YouTube developing something useful!

YouTube logoEveryday when we wake up or before we head out to bed what website do we must visit? What is something that we must do to get our fix for our addiction online? Videos of course and everyday often we have the urge to watch some of the videos to kill our boredom and most videos sharing website we go is the YouTube as YouTube is ranked number one for videos sharing website. There is another reason some of the people like YouTube is earning some money especially through YouTube partnership program who likes to create some videos and uploads to their YouTube channels to monetize, especially YouTube stars such as IJustine, Shaytards and few of others. I am also a proud partnered YouTube user and if some of you wonder that do some of the people make money by making videos and upload to YouTube and the answer is yes and it is not easy way to do because you must fill an application to YouTube partnership program to be able monetize from the videos you created for YouTube.