Happy Mother’s Day 2017

I would like to personally wish the most important person on this earth, my mother a very happy mother’s day and that I am very thankful for everything she has done for me past these thirty years since she has become a mother to an only child which is myself – a child that thinks the world of her and looks up to her since this child opened his eyes for the first time after birth.

My mom has never stops her persistence in taking care of me for over thirty years and two months to make sure that I have everything that I need especially the essentials. Such as the roof over me, air conditioning and heating to keep myself cool or warm during both summer and winter; clothes on my back and foods on the table for me to eat everyday. Taking me to my doctor appointments to make sure that I am taken care of, this includes having to take me to Cincinnati to a children hospital every 2-3 years until I become a teenager, never leaving the hospital every time that I had to be admitted such as when I had undergone one of the most major surgery I have had ever went through, my back from my neck to my tailbone and when I broke my femur in half in my right leg my mother drove me to the hospital herself because she wouldn’t want to waste another minute for the ambulance. I have never truly see any mothers that takes as this tremendous care and responsibility without any hesitation for a child as my mother do for me. She has done more than everything, even more than what would have been necessary and more than what she need to do for me. Still to this day she do, every time I calls for her she responds without any hesitation and when I need something she is a mother that a child wouldn’t have to beg for to have something to make a child happy whether it be to fix some foods, to get clothes that he likes and to take him somewhere when he asks. This is the mother that has gone through heck and back, then back through heck and back repeatedly so that to make sure that her son would have all things that he needs to survive in this cruel world.

As cruel that this world is, with her being around every seconds of the minutes and every minutes of the hours and every hours of the day and the night is what make this world better for this child. There are many parents who scares off after finding out that their child ends up to have more than one disabilities (with exempt of Deaf, as I don’t look at Deaf as disability) but this mother had no fear and immediately accepted me when she first met him after birth. She is truly a fighter, to make sure that both survives together and that to never separate her child from her. That mother is my mom, on her own as she took mother and father’s responsibility. She is my mother and my father. She had taught me many of things, I will name few more important that she has taught me. Values, value in myself and value in my family regardless what they have done do to me. Taught me that it is very important to have dignity, accept of who I am and embrace it. The most powerful thing she has ever taught me is love, love who I am and love what I am and love other.

Be aware of others, don’t trust too quickly because it can be as easily betrayed as a trust was built. Life is a precious thing, life the way you want and make sure of it; don’t give up to reach that goal to have the life you want. The life I want, was automatically handed to me right after I was born and that’s to live the life with my mom for several decades and for more decades to come. She is my life. She is my rock. She is my everything, more than everything – She is me and I am her; we are one.

Mom, I am so thankful for everything that you have done for me all these past thirty years and I am so thankful for all the things that you will be doing for me in the future. You means everything to me, you are my hero and the life I have to this day wouldn’t be what it is without you. This life I live is because you are with me and we both lives the life we created together. Will so for many more decades to come, you are my life support and without that there would be no longer a life for me. My thanks wouldn’t even covers for everything that you have done for me, it can never even come close to covers that and the repays is indefinite. You are the only one I have, what is more is that it is a fact because you are only one I have and as I become older the more worries I get so please add to the list of everything that you have done for me – Care for yourself so that we can live the life that we have created since the year of 1987 on the night of 18th in March. Telling you that I love you repeatedly doesn’t even fathom to how much I truly love you, as for how much I love you is indefinite and eternal. You are truly the best mom, not only that you are truly the strongest mother I have ever met besides my mamaw, your mother and I am just very lucky to have you as my mother. Extremely lucky.

Happy mother’s day, I hope that you have a wonderful day everyday and a wonderful night every night. I love you to the moon, back to the moon to the world and to the heaven endlessly. My mother, none other than the only Brenda Sullivan.

Your son,
Joshua Sullivan

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