Exploiting Deaf’s Language.

I don’t know if you have heard of a couple of people who is Tina and Paul Sirimacro who are known for SignALong all over on the internet where they would interpret some of the songs using American Sign Language, a language used by the deaf and hard of hearing. They have a few of videos on YouTube that translate the lyrics of songs into American Sign Language to entertain the deaf community which is a great thing because it helps the deaf or hard of hearing people to know the lyrics in some of the songs that they like because they obviously can’t hear music but they can feel the music by vibration especially from subwoofer so being deaf or hard of hearing doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy some music to dance. While it is a great thing to help the deaf community by offering some of the songs in American Sign Language by Tina and Paul Sirimacro but at same time they are hurting the deaf community more than they ever will know because the only reason that they are doing the songs with American Sign Language is to get the money to pay for their wedding. They are exploiting the deaf community/culture’s language at their benefit which that has upset thousands people in the deaf community, what exactly is wrong here is that they have lied in public by showing that Tina is RID certified (RID is a interpreters organization for deaf) so we decided to do some research a bit further and we came to find out that Tina is NOT certified interpreter.

Privacy: You are now known!

There is almost everything about us is now on the internet along with our valuable information and our privacy is getting more harder everyday because we allow ourselves to forget about our privacy by putting something on the internet even if our privacy setting is set private. Everything about you is on the internet now whether you like it or not including your background records and where you live as well, the internet is recording our lives everyday basically. When you are on social networking website such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and among others your privacy is done for even if you are set private because search engines gathers information through any profiles that are set private or not as it doesn’t matter what the privacy settings are set. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing is getting smarter everyday now and they have the thing called web crawlers which is what gathers our information throughout our accounts of whatever we put on our profiles on social networking websites.