Eastern Kentucky by New York Times.

Last year on June 26, 2014 New York Times have written an article with the title that says “What’s the Matter With Eastern Kentucky?” has been discovered by some Facebook users which I am a bit surprised because of the article was written over a year ago and it shows that not many residents in Eastern Kentucky reads New York Times as New York Times is in the top 10 most popular news media outlet especially with their New York Times blog since millions of people have gone digital as opposed to buying the materials which are the newspaper or magazines paperback. Ever since some Facebook users who happens to be Eastern Kentucky residents who discovered the “What’s the Matter With Eastern Kentucky?” article on New York Times website (NYTimes.com) then shared the article to their Facebook wall post which ended up getting more attention than it did last year as there were no Eastern Kentucky residents at that time shared the article on the day they wrote it and ever since it was shared it bring in mixed responses especially in the comments section over at Facebook about “What’s the Matter With Eastern Kentucky?” article written by one of New York Times writer/blogger.

Good morning fellows.

Hello everyone. Good morning to you all, as today I am currently thinking what I am going to do about JoshiesWorld, meanwhile I am doing that I just want to say good morning to you all and I hope that all of you have a good day! I am looking forward to make JoshiesWorld live again, it is tough to get all ideas back onto JoshiesWorld because I haven’t worked on websites or get all ideas and merge into a website of my own. So patient will get me somewhere!

If you have any ideas what should be add-on to JoshiesWorld, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will look into it and maybe make it happen since I am pretty much out of several ideas that I had on here before!