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President Of The United States SealHello guys, how are you all doing? For me I am doing great myself although I could have been better but that is the part of life as the life has bumps on the road. Right now it is a half day so what did you do for half of the day and what are you planning on to do for the rest of the day? Hopefully whatever it is that you are planning on to do for the rest of the day has nothing to do with getting in troubles, haha! For the half of my day I have gone back and forward with doing some of research on the internet and watching something on the television although there have been nothing interesting on television today but in a few hours there will be finally something interesting on television that I will be watching. If you are wondering what is something interesting will be on the television in a few of hours, I am talking about a new episode of Mountain Men on History channel at 9PM o’clock EST (Eastern Standard Time) and new episode of Ice Road Truckers at 10PM o’clock EST on History channel as well after the new episode of Mountain Men so I am looking forward to that because these two shows are one of my favorite television shows. If you like these shows then be sure to tune in on History channel because it is a new episode for each shows in a row tonight so it is going to be interesting and hopefully I will be done with everything by then before these shows comes on because I missed them last week as I was so busy that I didn’t pay attention to the time.

While I was doing some research earlier, I decided to head over to some news for world/politics and there are several articles about problems going on in different countries that it seems as if it’s a sign that it is possibly we will be entering a world war three sooner than everybody expected because when there are many countries battling with each others it would means world war three but if it’s just two countries having problems with each others then it’s not world war three because it takes almost all countries to fight with different countries at same time for it to be called a world war three. Anyway it gotten me to think about the governments, president, military and others here in the United States because I was thinking what are right and wrong things that United States are doing because we never will know everything what is going on with United States except high ranks governments such as president, senators, congress and among others because they are the only ones that are seeing it with their own eyes. So this got me thinking about if I was to enter myself in politics what would I do about it to make United States a better nation for everyone so that’s the article I am writing for today.

What if I Am President of The US?

Yes that is what I was exactly thinking earlier today especially in early afternoon after reading some world, united states and politics news on different news agencies/source such as Google news (some call it Google Current), Yahoo! News, CNN and a couple more of others. I am sure that many of the people would often think about what if they are the president of the United States or certain nation and how would they make United States or their country a better country for themselves and the people who lives here in the United States or in their countries. You would be surprised with the numbers of people who have thoughts or wondered of “What If I am president of the United States/Certain country?”. Of course it’s fun to think about something like this, dreams to be or wishing to be a president of the United States/country and what they would do if they become one even if they may never will be the president of the United States or in their own country although there still is a hope as anyone can be one only if they have good education and work to be one so kids if you dream to become a president of the United States then don’t ever give up that dream as long as you truly work for it.

If you were to become a president of the United States or in other country that you lives in then what would you do to make your country a better country for everyone that lives in your country? Are there some bills or something made by previous presidents that you would like to repeal or to change for the better of your people? Who would be your vice president (no needed to, but if you already have an idea of who then feel free to mention) and would you keep all the employees that worked for the previous president of your country? What changes or new are you going to create for your country? Leave a comment below this article and let us know what you would do if you become the president of the United States or the other country that you lives in.

Now for me I admit that a few of times I have wondered about myself if I was to become the president of the United States for either fun or out of seriousness although I can safely say that I never will be the president of the United States because I have no skills or experiences on politics in my background but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t waste my time of thinking about what if I am the president of the United States which that is the country that I am from and is now in. There are a lot of the people including myself will say that for the last few decades we hadn’t had a good president for here in the United States because obviously we all almost saw another new great depression era here with today and the few presidents before the current president that we have today. Thankfully we didn’t go into the new great depression but it was a very close call especially with record-breaking employees layoff along with increasing prices for many products that is essentials for us all such as gasoline, oil, power, foods and a few of other things but still even with the price increased it also increase our paychecks whether anyone realizes that or not.

