12-20-2016 Tidbits

Hey guys and women! How are all of you doing tonight? I hope that all of you are doing well, not only that I also hope that every one of you are keeping yourselves warm especially in the northern from east to west in the United States, especially in the eastern part since that is where I am at and it is a bit cold outside but at least it is doable if you are under the roof with something that keep the house heated like fireplace, portable electric heaters or the floor heater like my house. Here in the state where I live in, Kentucky in east on the borderline between Kentucky and West Virginia. I believe that this area has one of few most bipolar weathers that the mother nature just cannot decide which it is for us to be in, is it going to be warm or is it going to be cold or is it going to be warm and then pummel to blistering cold in matter of hours at sunset. I lives in rural area if that’s what they call it, some call it a partial of the city or some calls it in mountain and that is what I also go by since I lives in or more so on a mountain. I am a fan of my area sometimes, sometimes I am not fan of this area because of that bipolar weather and there is barely anything to do except riding ATV or side by side as we are surrounded by Appalachia mountain which is one of the beloved mountain in the eastern United States as the Appalachia mountain covers several states such as Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and other couple more states but you can easily find the information about Appalachia mountain by your best friend Google or Bing.

11/15/2016 Tidbits

I am going to try my best to make this a short tidbits article but again I really don’t know if it will be a short or long, sometimes I would have about three to five topics that I want to talk about and next thing I know that after I finished writing what I wanted to talk about these three to five topics I ended up thinking of more topics that I would like to talk about on the fly so when it comes to me writing any tidbits it is really unpredictable whether if it’s going to be only a few or is it going to be a several topics. As right of now I have about three or four important topics that I need to talk about and hopefully that I don’t start thinking of more good topics that I would want to talk about which I have often when it comes to writing tidbits article. If I do ended up writing more than intended with three or four topics then I hope that you bear with me and who knows maybe these topics that I thought of on the fly could be valuable information for some of you to know about. I know that there is two things that I must talk about in this tidbits, these two topics won’t be pleasing to some of you and this even may anger some of you but I truly don’t care because this is my opinions or my experiences. If you disagree then that is perfectly fine because it’s my opinion or my experience which not everyone have the same opinion as mine or the experiences that I had experienced and you are more than free to share your own opinions or experiences on your weblog if you have one as you have every right to do so just as I do with mine.

10-22-2016 Tidbits

Hey guys! How are you all doing, I hope that everything is going well over there and as for me I am doing well over here amid a bothersome health issue but I am going to try to not let that stop me from writing another tidbits. But how about that game between Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears two nights ago on Thursday night?! Of course some of you already know that I am a huge fan of Green Bay Packers, I have been a fan of Green Bay Packers at the age four in the year of 1991 which is somewhat irony because as some of you know that Brett Favre’s number was four when he was playing for Green Bay Packers after being traded to Green Bay Packers from Atlanta Falcons in the year of 1992 which is a year after I became a fan of the Green Bay Packers. I very much remember watching Don Majkowski who were Green Bay Packer’s starter quarterback at that time that I became a fan of the team Green Bay Packers, Don Majkowski had played as Packer’s starter quarterback from the years of 1989 to the year of 1992 when he was injured in the game against Cincinnati Bengals and he was replaced by the backup quarterback namely Brett Favre then that became a history from on at that time that we know as gunslinger Brett Favre. That is the birth of Brett Favre, which that is something that I cannot forget and in that year I was 5 years old, one year of being a Packers fan and the succession of Green Bay Packers team is credited to Brett Favre as at that time (Majkowski era) it wasn’t much of a good team so Brett Favre immediately turned the team into a Superbowl contender every years since then the day Don Majkowski was injured. What a teary story I know, especially if you are a fan of Green Bay Packers and thankfully we had a backup quarterback who were studying Brett Favre very closely to know what it needs to keep the team as a Super Bowl contender and you know who we are talking about; none other than Aaron Rodgers who gave us a super bowl win just in 3 years which is sooner than Brett Favre as it took Brett Favre 5 years to win us a Super Bowl.

Tidbits 1, This Is The Beginning.



I am starting to realize that I have run out of some ideas to write about something or on lately because where I made a goal that I would either write a couple of articles every two days or one article per day which is what I have done lately, at least most of the times but in the results of that is are making myself to run out of some ideas on what to write about, on something or to write some review. That is one of the reason I added a new feature some weeks ago where everyone can submit some of the ideas for me to write about or on or to write some reviews for some of the people which can be found here but the problem with that is it’s starting to get crowded because it’s full of spam, there are about 30-40% of submissions are from some of the people who submitted the ideas for me to write about or on, or to write some reviews and the other percent is spam and the real submissions from the people with ideas are being overcrowded by spammers which makes it a bit harder for me to narrow the submissions that is submitted by the people with ideas. The submissions where people submitted some of the ideas for me to write about or on is through e-mail system and most of you know how e-mail is these days, e-mails are easily being spammed everyday and there is no way to stop from getting spam – no now, no however and impossible to stop receiving spam in the e-mails until someone becomes a genius and invented a system that would stop every spam from coming in to everyone’s e-mails.

Packers Draft 1:21st Pick.

Packers Safety Ha Ha Clinton-DixYesterday at about 10:35PM on the eastern time at NFL draft round one it was time for Packers to pick who is going to be on their rooster as Packers pick is the #21 and they picked Ha Ha Clinton-Dix straight out of Alabama and he will be their new safety as Packers has been in need of safety since Charles Woodson left and guess what the number they gave Ha Ha Clinton-Dix? #21 And I bet you don’t even recognize the number? No, it’s not only because of the pick number but it is the number that Charles Woodson worn. HaHa Clinton-Dix is in top number one as safety in NFL draft prospects so of course this is a great day for Green Bay Packers.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix going to Packers!

That is right, my life long favorite team is Packers and the #1 safety is heading to that team and of course I am looking forward to this and his play on the field but not only that Packers also have signed one of great player before the draft which is Julius Peppers from Chicago Bears and this means one thing and that would be it’s going to beef up the defense in big way you would ever imagine especially playing beside with Clay Matthews III, and Micah Hyde now adding Ha Ha Clinton-Dix?! This is going to explode, seriously.

Matt Flynn: Exciting news!

Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn.When I was surfing for some news and I decided to look into Packers news to see if there’s anything major news for Green Bay Packers team because Green Bay Packers is my favorite team and I came across one exciting news about one player named Matt Flynn who drafted into Green Bay Packers as 7th round (209th overall) in 2008 as a backup quarterback for Aaron Rodgers until in 2012 the Packers made a mistake by letting him go and he signed with Seattle Seahawks for three years but he got traded in 2013 with Oakland Raiders for a 2014 5th round and conditional 2015 draft pick but then Raiders released Matt Flynn in six months then in that same year he signed a deal with Buffalo Bills and then they released him less than a month (sounds like Tim Tebow doesn’t it?) But just few days later in the same following month which was November the Packers and NFL top starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers got injured and so did Seneca Wallace who was backup quarterback for Aaron Rodgers in the same place that Matt Flynn once was in and the only next quarterback they have is Scott Tolzien as Packers 3rd string quarterback that wasn’t injured and they started Scott Tolzien but the problem was is that Scott Tolzien couldn’t play too well and caused a loss game for Packers and the Packers organization couldn’t afford to lose more games because they were nearing into playoff and here comes Matt Flynn to save the day and Packers and took them into playoff.