5-30-2017 Quick Tidbits

How did the memorial weekend and day go for you all? I hope that you all had fun over the weekend, today and that all of us are safe considering that memorial weekends are known for an event when a lot of the people would party too much that involves alcohol. Driving while drunk is one of the most stupid thing ever in my opinion, so I hope that if all of you didn’t do that and calls a cab or have somebody as your designated driver to take you home safely. As for me, I never celebrate Memorial Day because I don’t like the idea of celebrating in memory of somebody or something that had happened in the past and it can make me sad. I look at it as negative, I mean how can you bring yourself to party and involves alcohol to celebrate for Memorial Day when it is really in memory of the bad things that had happened to the human beings whether it be family, friends, or strangers? Anyway, I know I haven’t blogged in several weeks and I apologize for that. Not to long ago I wrote an article stating that I was pretty much getting burnt out with blogging and that I am to reduce my activity in blog for the time being in hope that I would find that spark I once had long time ago when I truly was passionate in blogging. I haven’t reached to that spark yet, though I can say that the spark is trying its best to ignite and bring the fire back inside me but at the same time it’s trying to fan out the fire every time that the spark almost ignited. I decided that I would just force myself to write an article since that I haven’t written one in several weeks and it is dues for.

12-4-2016 Tidbits

How are every one of you guys and women have done lately? I hope that all of you are doing well, I am doing well myself but lately I have been somewhat more tired than I usually have been in few months because I think it is where I am on a time restrain which is one of few things that I don’t like about the time but like I have said before that the time are part of our life since our birth and will be part of our death as in from time of birth to time of death. So, imagine a few centuries ago where there was no time for the people, time have become part of our life when the technology advanced and invented a clock. Who do we thank for the time? To my understanding, in this case not many of the people know this but the time were invented mainly for the railroads company because they need a way of knowing when to depart and to arrive at certain places so that’s how the different time zones invented such as EST, PST or whatever is because of the trains. I am not exactly sure how the clock were invented and for what to begin with but I do know that the time zones were invented for the trains which you can find about that from our best friend Google or Bing. Ever since the time or a clock were invented along with the time zones, it restrains us to the point that it limits us in doing something and get whatever it is that we need to get done. For example, if a news outlet tasked you to write a draft with a deadline by tonight at 11:59PM so that they can have it reviewed and pass it in for approval to be submit to their news website or if lucky on their newspaper but you were occupied with something else and then you checked your watch to see that it is saying 10:30PM or 10:45PM that would put you in a frustration situation by thinking whether if you were to start writing a draft would you be able to make it in time before the deadline so you could send in your draft to an editorial team? You will start feeling very pressured, wondering if it is possible or if it is impossible and determining if you have the will to push yourself to finish the draft on time? Very rarely that anyone will be able to make it in time because writing a draft usually takes about one, two, three hours or sometimes longer as it depends on what you are writing about or on what and once you have finished writing you would still need the time to double-check to make sure that everything you write is good enough or if it needs some correction and whatnot.

Best Coach In The Nation

There were a contest for the best coach in the nation done by a website USATodayHSS.com where they have two or three-part of contest which is a poll for each coach in region, state/nation. One of coach that was in the contest were one from the high school that I graduated, which if you recall my blog post to ask all readers to cast a poll for Coach Philip Haywood which the post can be found here. Thanks to every one of you and everyone in the region, nation or the state in Kentucky that were voting for him and the result of that he has won for the best coach in the nation! Please allow me to congratulate you to be the best coach in the nation and you do truly deserve to have the recognition especially after all what you have done for football team at Belfry High School.

Vote for Coach Haywood!

Click here and vote Coach Haywood for best coach by looking for a letter “G“!

Philip Haywood is the head coach for football at very well-known high school, Belfry High School in Kentucky. It is sitting in the Pike County in Belfry in the state of Kentucky. He has been head coach for Belfry High School football for roughly 38 years and is continuing to coach the football at one of the very best high school. His set a high record for the most winnings coach for a high school in Kentucky and Belfry High School is in region 4 and has made few trips to championships, especially 6+ trips to championships and has won two championship titles under his belt however Belfry High School has more than two championships under different head coaches but Philip Haywood is the one who has won the most and won the most championships than any of other former coaches at Belfry High School.

His stats of record is that he has been head coach of Belfry High School for 38+ years as I have mentioned above and he has a career record of 362-125. He pushed Belfry High school football team to 6+ trips to championships which is quite several however only be able to bring back two which was in 2003-2004. He also recently took Belfry High School to championship as well however came back with a loss but what is great is that he has made several trips to the championships even if bringing back home few loses but that is more than some of high school football teams in Kentucky and he deserves more knowledge of that, more credits than anyone gives him for his work as a head coach in Belfry High School football team.