If I am the President of The United States, what would I do for all of my people and for my country? Believe it or not, if I am the president of the United States I would personally recycle everything that a few presidents did up to John F. Kennedy and leave the most of Bill Clinton’s works alone because for many years here in the United States the last good president were Bill Clinton but then before Bill Clinton these presidents weren’t good at all the way up to John F. Kennedy. The first thing I would do is to bring the gasoline prices back to the way they were, foods and soft drinks prices back to the way they were as well along with the rest of products such as cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobaccos and others because it’s pointless to increase the prices on these as when Barack Obama raised the prices on cigarettes that didn’t stop anyone from keep buying cigarettes at all so that’s a major failure because without increasing the price on cigarettes to help the people to quit smoking cigarettes there is a better way to get the people to stop smoking cigarettes without the need to increase the prices on them. I would completely destroy the carbon tax, shove that up to whoever created that and welcome every coal miners back to their work so that they can earn money to feed on their family while at same putting the clothes on their back because they did not realize that the coal mines were one of the highest paid jobs that doesn’t need college degrees to work although high school diplomas or GED would be required as it has been like that way for many years.

I wouldn’t necessarily repeal the health care that Barack Obama did although I would immediately make a huge changes on it to actually make it more useful for everyone and then change the title of that health care to United States Health Care instead of the president (Obama or even mine) name because that’s nonsense. One of the thing that I would focus the most is the disabilities or veterans to give them more rights and make it easier for them to get what they truly deserves instead of making it so freaking difficult for the veterans or disabled to have accesses to anything that helps them such as insurance, benefits, welfare, social security and among others. Then with social security I would make it a bit more stricter especially for the people to get the checks from because it’s not right that the people isn’t a majorly disabled getting money while the disabled such as handicapped who cannot walk, deaf or hard of hearing and others getting less money because the people who almost have no disability are making it harder for social security to pay the people who actually are disabled money they truly deserve so if I tighten the social security by cut off the people who is NOT disabled then we would be able to increase the budget to send the people who’s actually disabled with higher amounts of money so to make it easier for them to be able to get the things that they need such as the house payments, bills, foods, medical, insurance and others that’s necessary for them to have.

I have seen many of the people who is getting money from social security that isn’t even disabled, in fact there are many of people who I do know who have a lot of the money while getting social security just because they somehow gets their doctors to lie saying that they are actually disabled which that’s where the problem is within’ the social security so I would try to figure out how to make sure that anyone who apply for social security to get the benefits is actually disabled by having them to see someone who make sure the person are actually disabled instead of getting the answer from a doctor – I would create a better approval systems that would verify that they are disabled instead of having a doctor to lie for us and the governments.

I would change things for immigration especially tightening but still making sure that anyone are accepted to be a resident here in the United States, using almost same concept as what I would do with the social security. Of course I would still make sure that they are getting checked before becoming an official citizen here in the United States by doing some tests such as background check, seeing what their purpose are for wanting to move in United States, making sure that they are not on any drugs because if their tests come up positive that they are on drugs then there’s a good chance that they are just trying to move in United States so to sell the drugs from the border using the connection which there is no way I would take a chance of that because I am against drugs especially that is illegal except prescribed drugs is fine so if their tests come positive on certain drugs then they must have the proof that they are prescriptions otherwise they would be denied of the entrance to the United States for certain of times until their next schedule for recheck to see if there is any changes with the drugs in their system and if they came negative in their next schedule I would allow their entrance but with a warn that along with random schedules checkup to make sure that they stay clean and if they failed any random checkups then they would either be in jail or be sent back to the country they came from for some years then another checkup. If in few years they came back for checkup that they are cleaned again then we would grant their entrance to the United States, then still do random checkups on them but if they failed once again then they would be permanently banned from entering the United States.

These aren’t the only things that I would do for the United States as there are many of things that I would need like to try to change to adjust this country to be in a better place for everyone to dream of. Out of all these, as one more important out of few others would be the military especially increasing the budget because they are the people that defends our country against from any of other countries so to double our defense to keep ourselves defended better than any countries can ever imagine. I believe that former presidents only worked as much as for the defense itself in the military so for me if I am to be a president of the United States I would personally see to that the ratios of defensive and offensive are equal so tripling the defense by making the defense stronger then double up the offense to make the offensive and defensive ratios to be equal. Right now we are 2.1 defensive vs offensive which is good enough for now but I would like more than to triple the defensive while bringing the offensive up to par that defensive is at which that would make both offensive and defensive in military stronger here in the United States so that will assure that we will be able to take anything that any other countries try to throw at us or that they cannot take anything that we throw at them when it is necessarily to do so to only protect ourselves. So basically if I am ever to become the president of the United States this country would be in mix eras of John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton because then that would make the United States the possibly best we could ever dream of while at same time making it better than both presidents combined did for our country although it would take a long while to get United States to where I’d like to see it to be at because there are so many messes that needs to be cleaned up that were left off by former presidents such as both George Bush and now Barack Obama although I can and will say that the current president of the United States Barack Obama is at least a bit better than both presidents thankfully but it is not still enough to bring United States back to its glory.

