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StreamI hope that every one of you have a great day and enjoy whatever it was that every one of you was doing today. For me I enjoyed my day especially going out to a dinner at Cheech’s in Lenore, WV with my mother and my step father Chad for my mom’s Mother Day dinner. We all ordered pizza with half of toppings, pepperoni on one side then other side sausages and pepperoni I am thinking but the pizza were good although the pizza from Cheech’s aren’t my favorite although it is definitely in my top five favorite pizza restaurants. If you are looking for some pizza close to Logan, WV then you should check out Cheech’s restaurant but if you don’t want some pizzas then don’t worry because Cheech’s offers different foods on their menu especially the Italian foods so if you are a fan of Italian foods then this is the restaurant to check out and you can find Cheech’s place on FourSquare which is an excellent app that has a bit more accurate information than the Yelp app although Yelp is more known for adding reviews but when it comes to looking for some information such as ratings, prices, locations etc then FourSquare is the way to go!

I have realized that I am starting to get into foods, not getting in foods to make me fat but getting more knowledge in foods especially in the eyes of chief and I blame the foods television shows because it’s so darned interesting. I have thought now and then that I would like to try out some foods that has great presentations such as having a small amount of foods on a plate with decoration using vegetables. Ah I need to stop watching foods television shows for a little while especially the Iron Chef on Foods Network channel where a chef can challenge four top chefs including Bobby Flay.

Stream Your Stuff

Okay I better stop writing a whole of different subjects all over in a place and start getting to the subject that I have in mind to write this article about. Now I don’t know if any of you ever played Sim games on a computer before especially Sim 4? Where you are able to make money from streaming your gameplay via some services? Yeah, well just so you know that you can actually do that. I know that a lot of people already knew about this but I am writing this for the ones that doesn’t know about this. The previous article I wrote about the old gaming consoles, where I mentioned a opportunity to make some money to stream the games you are playing using the old gaming consoles emulators and the previous article I written can be found here:

When a opportunity is there, it is there for a grab so it is best for you to take it and don’t let it go. If you have read the previous article that I written about the old gaming consoles emulators where you can play some of classic games on the old gaming consoles such as Nintendo NES or Super Nintendo SNES and download the emulators to your desktop or laptop then you are just an away from making money to basically playing your favorite old games from your childhood or even almost new consoles such as Playstation 2 or 3 because there are emulators for that too although I wouldn’t recommend to download the Playstation 2 or 3 emulators because it’s too complicated. Now I am sure that the question in your mind is it easy getting money by stream your gameplay and the answer is it isn’t easy depending which service you prefer. There are two top services which is Twitch and YouTube although you would have to meet a certain requirement for YouTube to enable the live events feature to your YouTube channel. Even if you do have the live event feature enabled to your channel, I wouldn’t recommend using YouTube to stream your gameplay because they are very strict with copyrights which I am sure that almost every one of you knows this so if you stream a game such as Super Mario Bros then you will be warned almost immediately with a violation of copyright where they will disallow you to monetize from streaming Super Mario Bros but that is why I like Twitch because Twitch doesn’t do that. Obviously that is where I come in to recommend Twitch, beside Twitch is very well-known for streaming video games anyway so it would be common sense to stream your video games via Twitch and that is a problem.

It is almost easy to become YouTube Partner where you would be able to monetize using Adsense service for all of videos you have uploaded to your channel that have not yet violated the copyright or trademark, being able to monetize from Twitch to stream your video games play is complicated but it is possible and Twitch have stricter requirement before you are being allowed to monetize. To monetize your steam of video games, you would have to apply for partnership at Twitch just like you would have to for YouTube to monetize your videos and if you would like to apply for Twitch Partner then go to this link here. Remember I said that Twitch have more strict requirements to become partner than it is to become YouTube Partner? Yes, alright then here is their requirements that you have to meet to qualify to become Twitch Partner.


To qualify as a Twitch Partner, we look for:

  • Average concurrent viewership of 500+ (not just a one-time peak)
  • Regular broadcast schedule of at least 3 times a week
  • Content that conforms to our Terms of Service and DMCA Guidelines

Minimum broadcast requirements are a general guideline. Exceptions are handled on a case by case basis. We’re always excited by broadcasters who stream unique games!


