10-18-2016 Tidbits

How are all of you doing? I hope that all of you are doing well, I am doing well over here but I have been very busy lately with my other work and trying to figure what is the next step that I should take in my career. But beside that I am doing well though, I see that we are starting to feel the weather changing from hot weather to a cool weather and in matter of a month we will be heading into the cold weather. I am sure that some of you are not looking forward for the cold weather, also there are some of you are looking forward to some cold weather and that includes me. While I am more of a fall or spring kind of person, I am not talking about seasonal, just the type of the weather (temperature) and what it brings. We know that in the spring we would usually get a lot of raining and in the fall we would usually get less rains which that is one thing why I like fall because I am never a fan of rain. I am also not a fan of hot weather nor rain, I cannot stand them as I like the cool temperature which fall is what known for and the spring also have cool temperature but more rains in spring than in the fall. The bottom line is that I favor normal weather, not hot but not cold such as 60-70 degree temperature and secondly I am a huge fan of being stuck in the snow as long as only being stuck for a half week or a week because eventually we need to get out of the house to do some personal errands such as grocery shopping or doctor appointments and whatnot. I love to be stuck in snow, only as long as they will be cleared by a certain day (weekly grocery shopping, doctor appointment, weekly family’s visit or whatnot) and then be stuck in the snow again until the next certain day.

Tidbits 8-17-16

There are a few of topics that I would like to discuss about with you today, as some of you know that I write tidbits article here now and then so you should know that sometimes that a tidbits article can get long because where the definition for tidbit means that it is a bit of anything. So it will be more than just one topic instead of one topic, I think that sometimes it is better writing about a few of topics instead of just one topic because it can get a bit boring and not only that I am somewhat talkative so obviously it’s fitting for me as I don’t like writing or talking about just one topic or one of something. If you ever think of a word for something that you would like to discuss or share your opinions about few or several topics than just one topic then now you know that there is a word and that is tidbits. Tidbit is in the dictionary so you can easily find the definition for the word “Tidbit” on some search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo and tidbits are more interesting to read than just reading one topic because some of the people likes to read about a few of topics than just one thing so if you are a blogger or a vlogger then I suggest that you do some tidbits yourself; your readers or viewers will appreciate you for that.

Dreams and the reality.

DreamsHello guys! I hope that everything is going well over there with every one of you, as always before I begin to write an article about something or on something I want to make sure to reach out to every one of you all first because before I said that I like to or always try to stay connected to all of friends that happens to be loyal readers here at JoshiesWorld. Now over here I have both good and bad days which is normal of course for everyone but I have struggled a lot lately and it is getting harder for me everyday because all I have done daily is trying to prep up something to write about or on even if I ever find something that is interesting or heard something that is interesting enough for me to write an article about something or on something which is getting more rare because lately I have noticed that many of sources are starting to lack of gathering information or going after some of information that the newspaper or magazines companies needed so they can have something to deliver to their viewers although I don’t have my own sources which I am trying to find a group source where can help me to go after the information I need or get me something that I can use so that it can take some pressure off myself. Whether if I can some good articles and some articles that aren’t so interesting for some of the people to read but only matters is that I try my best to give something that is at least important enough or something that I think everyone can use although JoshiesWorld is mainly on opinions which is my own but I still need something so I can give my opinion about them which is a bit more difficult than you can imagine.