People’s Perception on Deaf People

I would like to remind many of you with a disclaimer for this that this is my view, my thought and my perception of what I see out of the people’s perception on the Deaf people because every Deaf and Hard of Hearing have different experiences therefore they can share what it is to be under the microscope of the people who we labelled “hearies”. I am only sharing what I have witnessed on hand from what the hearies people have a perception of the Deaf people and Hard of Hearing including myself as I am one of many Deaf person in the world. So, I encourage the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to share their thoughts on what it is like to get an idea of how the hearies people view them as or of. Now that we get this out, as I have said that this is my view for getting the idea of what the hearies have a perception of us Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. It is no secret that the Deaf people doesn’t have it easy, in fact they must work as twice hard to survive whether it be trying to get a job from somewhere and being oppressed by many of people for several decades. I have seen, I am certain that many if not all Deaf community can say that when we declare that we are Deaf or Hard of Hearing we would get a reaction from the hearies as if being Deaf means that we are uneducated and took us as if we have mental retardation or in nicer word “intellectual disability” for some reason. There are a few theories but mainly I can blame a few of the people who invented a term words for the Deaf people which is “Deaf and Dumb” so that misled many of the hearies people to think that Deaf people have no intelligence whatsoever hence the word “Dumb”. Whomever invented that term to label the Deaf people several decades ago were obviously uneducated and in the end, they weren’t intelligent so that is irony since there have been many studies that have done on the Deaf people which have found that they can be as intelligent as others if they are being taught in their native language (American Sign Language, British Sign Language, Auslan, Langue Des Signes Du Quebec-LSQ etc.).

Learn Sign Language on your IPhone!

I have been browsing through several apps on ITunes lately to add apps to my Iphone or Ipad and I came across to one awesome app called “Marlee Signs” that you download for your Iphone or Ipad and it’s absolutely free! It has actress from “Children of a Lesser God” Marlee Matlin herself teaching you some sign languages, I am sure that many of you know who she is as she’s famously known as deaf actress in a movie title “Children of a Lesser God”.

I downloaded the app and tested it myself and it is indeed awesome and that it is accurate because some of you may not know that I am hard of hearing so therefore I know sign languages in order to communicate if it is needed. A lot of people has been asking me for some lessons on some sign languages and obviously my often answer was that they can easily learn sign languages on the internet especially on search engine such as Google. Until I discovered that anyone who wish to learn sign languages can finally to do so with their own Iphone and as well their Ipad and I am sure that it will also on Ipod and other Apple products however I have only tested it on Iphone and Ipad which I can assure you that it will work on your Iphone or Ipad.