Tidbits 8/5/2016

I bet that some of you misses my tidbits article right?! I know some of you do and I sometimes do miss writing some tidbits article because they allows me to discuss or share my opinions on more than one topics and not just one topic alone which can be very boring on some days but nonetheless I have decided that I have kept all of you waiting for too long for a new tidbits article so here it is once again. First before I get into it, I want to apologize for having all of you waiting forever for a new tidbits article from me and a few reasons that I haven’t written a tidbits article for a very while. I have been very busy with many things such as the fact that it is summer so many of you know that summer usually is when everybody goes out doing some activities and enjoy their summer around with their family or friends somewhere on vacations as most usually do but for me I have been almost too busy to do anything that I would like or usually do. From the beginning of the summer I started seeing an ex of mine whom I loved for several years since we both were pre-teenagers which that means younger than the age of twelve (12), over a decade later we both started seeing each others but there were obstacles that gets in the way and sadly my wish of having her back in my life didn’t happen as she have disappeared which she did few times every few years when I tried to get her back. In the beginning of the summer, she have started visiting here where we’d hang out together with some of her children which I had fun knowing them and I thought that everything goes smooth but then as the summer is coming to an end it seems that either that I have lost her or losing her because she have stopped talking to me for some reason that I am unknown of.

Nyle DiMarco Exposed.

Nyle DiMarcoSome of you may know who Nyle DiMarco is but almost every one in the Deaf community knows who Nyle DiMarco is because Nyle DiMarco is a part of the Deaf Community and yes that means that Nyle DiMarco is Deaf or Hard of Hearing but in this case Nyle DiMarco is Deaf. But outside the Deaf community, millions of people knows Nyle DiMarco through a television shows calls the America’s Next Top Model (guys/girls) contestants who is in top eight (8) 0r ten (10) if I remember correctly in the cycle 22 on with Tyra Banks on CW channel every Friday if I am not mistaken but you can find more accurate information about America’s Next Top Model shows on the channel’s website CWTV.com and to get better idea who exactly Nyle DiMarco is you can find a small biography for Nyle DiMarco through Wikipedia or through one of search engines such as Google or Bing. For several weeks Nyle DiMarco have won where he is to be safe from several eliminations which is somewhat surprising but at same time it is not because Deaf people have the best ability of creating face expression or body expression which that is what takes huge part in modeling especially for photography and of course most of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing people in the Deaf community is rooting for him to be the next America’s Top Model while at same time he is letting these millions viewers all over the world to know that we as Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals can do it all except hear. A great exposure for the Deaf community which that is something that I am very proud of and take a pride in because I am one of them.

Keith Wann the ASL Comedy Performer.

Keith Wann ASL PerformerASL comedy performer named Keith Wann (Site: KeithWann.com) is a skilled man in sign languages and has performed beautifully in front of several deaf, hard of hearing and even hearing people who is involved in deaf/hard of hearing culture. His parents are deaf as I heard about him on several websites and some of his videos. You know how deaf or hard of hearing cannot listen to radio and be involved with radio world, Keith Wann himself came up with an idea and finally made it to happen for deaf and hard of hearing to be able to have radio for their deaf/hard of hearing world. He went into video streaming and do his own ASL radios for all of people who are hard of hearing that everybody can watch over on the internet which it can be found on his website or you can go to it by (site: That Keith Wann Show) in ASL edition or (site: Hearing edition) and watch/listen to his radio show. I highly recommend you to go to it, I dare you to! Now for himself, he cares for everyone who is in deaf community and for all deaf community and other deaf related. However, Keith Wann himself is hearing but he says that ASL (sign language) is his language that are in his heart because technically, that’s only language he spoke when he was born since his parents are deaf. I thank him very much for being involved with deaf and hard of hearing world and I applaud him for that. He is one of the few that who has a good heart for deaf community and others. But what is he? He’s a CODA (child of deaf adult [i think]). I just felt like that I should write something little about him is because he amazed me with everything that he is doing for deaf community and all. Would you like to see his shows and such? Go to KeithWann.com and you will find all information you need to know about him and his upcoming shows and others so you can see how awesome guy he is! There’s some videos of his performing in ASL on his website as well so you can see how hilarious his jokes are! Indeed, he does know how to make jokes that always bring a huge laughter and smiles on everyone’s face that came and watch him or even watch his videos.