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In case if some of you were wondering why were down for about a day and half, the answer to that question is that I have decided to move to another provider for a server to host websites I run. I was with one company for several years until a couple or three days ago they have decided that they would discontinue a specific plan that I only liked so they left me no choice but to find a new home to run my websites and I hate moving especially when it comes to migrating websites with databases repeatedly until I find a provider that I am comfortable with the most. I have researched heavily to who I should be comfortable with and found a provider that sparked my interest especially after a long chat with one of their salesperson who was very convincing especially making sure that they meets my requirements. When it comes to hosting the most important I looked for is the security then the second is the loading time which it seems to be fair enough for me to be comfortable with especially at my budget.

Sure I was sadden to hear that the provider I was with for many years have discontinued a specific product of theirs that I was using but I realize that nothing can last forever as anything would eventually stopped and the new provider that sells a server that I was looking for has a bit more power than my old server specifications at my old provider so I am a bit happy. It is somewhat like moving out of an old car with a cassette player into a new car with disc or mp3 player, so far I am liking it but I am hoping that I will still like it in a few of days which that is what worries me a bit.

Even if I do end up not liking the new provider I am with, I have a backup plan with another provider that I am eyeing on in case if something happened that I don’t like. Anyway I was wanting to say that I am sorry for leaving some of you in dark wondering why my website were down but it was because I was moving it to a new provider and it was a bit more complicated with migrations but seems like I have it under control since I am typing this post now obviously. Not only that I am also working on another website named JoshiesWorld.TV where I will be launching possibly tonight or in a couple of days but that website will be same as here except instead of written post, it will be videos so it is going to be a bit interesting I hope. I also have decided to start using cloudfare to improve the loading time and the performance for so hopefully the website is loading fine on your ends as it is on my end but so far I am digging that feature because it seems like it is helping out the website a lot as they are best used for blog systems or forums to help the loading.

Before I sign out of here, I forgot to mention that I don’t like to be on big companies servers such as GoDaddy, Yahoo! Etc because often the more popularity the providers has the slower their servers would be because where the big companies have millions of clients hosted on their servers it slows down so the smaller company means the faster their servers are because of fewer people using their servers so to not overwhelms their servers. For some reason I trust small or private servers companies and if any one of you are looking for a hosting or dedicated servers then I suggest to only sign up with small or private companies instead of big companies like GoDaddy or others because if you do then your loading time will be extremely slow as I have experienced them myself after comparing to big vs small when I’ve tested out some.

Anyway I realized I have started blabbing on when I only wanted to write this post in the first place was to say I apologize for keeping all of you in dark wondering why was down for a day and half but now you guys know the reason and not only that be sure to keep your eye out on the new addition to JoshiesWorld coming up soon (bookmark JoshiesWorld.TV!). Thank you very much for your time reading this article, I hope all of you have a great night and all of you be safe wherever all of you are at or whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do for tonight! If you have any issue with loading this website, I please and I beg of you to report it to me by leaving a comment below or contact me via e-mail using the contact tab on the top of the website!

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– Joshie.

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