Independence Day, what that means?

Independence DayThere are many federal holidays on the calendar in the United States to celebrate although some of them are unknown or they are considered worth to celebrate, out of all federal holidays there is one federal holiday that is very important for everyone in United States and everyone always celebrate for that specific day. Obviously you know which federal holidays I am referring since it is in the title as it is independence day where everyone like to celebrate with some of their family and friends with some foods, drinks, party or what we love doing the most for the independence day is to shoot the fireworks in the sky where we can just sit back and watch some of awesome fireworks in the sky, the most common in some cities there is fireworks display on a day before the independence day for some reason and only a reason I could see is that to allow everyone to have their own celebration at home or somewhere with their family and friends to celebrate the independence day by cooking out some foods, stocking up some alcohol and shooting the fireworks of their own that they bought from some places that sells the fireworks like some tents that are sitting beside the highway especially over here in Belfry, KY. Although for some reason in few of cities the banned anyone from shooting some fireworks which is a bit unfair considering that it is how everyone celebrate for several decades ago ever since the fireworks were invented and some of the cities does not allow anyone to celebrate by shooting the fireworks on independence day doesn’t make any sense.

Independence Day, what that means?

I have realized that there are some of the people who celebrate independence day unknowing what exactly is the independence day or the purpose to celebrate for the independence day especially the youth people because when they were born, they will remember going to the firework display in their areas to watch the fire department shooting some expensive fireworks off in the sky when it becomes dark out but often they never bother to ask what is exactly independence day or why is there an independence day and why do we always celebrate the independence day or such words as these, I believe that everyone should know what is the independence day and why do we celebrate for the independence day.

The independence day is one of the federal holidays in the United States only for all the residents that are American to celebrate, and the Independence Day is dated on July 4th which should be shown on everybody’s calendars. Several people would often say “July of 4th” instead of independence day, but the main reason that we celebrate the independence day on July of the 4th because on the July 4th in years of 1776 is where the United States becoming a nation. Means that on July 4th in 1776 United States becomes United States when they declared independence from Kingdom of Great Britain which is now United Kingdom (UK), so hence the Independence Day is where everybody celebrate the United States adoption of declaration of independence that becomes United States a United States.

If you want to know a bit more about declaration of independence, here is the link: United States Declaration of Independence by Wikipedia.

So now you know why the independence day is very important for everyone who resides in United States, most of us celebrate for it by doing some of few things with our family and friends by either cooking out, shooting fireworks, watching or being in part of parades, going to fairs or carnivals, taking our family or friends to a picnics and few more. So many of ways to celebrate the independence day, but one is always a must to do to celebrate the holiday is to shoot the fireworks because it is almost like a traditional for the July of 4th and if the fireworks is not involved then don’t bother to celebrate the July of 4th because fireworks is what kicks off the celebration for the July of 4th. Even if you cannot afford some fireworks then you can always go to the public fireworks display in your area to watch them being set off by fire department although in some areas they don’t have good stuff because they are very expensive and they are only donated from fire department right out of their pockets for everyone in the neighborhoods which I think that’s a bit unfair and that I think the governments should start sending all the fire departments the good fireworks that deserves everybody’s time to go and watch them instead of having the fire departments using their own money through either their own pockets or some sort of small fund-raising or donation.

How do I celebrate the Independence Day?

Ever since the day I was born, we have a traditional of our own on how to celebrate the independence day. I would celebrate the July of 4th by going to the public fireworks display with my mother, grandparents (until my grandfather passed, after that my grandmother), my aunt and very rarely my uncle here in Belfry, Ky and we would find a parking spot at either Food City, Save-A-Lot or Wal-Mart and we would always go about half an hour before the fireworks to set off because we want to find a good parking spot so we can see the fireworks very well and to give ourselves a time to get out of the car to sit on either the car or in some chairs then all of us would just wait patiently for the fireworks to starts but this was on July 3rd which is when they always have the fireworks display on July 3rd. Then comes the July of 4th me and my mother always would go over my grandparent’s house in between the afternoon and evening to celebrate with everyone in the family such as my mother, my grandparents, my aunt, my uncle and my grandmother’s dog Midnight and we often would either grill some hamburgers and hotdogs out in the front yard at my grandparents house or order some pizzas from Little Vince that used to be in Williamson, WV before they go out of the business which is surprising considering that it’s the best pizzas everybody ever tried and wait until it gets dark outside then we would go outside in the front yard and I would be surrounded by all of my family and we set off the fireworks that my aunt would always buy a bunch of fireworks for us to use and my grandmother always love watching fireworks, always.

That is my traditional to celebrate the July of 4th every years until in 2012 which is the worst year for both of me and my mother, my grandmother had passed away so ever since she passed away that traditional has been gone with her (stopped). The reason that the traditional has stopped is because it is all about celebrating the independence day with my grandmother, since it happens with her every year from the day I was born until the day she passes away. However I do still celebrate the July of 4th but with a new semi-traditional by driving my four-wheeler with my mother from my house and drives over the highway to almost where the high school is and park there to watch the fireworks with myself and mother, although most of the times we would join my mother’s friends by meeting them at some spots across the highways. But that doesn’t happen every year though, because sometimes I don’t feel like going there so we go there every two years, maybe sometimes two years in a row and then skips the 3rd year then go back the year after the 3rd year so it’s all depends on we both feel like watching the public fireworks display but the fireworks that they are shooting is getting worse year by year goes by, they weren’t beautiful like they used to be when we all would go to watch the public fireworks display with my grandmother.

What about you? How do you celebrate the July of 4th? Is it in your areas same over here that shoot fireworks on 3rd of July? Let me know by leaving a comment below and I would greatly appreciate them! Thank you very much for reading and please keep checking back to see if I am writing another article which I am planning on to write another article before end of the day depending if I am going to watch the fireworks tonight or not or if I can find something or heard something that is interesting enough for me to write about but if you have any idea what I should write about or on then please submit your ideas here to let me know! I hope that all of you have a great evening and all of you be safe wherever you all are at or whatever it is that you are planning on to do for the day besides preparing for celebration July of 4th tomorrow and if some of you are planning on to drink some alcohol then please drink them wisely, stay awesome my friends and happy independence day!

– Joshie.

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