Tidbits 9-25-2015.

Hey guys! I know I haven’t blogged in a very long time because I have been very busy lately as I have mentioned in previous post on here that I have a strong feeling that the things would be getting a bit busier for me especially in the summer and that feeling I had was right. I apologize if I had some of you waiting on for a new blog post from me because I have realized recently that I didn’t blogged anything in almost a month although that isn’t a record-breaking because I wasn’t able to blog for almost three or four months before due to for some reasons that I forgot what it was and sometimes I even surprise myself for not being able to blog anything for that long period of time because to some people I am known for being a very impatient person so in that case I can understand some of you might be impatiently waiting for a new blog from me or especially at least another new tidbits article. Now for that I am giving you a fix because I am writing another tidbits article just for all of you fans who like reading some tidbit articles here so here it is and for those of you new readers if you don’t understand what exactly is tidbits I suggest you to search the word “tidbits” in the search box at the top on here which will take you to a list of my tidbit articles.

Robin Williams passed away, RIP!

Robin WilliamsHey guys! How are the things going over there with you all wherever you all are at? I hope everything is well, all is going well over here although it has been pour raining all day here in Belfry which is an area in the state of Kentucky in United States and even with the heaviness of the rain have been going on here for all day at almost non-stop that did not stop me from taking an 30-minutes trip to Wal-Mart over in Pikeville with my mother as we both had to go to Pikeville today for something so we decided to go ahead and stop over at Wal-Mart over in Pikeville since that we were there because the Wal-Mart in Pikeville are a lot better than the one here in Belfry area for some reason. Nonetheless with the hard pouring rain all over, I still had fun with my mother there though my arm is now hurting from pushing the cart for a couple of hours over there at Wal-Mart and I have bought a small amount of things such as a $50 Itunes card because I always buy the movies from there to watch the movies on my computer or an Apple TV since I have recently bought the Apple TV a few weeks ago which that reminds me that I need to hook it up sometime soon because where I have not hooked it up due to tight schedule I have lately which sucks a bit because it limits me of doing something that I actually like. Anyway after getting home from Pikeville my mother cooked up me a great homemade gravy, biscuits and sun-up eggs breakfast for today’s dinner because she makes the best gravy & biscuits I have ever tasted in my life which I am sure that some can agree if they have tried them but then after the dinner I power up my computer as usual to get on the computer to surf on the internet so I can have something to do such as like writing this article.

Movies for this year, on the list.

Movies TheaterThere are some of the people who doesn’t watch many movies and there are some of the people who does watch several movies and I am one of the people who watch several movies, because movies is my thing and I watch several movies every day as it is one of my addiction. It isn’t all about being entertained when watching movies but it is also learning about the movies itself, as in some of the movies you can learn about something that you don’t know yet. Beside blogging, watching several movies a day and collecting several movies as well is my passion and I am sure that I am not the only person who has a passion that watch movies daily and collects several movies on the shelves and on the computers as digital. Some of the people prefer musics over movies and that is something I will never understand but whatever floats their boat I guess, of course these people who prefer musics over movies might not understand how some of the people prefer movies over music so that is fair. Watching several movies isn’t my only thing but watching some of television shows is my thing too because they are same in some way although it is still different only due to the duration in between movies and television shows.

Keith Wann the ASL Comedy Performer.

Keith Wann ASL PerformerASL comedy performer named Keith Wann (Site: KeithWann.com) is a skilled man in sign languages and has performed beautifully in front of several deaf, hard of hearing and even hearing people who is involved in deaf/hard of hearing culture. His parents are deaf as I heard about him on several websites and some of his videos. You know how deaf or hard of hearing cannot listen to radio and be involved with radio world, Keith Wann himself came up with an idea and finally made it to happen for deaf and hard of hearing to be able to have radio for their deaf/hard of hearing world. He went into video streaming and do his own ASL radios for all of people who are hard of hearing that everybody can watch over on the internet which it can be found on his website or you can go to it by (site: That Keith Wann Show) in ASL edition or (site: Hearing edition) and watch/listen to his radio show. I highly recommend you to go to it, I dare you to! Now for himself, he cares for everyone who is in deaf community and for all deaf community and other deaf related. However, Keith Wann himself is hearing but he says that ASL (sign language) is his language that are in his heart because technically, that’s only language he spoke when he was born since his parents are deaf. I thank him very much for being involved with deaf and hard of hearing world and I applaud him for that. He is one of the few that who has a good heart for deaf community and others. But what is he? He’s a CODA (child of deaf adult [i think]). I just felt like that I should write something little about him is because he amazed me with everything that he is doing for deaf community and all. Would you like to see his shows and such? Go to KeithWann.com and you will find all information you need to know about him and his upcoming shows and others so you can see how awesome guy he is! There’s some videos of his performing in ASL on his website as well so you can see how hilarious his jokes are! Indeed, he does know how to make jokes that always bring a huge laughter and smiles on everyone’s face that came and watch him or even watch his videos.