Samsung says Goodbye to Android.

I have come across a source about Samsung company and as well Android which we all know that Android is created by Google but if some of you don’t know that Android were created by Google then now you do know. Today hundreds of smartphones and cell phones are using Android system software which is quite overdoing it I think, like earlier post I have made about Apple wins vs Samsung in their court trial when Apple filed lawsuit against Samsung for infringing the copyright from Apple considering that Apple owns these patients that Samsung violates by copying the interface of Iphone for their smartphone known as all Galaxy models and Samsung tried to counter Apple but failed several cases against Apple while that Apple won almost every cases against Samsung and I dislike Samsung for one reason and that is they have no howsoever creativity for their products hence the copyright infringement meaning that they violates the law by copying someone else work/products and patients owned by someone else such as Apple. Until recently someone has leaked an information about Samsung is considering to backstab Google’s back in many ways. Why? Or how? Here it is.