Disabled Life.

Disabled LifeHey guys, how are all of you have done lately? Hopefully nothing troubling. I have done good now and then because it cannot be well everyday so if you have ever said daily that you are doing well then you lied because in reality nobody can be well daily. It is just impossible to be well every single day, surely you can say that you are doing well now and then because then that would probably be true but again I can’t really speak for everybody here but I can speak for myself though. For twenty-eight years through my experiences trying to be well daily is tough and when admitting that you are not doing well on certain days would make things easier for you than lying by saying that on that some certain days that you are doing well. That is part of the life you have to deal with personally otherwise what is life? It can hit you hard sometimes and you are not alone in this one as there are millions of people who has some bad days too. But what is more harder to deal with in life? Having a disabled life, as in having to deal with several disabilities of yours everyday trying to make it through daily with patience.

Some of the people would say that they are living a rough life, these people who says that should reconsider that because there are other people who are living rougher life than these people on daily basis. I would know because I am one of these people who living a rougher life as I am living a disabled life myself.

The people who have disabilities especially physically often have hard time dealing with the life themselves because of their physical or their limited abilities. By physical or limited abilities I mean such as not being able to walk at all, not being able to walk for more than a minute, not being able to use their hands, their arms or some parts of their body. It is a rough life for all of us including myself that deals with physical disabilities or some disabilities that limits our abilities of being able to do something with parts of our body but as goes for what disabilities I have which is a lot. I am hard of hearing which means I cannot hear anyone’s voice but I can hear something that is high pitch or something loudness such as headphones, even with headphones I cannot hear vocal but I can hear the instruments very crystal clear so anything that is high tone or pitch with or without headphone that I can hear but when it comes to low tone or pitch such as vocal, light rain drops, water in river hitting rock or ocean waves crashing in distance that I cannot hear. That is one of my disabilities, another one is that I am wheelchair bound because when I was at young age such as seven or eight years old I broke femur in my right leg in half (literally) because I fell by slipped on the porch stairs at an old trailer that I used to live in and there were several stairs so it was a tall fall as I was on the last step of the stairs to the porch but unfortunately I slipped right to the side of the stairs straight to the mud hole at the side of the stairs. Third of my disabilities is I am a small person, by that I mean I am four feet and three to six inches tall and no that does not fall under midget as the tall size for a midget is from range of two to three feet so I am one feet three to six inches taller so I fell under the medical term for a small person.

No, that is not all of disabilities I have as there are more disabilities I have but another one is that I have scoliosis at birth which I went under largest surgery of my life ever as they had to cut from my neck all the way to my tailbone in the center of my back and straighten my spine as much as the surgeon can but even with the surgery being successful I still have curve spine. Only disabilities that I wasn’t born with was being wheelchair bound as I ended up wheelchair bound after breaking the femur in half of my right leg which practically change my life because before I broke my right leg I was in sports where I play baseball, basketball and football but baseball is where I shined. I was receiving more than one trophy basically every year up to until I become wheelchair bound so I was no longer able to continue my sports life which I miss more than anything because playing baseball was few of things that made me happy. For many years I was always afraid to tell the world on the internet about my disabilities especially being small person and being in wheelchair but letting the world knows I am hard of hearing through the internet wasn’t hard for me to share or tell. With these disabilities I have always get in the way of my life when I dream of doing something or something that I wish I am able to do such as to have a career in either web development, photography or something to do with law. Yes I can have a career in web development because I am web developer but the problem is that I would have to afford a vehicle, a house and such to move to the area especially in the city where several companies hires web developer such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Adobe or others but I cannot because I would have a long-time temporary career to save up money to be able to afford the things to get myself there (a vehicle and a house) but there are no jobs around here that would hire someone with all of my disabilities.

I am pretty much what you call a freelance web developer or self-employed web developer where I founded some websites myself or if in emergency that’s something wrong with somebody’s website that they are looking for web developer to quickly aid them then I am one who they would contact and I always encourage some self-employed people (local owners, local lawyers, local doctors etc) to come to me if they are in need of a website(s) for them to contact me. Sadly there is no one in local that are in need of websites built or prefer to hire professional instead of giving business to local area that they are in.

The people with disabilities especially physical always have rough time to deal in life including myself, there are many of downsides for having these disabilities that I have such as not being able to find a career that is accessible for handicap and I am judged by several people everyday. Disabled life isn’t easy at all, people always quickly judge me for my disabilities instead of my personality or even attitudes and when it comes to trying to find a girlfriend who have a good heart that ignore my disabilities it is almost impossible because every female in this area wouldn’t give me or anyone that has such disabilities a chance to show them that we may be a good boyfriend to have especially comparing to the male that they prefer who happens to always hurting them as we call them “bad boys”. How can you choose or prefer some of us with these disabilities who would treats you a lot better, never would hurt your feelings or even come close to thinking about hurting you in any way over the bad boys? They are not the only ones that can rock your world non-sexual or sexual you know? Nonetheless there are many more downsides to the disabled life, too many to list but these are few of main downsides I mention though. I may be wheelchair bound but that doesn’t mean I can’t be one to have fun around with as there are countless of things to have fun with me such as I have the ability to bowl, target shooting, swimming, four wheeling, fishing, hunting and more. If you know anyone with disabilities that are severe as mine or close to but never had the chance or too shy to give yourself the chance of getting know that person then I encourage you to give yourself a chance to do so because in the end you would realize that you should have done that a long time ago and thank yourself for it in the end to get to know the person because that person could be the best friend you ever had or something.

