Disabled Life.

Disabled LifeHey guys, how are all of you have done lately? Hopefully nothing troubling. I have done good now and then because it cannot be well everyday so if you have ever said daily that you are doing well then you lied because in reality nobody can be well daily. It is just impossible to be well every single day, surely you can say that you are doing well now and then because then that would probably be true but again I can’t really speak for everybody here but I can speak for myself though. For twenty-eight years through my experiences trying to be well daily is tough and when admitting that you are not doing well on certain days would make things easier for you than lying by saying that on that some certain days that you are doing well. That is part of the life you have to deal with personally otherwise what is life? It can hit you hard sometimes and you are not alone in this one as there are millions of people who has some bad days too. But what is more harder to deal with in life? Having a disabled life, as in having to deal with several disabilities of yours everyday trying to make it through daily with patience.

Hard Of Hearing In The Life.

Hard of HearingFirst of all I would like to take a bit of the time to connect myself with all of you before I begin writing the article for today here as I usually like to engage with all of my friends or bloggers word “readers” before I write some articles. How are you all doing, everybody and what have you all have been up to lately? I hope that all of you haven’t gotten in trouble lately whether it is an accident or not accident and I hope that all of you are doing well especially in the wet areas. By wet areas I mean the areas where the rain or thunderstorms that are always there like here, if some of you lives in any dry areas then you are very lucky because down here it’s getting old quick because in this area it almost rains everyday along with the thunderstorms although regardless how aggravating it is to live in the area where there is always rain it has upside which is growing fruits, vegetables and crops healthy. The dry areas such as California downside would be that they are struggling with growing some plants whether it be vegetables or fruits, not only that also water to drink or to bathe in but I am sure that they will be alright because here in the east will be sharing with the west as the west has done so with the east for several years. Anyway for myself I have done well although someday not so well but that’s the part of life and I have been more busy than ever, a lot more busy than I have been for past few years which it’s weighting me down a lot lately but I keeps coming through thankfully. There’s a lot difference in my schedule than a few decades ago because this year I am now running three businesses instead of one for many years so this year doubled my daily tasks that I have to complete although I admits that sometimes I couldn’t completes daily’s tasks but thankfully I have completed 90% of tasks so the only problem I have with my schedule is the timing because I am never good with the timings.