Depression and it is tidbits 6!

DepressionGood evening to every one of you, all my friends! How are all of you doing today and what are you been up to lately? I hope that every one of you are doing well, hopefully better than myself lately and whatever it is that you all have been up to lately I hope that it is nothing trouble because when being in trouble it isn’t always fun although sometimes it can be a bit fun when it comes to trouble depending on some of the situations of course. As usual a few of you know that lately when I write some articles that I always would try to connect with all of you before I start writing some articles, it is because unlike the most of the bloggers I always make sure that I involve every one of you and using my time to interact with all of you due that reasons of growth or successes of JoshiesWorld wasn’t done only by myself but every one of you all. If it wasn’t for all of your help in growth and successes for JoshiesWorld then it is a possibility that I wouldn’t have any confidence in myself to be a blogger and devote as much as time I can to write some of interesting articles for all of readers. Before you think I forgot that I didn’t write an article a couple of days ago, no I did not forget that I didn’t write an article a couple of days ago because my new schedules are more tough than it is used to be a few months ago and I couldn’t find any free time out of that schedule to write an article a couple of days ago but I apologize for that although I know that all of you know I have warned some of you about this new schedule of mine where I might have to change to where instead of writing an article every a couple of days to at least two articles weekly which now I am doing a test to see how that goes for my busy schedules.

Watch Dogs is a must to get!

Watch Dogs GameLately I haven’t play much of the video games ever since my mother bought me Microsoft Xbox One for Christmas for the past of the month although when I first got the Microsoft Xbox One I have played some of the games for several hours daily until recently that made my schedules tighter than the way it used to be. Ever since I got Microsoft Xbox One for Christmas from my mother, I have played a few of the games such as Madden 25, Forza 5, Needs for Speed Rival, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghost, Battlefield 4 and Raiders: Definitive but I play Forza 5 and Raiders: Definitive the most because usually when a new gaming console came out there isn’t many games for the new gaming systems which is the downside of buying the new gaming console that had just been released such as Microsoft Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4 but I have not yet got myself Sony Playstation 4 although in the future I will be since I collects every gaming consoles but I got Microsoft Xbox One because I am a fan of Xbox and I choose Xbox over any of other gaming consoles including Sony Playstation. I know that by saying something like this are going to lure some of the arguments about which gaming consoles is the best but before you do that I ask you not to because everyone has their own preferences, you have your own and I have my own so let’s keep that way and not getting into one of the hottest debate between Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation like Pepsi and Coke because I am not in the mood to have a debate about them at the moment.

Game consoles and games.

Game consoles history

There have been many of game consoles for many of the years especially when the first game console that was launched the Magnavox Odyssey which I am sure that anyone either hardly heard of that game console or never heard of the name for a game console but it was the first game console in exactly 1972 which is practically what started it all for game consoles industries. Because if it wasn’t for Magnavox Odyssey then there may not be some of great game consoles that everyone loves exists today because usually when there something first that was invented then there bounds to be competitors to compete against others especially like the second game console that compete Magnavox Odyssey were one of everyone’s favorite game console, the Atari 2600 which was launched in 1976 to compete against Magnavox Odyssey and that brings even more competitors to compete against Magnavox and Atari so from that the market for game consoles were blooming and a lot of people sees these two game consoles especially the Atari is the money-maker so everyone else jumps in and make their own game consoles and then games for their game consoles.