Happy Mother’s Day 2017

I would like to personally wish the most important person on this earth, my mother a very happy mother’s day and that I am very thankful for everything she has done for me past these thirty years since she has become a mother to an only child which is myself – a child that thinks the world of her and looks up to her since this child opened his eyes for the first time after birth.

My mom has never stops her persistence in taking care of me for over thirty years and two months to make sure that I have everything that I need especially the essentials. Such as the roof over me, air conditioning and heating to keep myself cool or warm during both summer and winter; clothes on my back and foods on the table for me to eat everyday. Taking me to my doctor appointments to make sure that I am taken care of, this includes having to take me to Cincinnati to a children hospital every 2-3 years until I become a teenager, never leaving the hospital every time that I had to be admitted such as when I had undergone one of the most major surgery I have had ever went through, my back from my neck to my tailbone and when I broke my femur in half in my right leg my mother drove me to the hospital herself because she wouldn’t want to waste another minute for the ambulance. I have never truly see any mothers that takes as this tremendous care and responsibility without any hesitation for a child as my mother do for me.

Happy Mother Day!

So as every one of us know that tonight at the midnight turns into Sunday which is Mother’s day where our mothers celebrates for being a mother that put us into this world. Also it’s the day where we give our thanks to our mother for being a mother to us and being there for us when we need them and we know that the mother is the only one that we go to when we have a problem or need someone to talk about. I do know that there are few of children that has no mothers but fathers instead but it’s very common that there are mothers more than father, but let’s take the time to give our respect to our mother to this day.