Iphone: Better than any other phones.

Apple Iphone 5S model.Everybody has their own preference for which products they like better than the others especially smartphones. There is several smartphones in the market which is a problem in my opinion because there is too many smartphones when there should have been ten different smartphones then that would be enough for anyone to choose. I mean there should be only one or maybe two the name of makers smartphone models, such as Apple only have one model name for smartphone which is Iphone and it’s acceptable that they can have update version of their own models such as 1, 2, 3, 3G, 4, 4S, 5 and 5S but other makers have too many models such as Samsung Galaxy, Note, Freeform, Gravity and others when Samsung should only make one model which is Galaxy S models (all version like Apple’s Iphone) and other companies that makes smartphones has too many models name. I think if each maker only have one or maybe two models name then they would sell a lot more. It always annoys me because I think it doesn’t make any sense to have so many models name, sure it does give us all kinds of choice to choose which smartphone we like the best but we can still choose one or two models name of each makers better as it would make it easier for us to choose and less of hassles by having to look over so many smartphones to see which one it suits us.

WhatsApp: The Review!

WhatsApp LogoHave ever you heard an app called WhatsApp? If not then it’s text messaging service on steroid basically, better than your typical text messaging app that comes with your smartphone because using text messaging on your smartphone you can only send text message, picture or video messaging. On WhatsApp app has more features as a text messaging service where you can send text, video, picture, audio, share a contact, share map and others. I have downloaded WhatsApp today for my Iphone for the first time to give it a try to see what’s the fuzz over it because WhatsApp is growing very fast in apps world and it’s so popular that FaceBook bought it for $19 billion dollars, not M as in million but B as in billion dollars of course it caught my attention as it would anyone else so I had to give it a try today and after trying it out I must say that it’s one of best app I have ever came across surprisingly because I am not apps junkie like several people with smartphones are.

BeBuzz Led Customizer.

Hello everyone, this time again that I have decided to come back and record more videos and become more videos uploader for my YouTube Channel which can be found at YouTube.com/JoshieTheMan. Also, please be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube to keep a track of new video(s) I will be recording and uploading!