Google, Reconsider YouTube Requirements

Google have decided to change their policy on their monetization system for YouTube, anyone who has less than 1,000 subscribers and less 4,000 views annually (both combined will be required) will be affected if they already are accepted in their monetization system for their YouTube channels. I must say that I disagree with this idea, because Google didn’t realize that there are many Deaf and Hard of Hearing people who uses YouTube has very hard time getting any subscribers because they use their native language in their videos which is American Sign Language so this greatly limits their audience in general. Even, myself I don’t have that much subscribers although I do have the views on my YouTube channel which has been registered since the year of 2008 or earlier I believe, and I am myself Deaf so therefore I only use my native language in my videos which is American Sign Language, so I can only reach to a very limited audience due to that. Deaf and Hard of Hearing YouTube users has hard time getting subscribers because most YouTube users uses different vocal languages while we only use visual languages, and this isn’t only American Sign Language but also many other country’s sign language such as British Sign Language (BSL) or Latino Sign Language (LSL), etc. I ask Google of YouTube to please reconsider their change on these requirements and be more reasonable as this is targeted for majority of the people that uses vocal languages while forgetting the people who uses visual languages. As for YouTubers who has less than 1,000 subscribers and less 4,000 views altogether will lose their monetization on February 20.

So, Google and YouTube I ask you to please reconsider this with Deaf and Hard of Hearing in mind along with many of other disabled people in mind as well. I have noticed that YouTubers who has any physical disabilities, such as wheelchair-bound and others also have hard time getting these subscribers and views.

It isn’t fun to having to work as twice hard as others to produce some contents especially videos for YouTube in hope to entertain the audience in general for several years and now just found out that these of us who only getting few pennies reward in exchange will be taken away from us on February 20. I don’t know if this blog post will reach out to Google, so I would love it if you especially who works with YouTube or Google or know some of the management and notify them about this so that they can be aware of this. If this do reach, I thank you for your time reading this blog post and I hope that now you are aware of this, you reconsider and see what you can do about this. I have a few ideas, you are more than happy to contact me or other Deaf and Hard of Hearing or people with disabilities YouTube users to discuss about this. You can reach out to me by going to this contact page here and or reach out to me on social media (Facebook or twitter) – here’s my social media list including my YouTube channel (

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Thank you,
Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan

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