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As for me I have been blogger for almost eight (8) years now, in August on the 7th of 2007 was when I became a blogger so in two months I will officially have eight (8) years of blogging experience under my belt which is a bit unbelievable because it seems that the time has gone to way fast for me but that is that and when I became blogger for the first time was on same day that I bought founded JoshiesWorld to make it my branding. So the age of the JoshiesWorld shows how many years I have blogged as I never have blogged anywhere else, not even on any blogging platforms/services or such and the first time I actually made a blog post was right here on the JoshiesWorld but sadly the blog post that I written for the first time does not exists anymore because back then with a few of my articles was automatically erased when JoshiesWorld website became a huge mess of errors which I couldn’t bring them back because at that time I just started learning how to building websites so at that time I didn’t know how to work out the errors but luckily I am now experienced web developer as I attended to classes at Westwood college so any errors prompts I am able to solve so ever since the day I restart this website all over again the articles I written after do over the JoshiesWorld are still here.

Amazon and their new smartphone.

Amazon Fire PhoneThere is something that most of the people doesn’t know about Amazon especially their history when Amazon was launched, originally the Amazon was meant to be books online store where everyone can buy books online and or buy books digitally (e-books) online. Amazon was launched in July 1994 as an online bookstore for a few years then they made some of the decisions that they want to expand themselves more than just an online bookstore so they converted the Amazon company into a new company that sells everything such as DVD, CD, Furniture, video games, mp3 and video streaming, software, foods, apparel, electronics, toys, jewelry and several more instead of online bookstores on Amazon. Amazon was becoming the like of Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, and few of others but Amazon wants to turn the business in even larger than any popular stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart and few of others so they have decided to turn the Amazon business that not only sell everything but to make their own products for everyone too and Amazon is not going to stop from going further, expanding themselves even larger than what Amazon is today which is very interesting because Amazon is becoming a business where there is no competitors that could go up against Amazon themselves and that is because there is no other Amazon at the moment and probably never will but I cannot say that because we never know if Amazon will ever have a competitor in the future but for now there is no competitor.

Women, fat women are unweclomed.

Women model, Abercrombie & FitchToday there is several appeals retailers for all of people who is men, female, children or toddlers to pick and most of them have their favorite brand of the appeals to wear and some of the brands they dislike. While it is known that in United States of America that one of few biggest problem is the obesity such as overweight because some of the people loves to eat the foods that is not healthy at all, by unhealthy foods would be almost all of foods from every fast food restaurants and restaurants in United States although there are only very few restaurants that offers some of healthy foods on their menu and there are very few of healthy restaurants for anyone who either want to lose weights or keep up their current weights by either not gaining any weights or losing any weights. Although in the ratio the fast foods or restaurants that offers unhealthy foods on their menu is about 9 out of 1 against the fast foods or restaurants that offers healthy foods on their menu for anyone to choose, the unhealthy fast foods and restaurants are such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Hardees, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and many more while the healthy restaurants such as Panera Bread, Apple Bee’s (only few healthy foods on the menu), Subway (some foods on menu are healthy) and few more for the customers to choose but in that ratio isn’t great at all as there should a bit more healthy restaurants at least same numbers as the unhealthy fast foods and restaurants.

Google Glass $1,500 worth $150!

Google Glass logoAs most of us know what or who is Google that is search engine, right? Wrong! Because Google has become a company that sells products and has more products than just a search engine that it’s supposed to be and used to be but it has become a company now as they have several popular products such as Android for many of smartphones and tablets as well but not only that they have recently developed their own laptop for anyone who is a fan of Google to have which is called Chromebook or familiar which is awesome laptop by the way especially for the ones who want to use it as a work laptop but as entertainment laptop like music, movies, games and others all into one? Look somewhere else like HP which is my favorite maker of computers. Not to forget to mention that Google also has an awesome internet browser Chrome and there is many more products that Google owned and YouTube is another one as you know it’s one of the most popular website that we probably use daily for our pleasure or to monetize especially YouTube partnership which I am one of them so basically Google has become a technology company from just a search engine website which is their most popular product still. Speaking of technology that Google is inventing and developing, recently they developed a technology that takes it to next level that anybody can ever imagine and that is Google Glass and Google Glass is either sunglasses or glasses that can use prescribed lens with a machine hooked to it – think of it as a small computer if you will.

Starbucks: I am craving for one!

StarBucks LogoWho craves for some good cups of Starbucks?! I am! I love their signature hot espresso and others especially white (vanilla?) mocha and as well their every-now-then special coffees when the Christmas are nearing like eggnog or Pumpkin espresso. I want some but only the problem is that there is no Starbucks around here in the city of Belfry in Kentucky sadly. I have personally e-mailed their company myself several times asking and offering to get them a good place in this area especially the area where the most traffic is and several of the e-mail responses I would get by them is a thanks note for being a fan of Starbucks. You are welcome, Starbucks but no cup of Starbucks for me? Aw that is unfortunate!

Only the nearest Starbucks is in Charleston, WV or Huntington, WV which both are about an hour and half drive from here and I would go there every time I get the chance to and get myself a good large cup of Starbucks but then few hours later after I gets home after visiting in these areas, again no cup Starbucks for me?! You are welcome, Starbucks.

Apple wins vs Samsung!

Recently the announcement news release surfaced on the internet about Apple Vs Samsung trials where Apple have filed lawsuit against Samsung for copyright infringement especially that Samsung smartphones such as Galaxy S models copy the interface of Apple Iphone models which is true considering that they both do look-alike and Apple has patients and the rights to these designs considering that the iphone models was released way before Samsung Galaxy S models launched. The lawsuit was for copyright infringement that Samsung violated Apple’s copyright for the interface of between the smartphones made by both which like I said Apple Iphone models was launched before Galaxy S by Samsung company launched by few years.

Now the news that surfaced has announced Apple decisively wins Samsung trial which the victory goes to Apple and I strongly believe that Apple make the right call considering that copying someone else work isn’t good thing, in fact bad move for the business because if copying someone else work means they have no creative for their products, right? Anyway now that the victory goes to Apple company the Samsung company now owes Apple company 1.049 billion dollars for copying Apple’s intellectual property.