Living a disabled life is very tough but thankfully I have a family that constantly remind myself that I am a human being, especially my mother as she would always tell me that she never sees me how I see myself and always reminds me that I could always rely on her if I need any help or something such as reaching my goal especially that if there is something I want that I never let my disabilities gets in the way because I have the will for it. Guys if you are living a disabled life, please know and remind yourself every day that you are never alone as we both aren’t the only ones that have to deal with this life daily as there are thousands of thousands more people who deals with them everyday too.

The hardest disability I deals with the most of the time I would say probably hard of hearing besides being a wheelchair bound because there are always communication barrier that I seems to never be able to break through for some reason although I do know a few reasons which I will give an example, every time I would face the people who I know or never know wouldn’t give me a chance to communicate with them because there are many of options for a communication with hard of hearing or deaf such as writing on pieces of papers, type on cell phone or tablets. Most of the times when I sees a gorgeous woman who I would like to have a conversation with but I can’t because of communication barriers are there where I would attempt to have a conversation with by starting with pieces of paper or using note app on my Iphone but most of pretty women would instantly judge me by either thinking “this guy cannot communicate” or whatever instead of giving me a chance because what if both of us have a lot of things in common but they won’t find out by not giving both of us a chance to have a conversation. Everything would come to a stop when I mingle trying to find someone to be in relationship with or something is due to communication barrier. I communicate in American Sign Language (ASL) which is known a language in the United States just like Spanish, French, even English or other languages. Not just only issues with the women but with everybody else too including business because there has been few of times that my service were denied at some businesses was due to the fact that I am hard of hearing, some local restaurants or some local stores but here’s one example. I went to a custom painting store at the mall in Huntington, I saw something that interests me so I wanted to make a purchase of few items from them which was two custom license plates where I would write a piece of paper giving them the details of what I would like to have on both of the license plates but as soon as they realize that I am hard of hearing they quickly respond by saying “we are sorry but you cannot communicate, would you please leave so that we can serve the next customer in the line and thank you” so I of course defended myself by saying “I changed my mind about purchasing these as I cannot understand your English but thank you anyway” and left.

Nonetheless having some of these disabilities can be positive because where I am hard of hearing that means I wouldn’t have to listen to the people who likes to annoy or like to argue. Being Hard of Hearing or Deaf is somewhat a privilege because there are a culture for the people who have hearing loss which a culture that every one of us are proud of. There is a book that I would like for you to read because this book would help you understand the culture for Deaf or Hard of Hearing more than anything and the title of the book is called Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search Of Deafhood. Click the title of the book, it will take you to Amazon with the options of buying the book or to rent the book to read but this book will help you understand the culture of Deaf or Hard of Hearing in huge way.

Anyway even with the disabilities I have, I am still a human being and it seems that it’s hard for most of the people to realize which I don’t understand how it is hard for them to realize that being disabled doesn’t means I am no different from them in a sense as every one of us are human beings after all. At some times having disabled life is manageable but at some times it is miserable depending on some of the days with what situations would be thrown my way. One thing I can say out of all being disabled is that I am thankful I am living even if it means to live a rough life, at the birth the doctors told my mother that I wouldn’t be able to make it past seven years old and here I am typing about my disabled life at the age of twenty-eight which is two decades ago. Miracle? Absolutely and I thank God everyday for that. Even with everyone who lives a disabled life can be a beautiful life only if all of you confidence yourself to live a beautiful life even if it means being disabled and have some bad days because nothing is perfect in this world whether you like it or not but that is what a life is. We were sent to the earth even if it means having some disabilities, there are reasons that we were sent here and there are reasons with disabilities so being disabled can be a positive thing if you have the will to look past your disabilities like I do sometime. For all of you who have familiar disabilities of mine have tough time of finding a girlfriend so to marry at later time in life to have a family you always dream of like me, remember that we can do that as long as we have the willpower to do so as long as we put ourselves to whatever it is that we would like to have or to be.

Nothing perfect after all my friends, nothing. I know that we all are constantly being judged for our disabilities but don’t ever let their judgement gets you because it is never worth anything and only thing that just proves that we are better than the judgmental people. When somebody judges you by your disabilities it is because they want to remind themselves that they are better than all of us when in the end we are better than them as we have purer heart which is something that they may never have. If you are shy of your disabilities where you are afraid of sharing about your disabilities in public then I suggest you not to be and let the world know that you are proud of them because that is what I just did in here by blogging it.

I better get going as it is getting late because it is 4:45am now, I am getting tired and I need to get myself ready for bed. There is nothing more than I like to continue blogging but sadly somebody invents a clock that basically controls every one of our life which is another thing that every one of us have in common regardless what our disabilities are. If any of you who have hard time living a disabled life, I want all of you to know that all of you are very much welcome to contact me to talk and you can start with that by going to the contact tab above the website then I will provide you details where we can chat if you would like to. Thank you all very much for all of your time for reading this post which I believe is overdue I know as I haven’t blogged anything in a great while but I have been extremely busy to even have any free time to blog anything let alone a sentence. Since now it is summer, I will be somewhat more busier but at same time I should have more free times enough to blog more I hope and I hope that all of you have a good summer but please be very careful because the great thing about summer is doing something that is adventurous. I hope all of you have a great night, be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe of whatever it is that you are planning on to do for the rest of the night and stay awesome my friends!

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– Joshie.

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