Newcomers to Twitch

If you create pre-recorded video content elsewhere (for example, on YouTube), you should still apply! We look for:

As with our existing Twitch broadcasters, these minimum requirements are a general guideline and exceptions can be made.

I told you that Twitch requirement for partner are way stricter than YouTube partner, but Twitch is less strict than YouTube when it comes to monetizing copyrighted or trademark stuff in the videos so if you want to monetize playing video games while streaming then Twitch is your best bet even with their strict requirements to qualify for partner but if you simply want to monetize your videos that are NOT involve your game playing then YouTube definitely the way to go. If YouTube aren’t strict with the copyright or trademark when it comes to streaming your game play like Twitch then YouTube is easily winner.

Okay, enough of that so I recommend you to sign up with Twitch if you don’t have an account with Twitch before and start using Twitch as many as you possibly can to stream the videos of the games you play so the more you stream the quicker you get to become Twitch partner as long as you can entertain the people to follow your Twitch channel. Because you are going to need as many as 500 plus views average just to qualify, it’s hard but definitely a doable though and you can just achieve that by streaming your video games as many as you can everyday. If you have Xbox One then you are in good place as Xbox One allows you to easily stream the games you play via Twitch, I don’t know Playstation 4 do that as well even though I own Playstation 4 but I haven’t found out that myself yet and if you know Playstation 4 allows you to stream via Twitch as easily as Xbox One does then please let everyone knows in the comment. Now think about this, what do almost every gamers love? Classic games and classic consoles such as Nintendo NES or Super Nintendo SNES playing a game such as Zelda or Final Fantasy 1, 2 or 3 which this means? The ability to attract viewers to your Twitch channel easily. But to stream the video games using Nintendo NES or Super Nintendo SNES via Twitch you would need a program that do the streaming job for you as Twitch doesn’t have their own program for computers which that makes me wonders why sometimes. There is a bit of problem with getting programs to stream using Twitch because there are almost no company that offers a streaming program at free cost which is a bit odd but good news is there are an unbelievably great streaming program that allows you to use any streaming services such as Twitch, YouTube, DailyMotion etc at no cost thankfully.

The amazing streaming program at no cost is named Open Broadcaster created by these lovely folks. If you have emulators installed or some games that you’d like to stream and you are ready to download a program then here is a direct link to an official program’s website download page:

It should automatically detect your computer software and have the program ready for you to download. Click the green box where it says “download installer” then follow the instructions provided by Open Broadcaster themselves carefully and when it is done downloading then you would have a new desktop icon on your background titling “Open Broadcaster”. Double-click that then from there you click settings > settings then look thoroughly but I am sure that’s unnecessary but the most important to look in the settings is broadcast settings, from there you will see the options of streaming services so pick Twitch and you will be asked for stream key which can be found at website. Log in, click on your username at top right corner then go to “dashboard” and from there go to “stream key” then click “show key”. Copy the stream key provided by Twitch into Open Broadcaster program settings then press apply button. Now open one of your emulators or some games like Sim or whatever the game that you have installed on your computers that you love playing then go to Open Broadcaster program you see sources, there is nothing so right-click on the white part (empty white wall) then add window capture and type a name of source (such as NES, SNES, N64 etc or if you have game installed such as SIM then type the name of that game) then click ok. From there you will have options under “Window” so click that to open the drop-list options, click whichever the name of emulators program or a game you have running in background and click “inner window”.

And you are done so click the preview stream button on the open broadcaster program to make sure that it’s working properly before you stream, if in the preview mode you are seeing that an emulator or game that is not in proper position or it’s half off then click whatever you typed under source then right-click and go to position/size then click fit to screen which should fix that problem for you. Now only thing left to do is stream live so when you are ready to stream a video of the game you are playing then click start streaming and game on!

Man I am exhausted now, my brain is killing me where I had to think very carefully while trying to give the best instruction as possible I can on how to get yourself a streaming program up and running. But for in return, please meet the requirements and become Twitch partner so to monetize your streams then I would be pleased. If you are confused with any of my instructions or at least the instructions I try as best I possibly can to give then please feel free to leave a comment below or click the contact tab at the top of this website to personally contact me for further assistance or clarification and I would be more than happy to respond. Thank you very much for your time reading this article, I hope that all of you have a great night and be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe doing whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do for tonight! Stay awesome my friends.

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– Joshie.


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