National Association of the Deaf: It’s Time!

I know that I have written a couple or three about the organization, National Association of the Deaf (NAD) but I have not written anything about National Association of the Deaf for a few months and I believe that I must write another one as this is important that I talk about National Association of the Deaf a bit. Before I get into it, I want to share a bit information about the organization calls National Association of the Deaf or NAD for short with some of you guys and mix history with it a little. National Association of the Deaf is a civil rights and human rights organization just like some of other organizations such as National Rifle Association that represents for the people who owns guns for hunting or for protection. National Association of the Deaf represents for the Deaf community, people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. I am Deaf myself, I am one of over a million Deaf people here in the United States who happens to be oppressed and discriminated daily so National Association of the Deaf is there to make sure that the Deaf community have the same rights as everybody else. That sounds all good doesn’t it? That we have an organization who protect our rights as Deaf American and making sure that we have equal access that everybody else has such as having access to a phone that we can make a call to anyone we wish with a technology that was invented for our use calls Video Relay Service, making sure that we can have the same pleasure watching some movies or television shows on our television with closed captions just the same way for others with audio.

Tidbits 12/4/2015.

Since from the last article I wrote on here titled “Happy Thanksgiving” the other day, on day of Thanksgiving so I can safely assume that every one of you had a great thanksgiving? Mine was great although I don’t really celebrate thanksgiving as much as I would used to several years ago which I have mentioned my reasons in that blogs post. For today’s blog post I will be writing tidbits which I know I have not written tidbits article in a great while and I believe that the last time I wrote tidbits article was in September so it has been a while. I believe it is due for me to write the tidbits once again since I know some of you love reading tidbits since almost every tidbits I wrote received the most views than the other articles I wrote. In case if you are new reader here, to get a better understanding what exactly tidbits are about I suggest that you search some tidbit articles on here which you can do so by typing the word “tidbits” in the search box at the top of the website then it will bring you a list of tidbit articles for you to read and know that tidbits article can be a very long to read because tidbit involves several topics in one place and not just a topic for each article to read so be prepared for when this tidbits article to be long but sometimes it can be short too as it depends on how many topics are involved in the article.

SuddenLink Violated Deaf Rights!

SuddenLink LogoFirst of all I would like to say hello to every one of you out there, I wonder if I am the only one that is in the middle of huge storms which is here in the state of Kentucky in United States of America? If I am then I am glad that some of you aren’t experiencing being in the middle of insane storms that is brewing around along with a high possibility of flooding here in this area that I live in which is sometimes prone to flooding because where I lives there is a river that is often flooded when a huge storm with heavy rainfall hits here. While sitting inside my home feeling the huge of constant booms by heavy thunderstorms, I was going through a few of things here on the internet and I stumbled upon something that is very shocking to me but not only myself as I am sure that it also shocks several people who is Deaf or Hard Of Hearing. If you ask me if by saying shocking I mean as in a good way or bad way? My answer is in very terribly bad way to where that no Deaf or Hard Of Hearing just cannot sees it with their own eyes including my own eyes. A large local company flatly violated every Deaf or Hard Of Hearing customers of theirs civil rights even without our knowledge that we didn’t know that they violated Deaf or Hard Of Hearing rights until we had to see them ourselves.