6-27-2017 Snippets

Another article this soon, I know! How are you all doing and are you enjoying your summer so far? As for me, I have stayed up a lot and sleeping a lot as well lately. I have not had the chance to enjoy the summer yet, because I have wanted to go four wheeling and I haven’t found the time to go four wheeling or haven’t found other people who has a time to go four wheeling with me as a group. You don’t want to go four wheeling alone, it is never a good idea to go riding a four-wheeler alone especially on some long trails in a large mountain because if for some reason your four-wheeler breaks down then you would truly be stuck and have hard time trying to get back to your vehicle where you park with your four-wheeler trailer. Only time I would go four wheeling is if I am to cruise down the street for a few minutes which is illegal to do so and ride some small hills. I lives on the east part of Kentucky, right on the border between Kentucky and West Virginia so I am surrounded by Appalachia mountain. If you know about Appalachia mountain then you know that Appalachia mountain are large and easily to get lost if not being careful especially without GPS device as I don’t have any.

I am hoping that I will gears up my four wheelers and ride numerous times next month in July because that is the last month of the summer before everybody goes back to school. Not me as I am already graduated over a decade ago, by saying that makes me feel a bit old myself and I must admit that I somewhat miss being in school. Not because of the classes works and homework but getting to hang out with some of my friends or strangers.

6-27-2017 Snippets

There are a couple of things that has been on my mind for a few days and it is bothering me a bit. So, I hope that all of you will enjoy reading tonight’s snippets at least a bit and please keep sending me some topics that you would like to suggest me to share my opinions or thoughts on.

Kentucky Association of the Deaf

I must say that I am disappointed in the new administration and its board members at Kentucky Association of the Deaf. Few months ago, I have shared my disappointments with Kentucky Association of the Deaf along with the solutions that could be solved but it seems that they choose to ignore my suggestions on what they could do to be better. Few months ago, I pointed out that the new administration at Kentucky Association of the Deaf have shown that they only wanted to be elected for status quo, the President is Nancy Coyer from San Diego in California and Vice President is Dodie Karr from here in Kentucky. Why in the heck do we have a president that isn’t even from here to be president at Kentucky Association of the Deaf? She must be gone. Not only that, I have also made several attempts to contact Nancy Coyer to discuss some improvement for Kentucky Association of the Deaf and to pull Kentucky Association of the Deaf out of its coffin because Kentucky Association of the Deaf is literally dead. Kentucky Association of the Deaf hasn’t seen its light for several years now as few administrations ago, they didn’t even bother to try to find a way to get themselves out of the ground and be an active organization once again like many of other state’s associations of the Deaf. They have carried the status quo for too long, it seems that the new administration decides to do the same thing that former administrations did with Kentucky Association of the Deaf and few months ago I decided that I would lend a hand to see if we could work together to finally pull Kentucky Association of the Deaf out of its graveyard. But since Kentucky Association of the Deaf president Nancy Coyer wouldn’t respond me when I made some attempts to contact, not only that it also shows that the vice president Dodie Karr is only there for status quo because she is representative for Deaf Grassroots Movement and I was representative at that time until she storms in then pulls the rugs under me to take over Deaf Grassroots Movement of Kentucky. Of course, it hurt me because I worked hard for eight months as a representative (temporary) and the “core” of Deaf Grassroots Movement practically hand her my role without my knowledge while I was trying to get things ready for that 51 states rally (national rally) for May last year.

When one of the core members decided to contact me to get some clarification for what was going on with this situation because at that time it was confusing especially after I found out that they went behind my back and elected Dodie Karr as my replacement to be the representative. After a few minutes of discussion, offered me assist representative which was a slap in my face a bit because I worked hard and it’s a voluntary position so that means I wasn’t getting anything in return for all the things that I have done for these months then only to get demoted. I accepted assist representative nonetheless, only for a month and after seeing what she treated some of us including activists I decided to resign because she doesn’t like to give any one of activists or myself the credits so I just couldn’t continue my involvement in Deaf Grassroots Movement. When I was replaced by Dodie Karr, not even a few days later she was announcing that she runs for president at Kentucky Association of the Deaf and right there I knew that she just wants the titles on her résumé although she didn’t become president but instead was elected vice president with Nancy Coyer as president.

