Exploiting Deaf’s Language.

I don’t know if you have heard of a couple of people who is Tina and Paul Sirimacro who are known for SignALong all over on the internet where they would interpret some of the songs using American Sign Language, a language used by the deaf and hard of hearing. They have a few of videos on YouTube that translate the lyrics of songs into American Sign Language to entertain the deaf community which is a great thing because it helps the deaf or hard of hearing people to know the lyrics in some of the songs that they like because they obviously can’t hear music but they can feel the music by vibration especially from subwoofer so being deaf or hard of hearing doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy some music to dance. While it is a great thing to help the deaf community by offering some of the songs in American Sign Language by Tina and Paul Sirimacro but at same time they are hurting the deaf community more than they ever will know because the only reason that they are doing the songs with American Sign Language is to get the money to pay for their wedding. They are exploiting the deaf community/culture’s language at their benefit which that has upset thousands people in the deaf community, what exactly is wrong here is that they have lied in public by showing that Tina is RID certified (RID is a interpreters organization for deaf) so we decided to do some research a bit further and we came to find out that Tina is NOT certified interpreter.

It is just not that, they are also asking everyone to make some donations to them as a thanks for their interpretation of songs and earning hundreds of dollars daily through YouTube partner program to pay for their wedding then recently the city councils of Los Angeles awarded both the certificate of recognition and they will be the honorees promoting American Sign Language during the Deaf Awareness month in September.

It have angered nearly the entire of deaf community all over on this earth, in fact that it is becoming a hot discussion about both stealing from the deaf community by exploiting their language which is American Sign Language and now the deaf community is protesting against them. From the beginning a couple of people named Tina and Sirimacro started recording themselves singing some of the songs using American Sign Language to entertain the deaf community then said that they are doing it to get some of the funds to support the deaf community but soon later the couple have decided to upload another video where they talk about themselves, their wedding and others without any interpretation so that the deaf community cannot hear what they were talking about but then found out that they have lied to the entire of deaf community by saying that they are using our language to get some of the funds for their wedding therefore they are exploiting deaf community so that have angered many people in the deaf community.

You can head over to one known largest group for the deaf and hard of hearing to interact on Facebook named Deaf Thought Police then from there you will see the group are being flooded with complaints all over about what Tina and Paul Sirimacro are doing to them. They are demanding that it is to put a stop in this with the two of them, an apology would be of course greatly appreciated but they have hurt them much more than that an apology wouldn’t be easily accepted by all of people in deaf community. I strongly agree with many of the people in deaf community that they needs to stop exploiting us because what they are doing is that they are stealing something that belongs to us and then uses them for their benefits while at same time they goes on lying by saying that they were only doing to raise the fund to support the deaf community from the beginning but in the end they sneaks behind everyone in deaf community to say that they are doing this to get funds off us to pay for their wedding. Practically the large wedding that they are going to have is being paid by everyone in the deaf community while they are showing no appreciation or any credits for the deaf community so it is not just only that they are robbing the deaf community but also to be lying to the deaf community while thinking that they can get by with it.

Click here for Deaf Thought Police group on Facebook.

My opinion for exploiting deaf:

Like I said above that I strongly agree with most of the people in deaf community that it is very wrong for both of Tina and Paul Sirimacro to do every one of us in the deaf community like that especially when they go sneaking around to exploiting something that is very valuable to us all in the deaf community which is of course American Sign Language. It is very unacceptable that from the beginning both stating that they wanted to interpret the songs using American Sign Language to make some funds so to donate the deaf community through some deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind and other deaf related organizations I am assuming but then later they have thought if they speak without using American Sign Language in a video or over on the internet so that we won’t be able to know what they were saying because we need American Sign Language to communicate but while speaking in a video or over on the internet they have said that all of funds they are earning from interpreting the songs in American Sign Language on YouTube or other sources that allows them to make funds through advertisements that they can monetize from to pay for their wedding.

Of course, no that isn’t the only thing that we are upset about as they have done more damages than that to the deaf community but that is one of the main of their wrongdoing or the damages that they are doing to the deaf community but again if any of you would like to know more reasons that angered them then I would suggest for you all to go to the group which I have given you a link above to the group on Facebook or you can simply get on Facebook and search the name of the group which it should pop up but the group name is Deaf Thought Police. In some videos especially with her business card it shown that she is RID interpreter when she doe not even have RID certificate because she couldn’t be found in RID database where they have all the names who have passed the RID interpreter as they are required to have certificate to interpret American Sign Language anywhere especially at any businesses due to ADA law (correct me if I am wrong, please). Bottom line is that they are stealing from deaf community and that have angered most of the deaf community.

If you are interested to see some of their videos on YouTube then feel free to click the “YouTube” logo in the player which that will take you to their channel because there is no way I am going to link directly to their YouTube channel for what they are doing to the deaf community because I am in part of the deaf community considering that I am proudly hard of hearing.

Thank you very much for reading, please keep checking back to see if I am writing another article although I don’t know when that will be so it would be best to keep checking back as I cannot give you the exact date for when I am writing next article and I know I haven’t wrote an article in a great while but I have been very busy lately, I apologize though and hopefully that all of you understand. I hope that all of you have a great day, and be careful wherever you all are at or whatever it is that you are planning on to do for the day, stay awesome my friends!

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– Joshie.

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