7-24-2017 Snippets

I know that I haven’t written an article for about twenty-four days and I am very sorry about that. Not entirely my fault though, I had planned on to blog last week but then my new gaming computer broke saying that it couldn’t detect any bootable to boot and for some reason there was a defective in my SSD drive so I had to ship the computer to one of the company’s repair shop to have it repaired. This wasn’t the first time that my new computer, since I had got it for Christmas by my mother, messed up because few months ago in May I believe it messed up because there were some pins where the processor card lays at were bent and had to send it off for a repair but ends up getting a replacement with better processor card along with better cooling system for the computer so it’s some free upgrades which I was happy with that. After they shipped the replacement one, I had only used it for a bit over two months and then it messed up because the SSD (solid-slated drive) were defected as I was notified that there was an update for Windows 10 so I had it updated then it brought a screen says something about not finding bootable or whatever it’s called with error code saying 3F0. So, I then called in for a repair and had to ship the computer to them a week and half ago for them to have the computer repaired. Didn’t take them long to repair the computer, thankfully as they had it repaired and shipped the computer back to me within’ a little over a week. While my computer was shipped for the repair, I decided to hook up my old computer that I was using before this new computer and I was notified that there was a Windows 10 update so I had it updated but then it did the same thing for my old computer. After the update, it brought the error saying that something about being unable to boot and that there may be something wrong with the hard drive so I decided to just use my MacBook Pro that I got last year until I get the new computer back. My bad luck didn’t stop there, a couple of days later after I had the computer shipped to be repaired for once I was in mood to write something for the blog and I ended up discovered that the hosting company that I use decided to migrate all my websites to one of their new server.

Firefox for IOS.

Firefox for IOS by MozillaThe other day I was somewhat having a conversation with James who is a friend of mine about some internet browsers, ever since Google have created their own internet browser calls Chrome and Google Chrome immediately became a favorite internet browser for many people as Google’s internet browser Chrome is available for most platforms or operating systems such as Windows, Mac, IOS and obviously android since the android operating system created by Google too which is seen on many of today’s smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy or their Note. Chrome internet browser is also on Google’s operating system for desktop or laptop called Chrome too which is a clouding computer but their Chrome operating system computers doesn’t impressed me any and while I do have some respect for Google’s internet browser Chrome as I have used it sometimes but it’s just not my preference although I will say that Google’s internet browser Chrome does have impressive technical behind the Chrome internet browser itself. Again Google’s internet browser isn’t my preference and not using my favorite internet browser makes me feel naked as if you’re feeling naked without your watch. My favorite internet is Firefox created by Mozilla which has been my favorite internet browser ever since Mozilla first created the internet browser Firefox and still to this day I am using Mozilla Firefox as I am typing this article. Not just because of my loyalty but because of the technical inside of the Firefox internet browser which is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking along with their amazing security built in the internet browser.

FireFox 4 huge improvement!

Today I have downloaded Mozilla Firefox which is a internet browser that you can use the software to surf the internet with. A lot of people is missing out on Mozilla Firefox is simply because everybody didn’t know other internet browser brands exist, most of people think that Windows Internet Explorer that comes with all of computers or laptops that can be purchased from anywhere is only software to surf the internet with. Most common is that people don’t even know what internet browser is, that’s why they have no knowledge about the other brands since they don’t know what internet browser is, and this is actually what I am always wondering about is how come that all of computer or laptop that don’t includes Mozilla Firefox, I mean yes I understand that it’s coming from Microsoft company since all of the computers uses Microsoft operation system and Microsoft wants to only use their own internet browser which is windows internet explorer, but what aggravate me is that why wouldn’t they have it installed as additional software, most of Microsoft operating system even installed Netscape internet browser which is a beyond worse than Mozilla Firefox ever will be. Hopefully sometimes in future that they will start adding Mozilla Firefox to their Microsoft operating system anyway, since Mozilla Firefox offers its service for free.

Mozilla Firefox Personas: Fox Racing

As some of you know my favorite branding are Fox Racing. As I was wonders if anyone has made Fox Racing persona (or they call it theme, sort of) for your Mozilla Firefox. Anyone who is into Fox Racing, then I highly recommend you to use this persona. Fox Racing Black – firefox persona (click here) to wear it onto your Mozilla Firefox, it is nifty. Please note, this is NOT created by myself, it is created by Husky81 over at Mozilla personas website.