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Hey guys! I know long time, I know I have not wrote an article in a very long time especially on here or anywhere else including being a guest for some other well-known blogs but there are some reasons for that which I will share only very a few because the rest of the reasons are not meant to be shared with the eyes of public but for one I have been very busy lately because every time when the summer is over my schedule became messy more than anything which that happens to me every year when our summer were over and I have worked on other project that it seems that the project I am working on were never going to be successfully which that means I am working on a new blog for the group of bloggers that I have personally selected. Yes that means that there are going to be a another blog except this time that it is not by myself although I am founder of the blog as I am the one who build it but for the people who I have personally selected to be blogger of the blog I am working on which most of them have accepted the offers I had given them so I am excited when I finally launch the weblog to everyone because this weblog I am working on will share each bloggers views on different subjects or niches instead of just my own like here at JoshiesWorld.

How am I selecting people for the group of bloggers for that weblog? Through interviewing because the bloggers of that weblog will get paid for their time by blogging. These are a few of the reasons I have been busy lately to the point that I just could not find a way to have myself some free time to be able to relax and write some articles on here so I apologize for that but I realize that I have been delayed for too long so I decided that it is time to write this article while I finally have some time myself. This article is another tidbits which means that there will be different topics to talk about here in this article and if you don’t know what tidbits is I suggest you to find some of my tidbits articles by searching for them in the search box at the top of the website.

Boo Alexander Graham Bell.

For most of the people knows Alexander Graham Bell as inventor, engineer, scientist and innovator who invented the first practical telephone which is something that became essential in everybody’s life today. But do you know the true Alexander Graham Bell himself? I guarantee all of you that almost in every school especially in the history classes, in the books that the school provided you to read to learn about the history of many people especially inventors or engineers but funny thing is that these teachers who do some storytelling about Alexander Graham Bell thinks they knows him when they truly don’t because Alexander Graham Bell is famously known for oppressing several children especially who is Deaf and always threaten them if they use American Sign Language instead of using their voice to speak. Alexander Bell himself often tell anyone who happens to be Deaf or Hard of Hearing that they are damaged or that they are dumb which oppressed thousands of thousands Deaf people worldwide, his organization today still harms thousands Deaf people daily by trying to convince the governments of the United States to enforce the newborn Deaf children to have cochlear implants but what governments does not realize is that these cochlear implants will causes them to have more disability than being Deaf because anyone who have cochlear implants cannot be in the swimming pool, cannot play for the sports and many of cannot to-dos.

American Sign Language is a recognized language in the worldwide, Alexander Bell association is against that still to this day but not only that they also try to find every way to enforce several schools to not allow any children to communicate their language which is American Sign Language which violates the rights of thousands of thousands Deaf people. Alexander Bell himself would used to have many schools back in the days that if any teachers catch any children trying to communicate the language that they naturally understand that they are required to punish them by either slapping their hands, tying their hands, sending them to principle’s office or do some disciplinary on the children for using American Sign Language. Keep that in mind that the American Sign Language have been recognized as a language just like the English is a language too so imagine if they slap anyone’s in the mouth if they speaks English or smack their lips with a ruler or a paddle? What is even more shocking is that Alexander Graham Bell himself is Child of Deaf Adults (CODA) which that means his parents was Deaf and what is even worse is that his wife were Deaf too yet he oppress thousands of thousands Deaf people. Deaf people hates him with passion for several years ever since the day Alexander Graham Bell treats us brain-damaged and I am Hard of Hearing yet I can sure as heck blog or know much of stuff than Alexander Graham Bell himself ever will know.

If you do some search on search engines like Google, you can find several links where thousands of thousands Deaf people in the community complains about Alexander Graham Bell for how he have done to us and still is doing to us through his organization. His organization said that they serve for the Deaf people but really they are not because they uses that for their way of gathering information on the Deaf people so that they can try to convince the parents of the newborn Deaf children that cochlear implant is a cure or will make them to become a normal person when cochlear implants is NOT even a cure because as soon as they take the cochlear implant off or when the battery runs out they becomes Deaf again so how is that a cure? We sees it as accessory that’s all but if you want to know basic background of Alexander Graham Bell you can find it here:

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Graham_Bell

Now here is an article written by PBS on how Alexander Graham Bell oppress thousands of thousands Deaf people for hundreds of years now: http://www.pbs.org/weta/throughdeafeyes/deaflife/bell_nad.html

“I think Alexander Graham Bell’s greatest crime was keeping deaf people apart from each other. It wasn’t so much that he thought speech was important. Worse than that was that he didn’t want deaf people to marry each other. He didn’t want them to be near each other. He wanted them to be apart.” –Gina Oliva

Gallaudet President ’16.


Gallaudet University

Gallaudet University.

