out!

If you need a blogger to mentor you then please feel free to contact me via e-mail by going to the contact tab on top of the website but please keep that in mind that if there would be several people asking for my help that I could delay but to make this from happening, I am going to schedule each one of you for one on one to make things easier for both of us and as for me to help or mentor we would use instant messaging service either with Yahoo! Messenger or AIM unless you prefer e-mail only. For instant messenger or e-mail address, contact me and I will send you my instant messengers or e-mail details whichever you would prefer to use!

Here are some of the links that would help you to get going or at least with a better understanding than my wordings because I know I sound a bit complicated so I found a couple of pages with step-by-step guides that will help you to turn you into a blogger with either one of the service!

How to Start a Blog by WikiHow: Click here.
How to start a blog on Blogger by WikiHow: Click here.
How to Be a Good Blogger by WikiHow: Click here.
Many of how-to information related to blog along with blog basis please click here!
Google Adsense link: Google Adsense.

Please remember that you cannot sign up an account on Google Adsense program because you have nothing at the moment to show because they want to see a website along with information such as how many visitors you brings in monthly and to show them that you are good at blogging by the numbers of blog posts so the very first thing you have to do is to have a blog ready to go along with some of the articles/blog posts so that Google can know that your blog are not inactive or such. My advice is never, never spam your website with anything and always write your own because Google will not qualify anyone who use somebody else contents (work, articles, post, pictures, videos etc) so always be sure that the articles or posts on your blog are your own writings/typing.

I hope that I sum it all up because often I forget to say something, don’t you hate that when it happens to you? If you would like to know anything more than please feel free to leave a comment below and I would be more than happy to answer any of questions you have by responding to your comments so please be sure to leave a e-mail address when you post a comment so that you will be notified when I have responded to your comment or keep checking back to this article so that way you can keep up to see if I have yet to respond your comment!

Either way it would only cost you at least a total of $15 on the first month for your domain with a hosting plan then after the first month you would have to start paying a dollar monthly for your hosting so to keep your blog going and pay your domain every year so to keep it from expiring so be sure to have your domain auto-renewal so that your domain won’t expire because if your domain do end up expire then there is a chance that somebody else could just snatch it up because usually if you bring in good numbers of visitors your domain value would increase so the more visitors you bring in your domain or your website value increases which that means in few years your domain could worth thousands of dollars if you ever decide to sell it. I would like to see some of the people to become a blogger because there are a lot of people who are eagerly waiting for something new to read which this reminds me that I need to get back to blog a bit more than I usually have but I have been busier more than ever sadly. Again remember if you ever need any help with setting up your blog with either free or paid options please feel free to ask me for my help by contacting me, free option is a great way to start so that you can learn the curves but at same time you would start bringing in income so to help you to afford the paid option which is a lot better option because you would have a whole control of it while at same time bringing in a lot more revenues. Advertising placements program aren’t the only revenues you could get for blogging as there are some of other options how to earn to blog by using some affiliate programs such as Amazon affiliate program or other programs but I’ll write about the affiliate programs later, if you would like to know about affiliate program and how they work then feel free to ask me when you contact me for some of my help with setting up a blog for you because then that would double your revenue by using both programs.

Thank you very much for your time reading this article which I am hoping that this is useful information for you on how at least becoming a new blogger but if there is any confusion then let me know so that I can try to be more understanding for you. I hope that all of you have a great night and safe wherever you all are at or whatever it is that you are planning on to do for the night considering that it is Friday! Think I am going to play some Madden as I have recently bought myself an expensive player through the auction, I bought Sterling Sharpe who is a legend wide receiver for Green Bay Packers before the neck injury that have ended his career sadly, for a whopping 200,000 coins!

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– Joshie.

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