Movies for this year, on the list.

Movies TheaterThere are some of the people who doesn’t watch many movies and there are some of the people who does watch several movies and I am one of the people who watch several movies, because movies is my thing and I watch several movies every day as it is one of my addiction. It isn’t all about being entertained when watching movies but it is also learning about the movies itself, as in some of the movies you can learn about something that you don’t know yet. Beside blogging, watching several movies a day and collecting several movies as well is my passion and I am sure that I am not the only person who has a passion that watch movies daily and collects several movies on the shelves and on the computers as digital. Some of the people prefer musics over movies and that is something I will never understand but whatever floats their boat I guess, of course these people who prefer musics over movies might not understand how some of the people prefer movies over music so that is fair. Watching several movies isn’t my only thing but watching some of television shows is my thing too because they are same in some way although it is still different only due to the duration in between movies and television shows.

Respect for Stevie.

I was watching a video on YouTube this morning for Michael Jackson concerts and stuff then I stumbled upon a video of Stevie Wonder hitting the piano and sang “The Way You Make Me Feel” which is made by Michael Jackson himself but Stevie Wonders made a great tribute that I have ever seen for a tribute to Michael Jackson and it is indeed amazing. In about half way of the video Stevie wonders went into a breakdown and missed few words in Michael Jackson’s lyric. I have nothing but the utter most respect for this man that are musician who is blind for all of his life that knows how to play piano and also he knew who Michael Jackson was as he has worked with him before, especially in 70s – 80s. Overall, it is breathtaking and I recommend you to click the play below in the video to watch how amazing tribute Stevie has done for Michael Jackson! Also John Legend join with Stevie Wonders to do the tribute to the late King of Pop Michael Jackson as well!