Gallaudet University in Washington, DC were in the search for the new president for the Gallaudet University which is one of the best universities here in the United States of America and what is even more awesome is that Gallaudet University is for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing people to attend to earn bachelor degrees or others and these students who attends there is being taught by the teachers who communicate in American Sign Language. Gallaudet University is one of the most beautiful university I have seen, I wished I have went there but due to my disability (not Hard of Hearing but others) that prevents me from going there but the university is in the search for the new president to take over the Gallaudet University in 2016 since the current president Alan Hurwitz decided to retire this year so they have set up Presidential Search Advisory Committee PSAC16 who is responsibility for finding the president that Gallaudet University needs. Ever since the Deaf President Now (DPN) in 1988 when the students, staffs were tired of having hearing president at Gallaudet University so ever since that year there has not been any hearing president for Gallaudet which this means that the new presidential candidates for Gallaudet University has to be Deaf or at least that is what both students and the staffs demanded that PSAC16 to only select the Deaf president. Recently PSAC16 have announced that they have found three presidential candidates for Gallaudet University:

Seems that the Presidential Search Advisory Committee knows to not break the streak of different Deaf presidents in a row, also it is common sense to have Deaf president for Gallaudet University to begin with anyway because Gallaudet University is for Deaf people and for American Sign Language. The choice of presidential candidates seems to satisfy the people of Gallaudet University but the question is will they do what they promised to do? Because when the current president of Gallaudet University Alan Hurwitz became the president of Gallaudet University he had shown a lot of promises but once he was selected to be president a lot of people at the university suffered by him.

You can keep up with PSAC16, keeping an eye to watch their presentations from these three presidential candidates soon here:


If you wonder what Deaf President Now is in the 1988 then I am very glad that you asks me that because I have a video that some of you may be interested in watching because the Deaf President Now in 1988 made a huge impact all over here in the United States of America and it became a very well-known history for Gallaudet University itself which is something that they are proud of.

Immigration in United States.

It seems that the immigration here in the United States have become a lot of problem lately because today the immigration can easily become the citizens of the United States of America which that is something that I don’t like because I recall that several years ago especially in the years of 1960s to 1990 somewhere for anyone who want to lives in the United States of America was very strict because back then in order for the people to live in the most powerful nation they were required to know every words of United States Pledge of Allegiance in English language along with other strict rules to be able to become citizen of the United States but now it is too flexible which that makes it very easy for immigration to become citizens of the United States because now some of these strict rules were removed off the rules and the immigration no longer required to speak America’s pledge of allegiance in English so basically United States gone soft for immigration which is a big no-no. If United States was to stick with the old rules that they had before for the immigration then we probably wouldn’t have seen many shootings today or some events that have taken the true American’s life on our own soil which is a disgrace of United States to weaken the immigration rules in my opinion. Believe me I am very open to immigration to become civilians of United States but please do it properly! Sure even with strict immigration rules, they still come in the America to live in but it would be a lot less than it is today because today the immigration comes in as if it is a traffic line ordering the foods from McDonald’s today. I definitely understand how Donald Trump feel on the immigration but I am still NOT going to vote Donald Trump to be the president of the United States and I still say that if anyone still have at least an ounce of dignity to not vote Donald Trump as president for the United States. If you want a good president out of all presidential candidates then I say Hilary Clinton would be your best bet because if you remember the golden years of United States in 1990s when Bill Clinton was the president of the United States, who also became one of the best president or considered to be then vote Hilary Clinton. Whether if Hilary Clinton know how to run president or not but keep this in mind that she has the golden-years president to teach her or to back her up and Bill Clinton would be more than likely to do all the work but let Hilary Clinton take all the credits which I am all for that!

Deaf Protest in September.

There are going to be Deaf protesters coming to Washington, DC or New York (I am unsure which) in September 6 to 8 I believe to protest governments or companies for not giving any job opportunities to any Deaf people because they says that they feel that they put the hearing people first before the Deaf people which that makes it unfair to Deaf community because it is shows that they are being unequal to Deaf people but in my opinion I think that it is great that they are going there to protest but I agree with Ricky that I don’t think that the September is the best time to protest like he said that the only people will be the tourists there because the governments or the business people would not be there due to holiday so basically what will happen is that they are going to protest in front of the tourists instead of governments or companies which I think that it’s not right. I am all for Deaf community to protest due to the employment problem but I am not all for protesting in the September though but again that is my opinion though.

Looking For People To Interview.

I am in need to find some of the people to interview for my blog here because I want to give them the opportunity to have their name or business to be advertised here at no cost in return that I give my readers something good to read hopefully. So if any of you are businessperson, models, motivational/inspiration speaker, governments, etc I am offering an opportunity to limited people where I will mention your business name, your name (if you are model, motivational speaker etc) along with your pictures or portfolio and others here at no cost in return allowing me to interview you by asking you some questions for you to answer which will be done through email so if you are interested in taking this opportunity which is limited to few numbers of people please contact me via contact page at the contact tab on the top of this website.


The end!

Nothing can go on forever so this means that I must end this because it is getting too long and I ran out of the topics I have written on a piece of paper for me to write about on here but I would love for some help from some of you guys, I need some of you guys to give me some ideas on what topics should I write about in the next article? I would greatly appreciate for all of your help and you can submit some ideas here.

Thank you very much for all of your time reading this new tidbit and I hope that at least some of you enjoyed reading today’s tidbits but I know that all of them are not that good but it is all I could think of right off the bat which this is why I need some of your help to send me some ideas on what topics should I write in the next article. I hope that all of you have a great night or day whichever it is over there and be safe wherever all of you are or be safe doing whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do for the night or for the day!

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— Joshie.

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