As an American myself, sometimes I wish that someday there would be a president that was never in politics like lawyer, congress, governor, senator and others because then that president would try to better up United States. In my opinion that if the people like myself with no politics in background would be better for the presidents of the United States than anyone that’s coming from politics background to become a president of the United States especially as how corruption it is in the governments here in the United States sadly, not that I am pointing a finger or possibly that am I? Well I will let you all figure out if I am or not. Remember that we can pick one of the presidential candidate ourselves by voting, so be sure to vote the one that we actually need in 2016 as Barack Obama would no longer be a president of the United States since only a president can go as far as two terms which that is something we can be thankful for because it allows someone else that we like the best out of selection to vote to shape up our country for better only if we are careful with who we vote for because I know that sometimes they are lying out of their butts by saying that they’d make some promises to do something and then win the election to be the president of the United States and not doing what he or she promised to do so. The presidential candidates can go so far as lying just to win a vote so they can win the election to become the president of the United States which this is why we must be careful with who we want the next one so make sure that we all check their backgrounds to get some of the ideas of the person they are especially if they are the type of people who lies just to get something or actually telling truth while expecting nothing in return which that is the president that we need the most.

There are already some presidential candidates that’s thinking about running for the president of the United States in 2016 so if you want to take a look at the list of the people’s names with their background then you can check them out by visiting here this link from Wikipedia. I like Rand Paul, he is the senator of my state which is here in Kentucky but he’s a great guy who definitely would be better than Barack Obama by a mile or I also like Joe Manchin who is the senator of my state Kentucky’s neighbor state West Virginia who fought for coal miners trying to keep the coal miners going and other things such as creating many trails for four wheeling (I am ATV rider) so he would definitely know what to do if he was to become the president of the United States.

Now it is your turn to tell me if you are the president of the United States what would you do? And which presidential candidate you’d like to see in becoming the president of the United States in 2016? Send me the answers by leaving some comments below this article!

The End.

This is the president of the United States Joshie signing out, may God bless America!

Well it is getting a bit late as it is 8:16pm now and if you remember earlier that I was talking about new episodes for both Mountain Men and Ice Road Truckers coming on the history channel that I am looking forward to so it’s almost the time for these shows that I am looking forward to come on. I am looking forward to hear from some answers of yours by either leaving a comment below, or reply it in the comments at JoshiesWorld official Facebook page or if you have a tumblr account then feel free to write an article there then tweet the link to me at my Twitter user @JoshiesWorld and I am looking forward to read some of your answers! Thank you very much for reading this article as I hope that you enjoy this article and be sure to keep checking back here to see if I am writing another article which I am planning on to write another article by either tomorrow or in a couple of days if I can find something or heard something that is interesting enough for me to write about them or on but if you have any ideas what I should write about or on in the next article then I would greatly appreciate it if you would submit some of your ideas here using the Submit Your Ideas page. I hope that all of you have a great night and all of you be safe wherever all of you are at or whatever it is that you all are planning on to do for the night, stay awesome my friends!

– Joshie.

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Jameyson MacDonald
Let’s say hypothetically that I were president and had unlimited power to make change. The first thing I would do is do away with the National Education Agency. Federalizing our education system has destroyed our quality of education and it should go back to states and individual communities being able to decide how their schools are run and funded. I would also enforce the death penalty, instead of leaving murderers under our care for 20 or 30 years. I would make rape and sexual assault capital offenses as well. I would decriminalize marijuana and tax the hell out of it… Read more »