Media Have Been Revamped!

For the few days I have thought that I should do something about the media page, because I want to offer something more than just a few photos for all of you readers, fans, friends and family so I have come to a decision that I would revamp the media part on here at JoshiesWorld today which is what I have worked for the entire day. So now that here at JoshiesWorld, I no longer offer just a few boring photos but also plans on to add more pictures as when I get more pictures they will be added directly to here and not only that I now have decided to not only just snap some photos here for you to view them but also I now do some videos for you to watch! You can get to the media page by going to the media tab at the top of this website at then select whichever a category in each gallery such as videos or photos and select which category you’d like to view the pictures or to watch some videos there. There will be a lot more to come for both sides, the photos and the videos as well as I am planning on to add more to each as soon as I take some more so for now I hope that all of you enjoy the revamped media page. If you couldn’t find the media tab at the top of the website then you can simply click this link here and you will be taken to it to visit the revamped media page. By revamped, before it was only three albums of photos but now I have expanded it into more than three albums for the photos and added videos to it with different albums for the videos as well so enjoy them and hope that some of them will entertain you as it does me recording some videos or taking some pictures!

Some TV shows.

Lately I have watched some television shows and some of the movies on Netflix, actually I rely on Netflix for something to watch more than cable and I guess in some way I am somewhat addicted to Netflix but good thing I know is that I am not the only one who is addicted to Netflix. Anyway on Netflix there are few out of hundreds or thousands whichever it is that Netflix says, good titles ranging old to new and most lately it seems that I have chosen a lot of old titles of television shows or movies the most such as Airwolf, Macgyver, P.I. Magnum, Knight Rider, Quantum Leap and few more. Few of them brings back an old memory for me because some of these television shows I used to watch and grew watching from my childhood especially Knight Rider or Macgyver which is considered iconic in my opinion. If some of you who is same age as I am or older you would know how awesome these television shows were back in the days, I have no clue how come that no channel networks reruns them on television and some of television shows I listed would be a lot better than the reruns they have aired on televisions such as Buffy The Slayer, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Saved By The Bell, The 70’s shows or others.

Movies for this year, on the list.

Movies TheaterThere are some of the people who doesn’t watch many movies and there are some of the people who does watch several movies and I am one of the people who watch several movies, because movies is my thing and I watch several movies every day as it is one of my addiction. It isn’t all about being entertained when watching movies but it is also learning about the movies itself, as in some of the movies you can learn about something that you don’t know yet. Beside blogging, watching several movies a day and collecting several movies as well is my passion and I am sure that I am not the only person who has a passion that watch movies daily and collects several movies on the shelves and on the computers as digital. Some of the people prefer musics over movies and that is something I will never understand but whatever floats their boat I guess, of course these people who prefer musics over movies might not understand how some of the people prefer movies over music so that is fair. Watching several movies isn’t my only thing but watching some of television shows is my thing too because they are same in some way although it is still different only due to the duration in between movies and television shows.

Maleficent majorly wins Box Office!

MaleficentThere have been several new movies that is either in the making or is already in the theaters lately such as recently Lone Survivor came out on Itunes earlier than the release date for DVD along with other new movies such as Robocop and The Monuments Men and some of them are amazing especially Lone Survivor although I am sure that there are few of the people wished that the movie would have went a bit longer and same for The Monuments Men, and the new Robocop movie is not what most of the people thought as they thought that it would be a remake or a copy of original Robocop franchise except with updated technology and the looks but that is not in the case as the storyline is a different as it is not same story as in older Robocop movies which is pretty good movie and I would recommend all of them especially Lone Survivor and The Monuments Men. Although these new movies is not the one that everyone is keeping their eyes on as it has just came out in some of the theaters in United States but I am not sure if it is out in other countries just yet and if some of you are in other countries please confirm it for me by leaving a comment below.