Cochlear Implant Isn’t A Cure!

As a few of you who aware of that I am hard of hearing although I would often tell everyone that I am Deaf instead but when it comes to the medical term of what I am it is hard of hearing due to no ear canal opening in my left and only a very little opening in my right ear canal. No there is no way to do a surgery to open up in both of my ear canals because the doctor said that if I were to have a surgery to open both ear canals that it would cause the entire of my face to be paralyzed because it would mess with the nerves in my face from my ears so thankfully my mother decided that she prefers me to be hard of hearing or Deaf and still be able to see me smile but now that I am adult I still would not want to have a surgery to make myself the ability to hear as I have told many of the people who I love being hard of hearing and that I do not want to be fixed so to leave it at that. Yes this means that I take the pride in being Deaf or medically hard of hearing because the culture is a such beautiful thing especially in the Deaf community so I wouldn’t do anything to change that for anything and I am sure that this irks many audiologists — Good because all audiologists does is doing harms more than goods.

FireFox 4 huge improvement!

Today I have downloaded Mozilla Firefox which is a internet browser that you can use the software to surf the internet with. A lot of people is missing out on Mozilla Firefox is simply because everybody didn’t know other internet browser brands exist, most of people think that Windows Internet Explorer that comes with all of computers or laptops that can be purchased from anywhere is only software to surf the internet with. Most common is that people don’t even know what internet browser is, that’s why they have no knowledge about the other brands since they don’t know what internet browser is, and this is actually what I am always wondering about is how come that all of computer or laptop that don’t includes Mozilla Firefox, I mean yes I understand that it’s coming from Microsoft company since all of the computers uses Microsoft operation system and Microsoft wants to only use their own internet browser which is windows internet explorer, but what aggravate me is that why wouldn’t they have it installed as additional software, most of Microsoft operating system even installed Netscape internet browser which is a beyond worse than Mozilla Firefox ever will be. Hopefully sometimes in future that they will start adding Mozilla Firefox to their Microsoft operating system anyway, since Mozilla Firefox offers its service for free.