Tidbits (2/8/2016).

Forgive me as I haven’t written a tidbits article in a very long time as it seems and the reason for that is because either that I have been very busy due to my hectic schedules or don’t have enough of topics for it to be a tidbits article. As some of you know that tidbits article has more than one topic which that tends to make it a long article for the readers to read and to my knowledge there are many readers here at JoshiesWorld.com likes tidbits because it involves more than just one topic which can get boring sometimes as tidbits article has more than one topic so that means something more to read for the readers. Every now and then I like reading long articles but that depends on what it’s about, if it’s tidbits article then that is the kind of long reading article that I like but if just one topic but a very long article to read can be boring sometimes unless the bloggers know how to keep the readers interested without allow the long article of only one topic to become boring.

In case if you never have or don’t know what tidbits article are I suggest you to head over on at the top above here to look for a search box and type “tidbits” in the search box then you will get a list of few tidbits article that I have written in the past along with a few of them explaining what tidbits article are all about.

Tidbits 7-19-15.

Looks like I have a few numbers of subjects to discuss about, I would like to remind everyone who is fans of my blog that tidbit articles are usually a very long article for reading because the definition of the tidbit is everything else in one so that means different subjects instead of writing an article of just one subject which can be a bit boring to some of the people as it seems because several people have sent me emails saying that they prefer something long to read as it keeps them busy as long as some of the subjects would be interesting to some of the people who like to reads blogs or some news outlet. Personally I believe that tidbit articles are perfect for JoshiesWorld because when I founded the website with the intentions of a whole different categories because some of the bloggers would only blog under one category or niche as they says that it makes it more successful than to blog on different categories but while I have nothing against any bloggers who only interested in blog in one category or niche although myself I sees that when bloggers include several categories instead of just one category often succeed at blogging because. For example if there is one category or niche, let’s say food blog then when people do some search for some food articles they would find the only food bloggers website then leave so with all categories for a blog would encourage the readers to stay on that blog longer because that blog has more categories than just one category so if they are done with reading foods then they want to read something that’s related to movies so they would have to search all over again for a different blogger who blog about movies so with all categories blog that saves their time from having to search a different blog that relate to something they want to read and not only that it gives the blogger who blog about everything more success.

Bit of everything – Tidbits 7.

First of all I know I have not written a post here at the blog for lord knows how long, roughly two or three months if I guess it right as I really have not track how long it has been since the last article I written here at JoshiesWorld. So the utter most thing I want to say before I go on to write something, I would like to say that I apologize for keeping all of you in dark for a long time and the reasons for that is I have been extremely busy especially the past month as I was rushed to the hospital to the emergency room only to find out that I was scheduled to have a surgery in the very next day so they had admitted me to a room at the hospital for a night so to have a surgery in the morning. Technically they admits me for more than a night supposedly but I was only willing to stay for a night as I almost refuse to so because the hospital is one of things that I dislike the most so you can imagine my dislike of being admitted to a room at the hospital because I dislike staying at the hospital overnight even more than my dislike for visiting the hospital.

Vote for Coach Haywood!

Click here and vote Coach Haywood for best coach by looking for a letter “G“!

Philip Haywood is the head coach for football at very well-known high school, Belfry High School in Kentucky. It is sitting in the Pike County in Belfry in the state of Kentucky. He has been head coach for Belfry High School football for roughly 38 years and is continuing to coach the football at one of the very best high school. His set a high record for the most winnings coach for a high school in Kentucky and Belfry High School is in region 4 and has made few trips to championships, especially 6+ trips to championships and has won two championship titles under his belt however Belfry High School has more than two championships under different head coaches but Philip Haywood is the one who has won the most and won the most championships than any of other former coaches at Belfry High School.

His stats of record is that he has been head coach of Belfry High School for 38+ years as I have mentioned above and he has a career record of 362-125. He pushed Belfry High school football team to 6+ trips to championships which is quite several however only be able to bring back two which was in 2003-2004. He also recently took Belfry High School to championship as well however came back with a loss but what is great is that he has made several trips to the championships even if bringing back home few loses but that is more than some of high school football teams in Kentucky and he deserves more knowledge of that, more credits than anyone gives him for his work as a head coach in Belfry High School football team.

Where are Packers going?

I am sure most of you are wondering where Green Bay Packers will be going for the next year. All Packers’ fans have a faith that Packers will be going back to Superbowl again, don’t you think they will be able to do same thing as they did this year, or at least even better with more winnings? Methinks, believe so that they will be able to do it again next year. If not championship. Since Aaron Rodgers has already improved so much in his ability and skills in quarterback and other players has bought Green Bay Packers this far to win the Superbowl title, if not trade for a better player then they definitely will make a good season next year. Let’s hope that their injuries will be recovered and ready to attack any of teams that comes their way. My guts is telling me that Packers will be going at it again, usually my guts has been right so far that my team Packers would go to Superbowl and they did and my gut also did told me that they would win it and which they did. Now my gut tells me that they will do it again next year but with little more concerns though.