Blogging is very complicated.

Blogging random image.Lately I have been started writing more articles as many as I possibly can as I have started this year resolution or a goal for this year is to have hundreds of articles written on here but the more articles I write it starts get a bit harder because often I started writing articles I get to the point that I am getting out of ideas on what to write. The more articles I write the more I am fresh out of ideas on what to write, so I struggle more than ever now. There is a lot of people who isn’t a blogger doesn’t understand how complicate it is to be a blogger, some think that it’s easy job to blog and let me tell you this personally it’s not easy because this is what I do everyday and if you do think it’s easy then go ahead and become a blogger. Write an article or two doesn’t mean you are an official blogger as you would have to build your skill as a blogger and have a blogging website to run.

It’s not about writing anything you wish because you would have to do a lot of things before you write an article and post it on your blogging website if you have one and if you are a blogger then you should have a website and either a server or web host and they don’t come cheap. But before you write any articles you are interested in writing about you must do some research which is time-consuming and then you would have to more than double-check to make sure that what you are writing is accurate and you have some source to back up so that your readers can verify that the articles you are writing is true and they also will check your credibility as well. Not only that you would have to research (more than one) on something that you are interested in to write about you would also have to do some SEO (search engine optimization) for your article that you are about to write and post on your blogging website. Because if you don’t do SEO for the article that you wrote then you aren’t going to have your article that you wrote to be indexed in different search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEO (search engine optimization) you would have to know the right keywords for your article that you are writing and you would have to make sure that the article you are writing that the article offers some information that no other blogging or news website has which this is what drive traffic which means more people as your readers. SEO is actually very hard work and it is the most important in blogging, for bloggers and if you don’t know what exactly SEO is then I would suggest you to search to see what SEO is and why it’s that very important to be part of blogging. When doing SEO work for each article you write which is very time-consuming but you would have to know the right title to call your article, right keywords for your article which is used for when people searches on some keywords and if you are lucky that your article would pop up in one page on search engines such as Google or Bing. That is just your basic SEO but you would need a lot more than that to finish your written article which is probably the hardest part of the job is finalizing your article before having it published in public. Images and links are one of most important things in SEO work as well.

And then as a blogger you would have to write as many as articles you can possibly do daily and as well weekly. Several bloggers especially top bloggers write several thousands of articles monthly and they get big paycheck which is often over $100,000 weekly. I am sure after saying how much the bloggers earns will encourage you to become a blogger and let me tell you that don’t let it encourage you because if you do want to earn that by being a blogger you would have to do all kinds of work daily and you would have to know how to write as grammar and spelling is very important for blogging as well although I know my grammar is stinks but as long as some people can understand is what all matters to me. When you have something that you are interested in writing about you would have to make sure that you write long but not long and understandable for some readers, and as well to have something to offer like I mentioned earlier in this article that you have to give your readers something that they don’t know even if it’s trending and popular but still offer something even if it’s very little and they would appreciate that and as well they appreciate your time for doing so.

That isn’t all as you would have to maintain your own server or host to make sure that everything runs smoothly and have no downtime because if your website have several downtime then you wouldn’t have much of traffic which can hurt you very much so if you have no basic skill in running server-side such as programming and server administrating then don’t even think about becoming a blogger because to become a blogger you would have to know basic skills to be able to blog or to have a website running at all.

When you publicized your articles it’s not over at all as you would have to bring your readers over to read your new article that you are publishing which can be done through social media and among others such as sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, Reddit, Tumblr, StumbleUpOn and many more to get traffic and that’s not only one time thing as you would have to do that every new article you written and published which can be a bit of difficult especially you would have to target the right traffic.

There are many of things to do as a blogger and its very complicated job, however if you just want to share little of your story or want to blog for fun then I would suggest you to do it at but you won’t earn anything or have a lot of people reading your blogs unless you are VERY lucky. There is so many more of things to tell you how or what a blogger does and only thing I can say is that it’s very complicated and if you ever want to become a blogger like I am or other bloggers then we wish you best of luck and if you do succeed then we would love to hear some of your story.

Anyone who is blogger is free to add how it’s like to be a blogger and what it takes to be a blogger by leaving some comments below so that anyone who isn’t blogger or starting to have an interest to become a blogger can learn something from us bloggers. Blogging is actually fun and it gives you something to do but you would have to know about blogging before you can call yourself a blogger but again did I say that it’s very time-consuming and frustrating? Because it is especially doing so as a career and passion. Blogging is very much my passion and you can make something out of your passion which it can be money or gifts or anything that’s rewarding.

Want to do some blogging?

Before wrapping this up, if you would like to become a blogger and have your own website or blogging website with your own name (domain) but don’t know how or where to start then please do feel free to contact me through the contact menu on top of this website which will be sending me an e-mail and I would be happy to guide you to start a website or blogging website with your own name and hosting to make your website or blogging website live but it’s not cheap as it costs money to do so, to have a website with domain, hosting and among others to set up for you to be a blogger so you start blogging and earn money doing so which can make up for all the cost you paid to set up a blogging website with your own name and more money for whatever you want. If you contact me I would be happy to get you started and give you an example of cost to run a website like here. I do hope that you become a blogger and be my blogging friends. 🙂

Thank you for your time reading this article and I hope you have a great evening, please keep checking back here to see if I am writing another article which I am hoping to do so before end of the day. Be safe wherever you are or whatever you are planning on to do today, stay awesome my friends!

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Michael Leng

I think you are not alone feeling like have no any idea for blogging, ha ha…