Blogging With Pay.

For some of you know one of my few hobbies that I love very much doing which is blogging and if you ask what is it, blogging is where you would write any kinds of topics online that you’d like to share by publishing your written articles or posts to millions of the people in worldwide. Blogger are practically writer, journalist, author or other names you could think of but only way to be a blogger is to write articles or posts on regular basis online and no it doesn’t mean that if you’re writing some topics on a physical paper qualify you a blogger even they are the same thing but the only difference is online and offline. I have blogged for several years now, ever since the year of 2007 which is the birth date of JoshiesWorld and I blog for a living. There are thousands of bloggers so it is a lot of work because it means that I have thousands of competitors where I would have to try to rank up some of my niches as possible I can that some of the bloggers already own, such as if your niche is electronics then you google that word “electronics” you would see millions of searches so the challenge is whoever own that top 10 niche or even top 20 you would have to try to move up the rank so that the searchers sees your articles or post before the other bloggers.

I am little of website mentor.

As I am little mentor of his. I have decided to assist in ANY way to help its popularity of my close friend Preston. This may sound unusual post of the blog for JoshiesWorld. But I suggest you to give a peek at No, I do not create his website this time. I did before, yes. But once I allow it back on my server after technical issue (to honest, money issue). He did everything himself which I am absolutely proud of him. He makes good remixes and his own songs. He created one for me, you can hear it on YouTube of mine. It will play it, mostly new videos is included the creation of song that he made specifically for me. Now, not that I am advertising or promoting. But I want to solidly tell you about my close friend which that I gave him as a gift (its domain) and of course, having it on my server. But entirely, as design and all the music is created entirely by himself. Now, I please ask you to do me at least a favor, and take a look at Prestons personal website (or known Kniew/Kniewdy to certain people) by visiting You can do so by click the link in this post, or the one in my Family/Friends links on the sidebar. Cheers!