So, I kept my eyes at Kentucky Association of the Deaf after that and I was hoping that with the administration including Dodie Karr herself that they would surprise me by finally pulling Kentucky Association of the Deaf out of the graveyard. I gave her the benefits of doubt, both President Nancy Coyer and Vice President Dodie Karr failed to do so. I figured that maybe I could see if I can at least pinch their butts a bit so I wrote an article few months ago saying that Nancy Coyer and Dodie Karr were elected to do something instead of not doing anything especially being there for status quo. I decided to contact Nancy to offer my service, I am web developer myself as I went to college for it (bachelor degree) and I said that I would like to be Kentucky Association of the Deaf website webmaster for free. That’s right, I volunteered to build a brand-new Kentucky Association of the Deaf website from ground up and maintain it for them which usually would cost $400-$800 a month. But they ignored my service? That don’t look right. They are dead, they aren’t being active at all and they didn’t take my offer? Okay, if they want to stay dead then so be it. You can check Kentucky Association of the Deaf by KyDeaf.org and you will be in surprise at how dead they are and doesn’t have all necessary tools or resources. Their loss.

Democrats Shares and Republicans Hides

Why in the heck is Republicans stay in the closed doors working on the new healthcare and refusing to share it to the public along with the democratic party as well? I remember that when we had started working on the Affordable Healthcare Act under Barack Obama as president at that time, Democrats shares the bill with the public every change they made to the healthcare bill and made sure that Republicans were involved so to give Republicans a chance to work on the healthcare bill with Democrat. Now, this time Republicans is hiding in a closed-door and refusing to share the healthcare act bill along with any changes to the public? Sneaky, aren’t they? And no, I did not say that in a good way. Democrats allows the Republicans over a year to works with them to come up with Affordable Healthcare Act, getting their inputs and everything then slowly pass the bill. That is the beauty of the democracy! But with Republicans, they refuse to share what is on the new healthcare with the Democrat and refusing them to share their inputs on the new healthcare. It is time that we get our country back on track by making sure that the country is back in Democrat’s hands because they ran it with dignity unlike the Republicans.

I highly suggest that you contact your senators and demand that they vote “Nay” on the new healthcare act because there is going to be a voting next week on the new healthcare. The new healthcare will repeal the Medicare that millions of Americas depends on and this will cause the health industry (medicines, etc.) to skyrocket. Here’s a link that you can contact your senators: http://www.senate.gov/states/


Dear (your senators name). You were elected for a reason, that is to represent us in the states and in the United States. I voted you to be my voice in the capitol hill, now with that said I vote you to vote “NAY” on the new healthcare act and in doing so will let us know if we elected the right person to represent us. Thank you, (your name).


If you are like me, wishing that there was app that would help you to know how much money you have in your name and managing your money better. I highly recommend Pennies app which can be found on iTunes for $3.99, I have true and tried several other apps that is supposed to help you to manage your money better. I have struggled with every apps I came across, paid several apps hoping that it’d be the right app to help me to manage the money and to help me to keep the budget under (spending). Not long ago, I finally discovered an app that I have forever looked for and it is called Pennies.

Unfortunately, it is only available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod). https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pennies-budget-and-expense-tracker/id916741290?mt=8

Over to You

It is getting late for me so I am calling it night. Thank you all so much for reading this article, if you have any suggestion for topics in next snippets then please head over to the submit page which can be found at top of the website here (Submit) or you can just click here to get to it. I am very grateful for few of topics that some of you suggested, some of them were inappropriate though but I still appreciate them and please keep these coming! I need as many topics I can get from you all. Again, I thank you so much and I bid you all a goodnight!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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