Happy 9th Birthday To JoshiesWorld!

Today marks the 9th anniversary since JoshiesWorld brand was born, back at that time I had intended that JoshiesWorld would be only just a small information website about me but I felt that it wasn’t fitting for the name of JoshiesWorld because hence it’s my world so I came up with an idea that I’d start a blog then from there I became a blogger/journalist. Joshie is a nickname of mine, adding the world is my world and the outcome of that is I share everything that’s going on in my eyes or my thoughts with you guys while writing some breaking news before they became the breaking news as I have written a couple or three breaking news from the year of 2007 to this day. JoshiesWorld was born on August 8th, 2007 and since then it have become my baby. Even though my name is involved but it is you all who helps it grows larger and larger daily so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that as you guys have read each articles I have written on here. For some of these who don’t know, JoshiesWorld went crashing down back in 2010 after three years blogging and I decided that it was too much so I gave it a rest for a few months but then I decided for JoshiesWorld to come back stronger than ever so here it is since the year of late 2010 to 2016 running 24/7/365. I am proud of what I have accomplished, even though the accomplishments may be a little but better than none and these accomplishments cannot be done without you guys so again I thank you.

Happy 8th Birthday to JoshiesWorld!

Today marked 8th years of JoshiesWorld.com website as I have founded JoshiesWorld.com and JoshiesWorld branding as well in August 7th 2007 so it is eight (8) years old for JoshiesWorld today! Ever since the day I founded JoshiesWorld was the day I became a blogger myself where I could share valuable information with everybody else out there in the whole world that no other opinions websites or news would share due to the fear of making their branding to look bad which is something that I am against because negative things can help the people instead of being positive all the time which that can get very boring and beside if balance out in between positive and negative then that hits the chord for all readers. I take pride in that because I want everybody to know what news outlet or editorials doe not want anyone to know, I will tell you as I sees it and they will tell you with censorship which that is something I am very much against because in my opinion that everybody has the right to know even if it is something negative. But nonetheless I will share with every one of you about my blogging and JoshiesWorld later but right now I want to say happy 8th birthday to JoshiesWorld which it became successful thanks to the fans as if it were not for the fans then I would not be able to make my dream to come true for becoming a blogger. If you have any questions about JoshiesWorld then please do feel free to leave a comment below and I would be more than happy to answer all of your questions whenever I have the time to do so as my schedule is hectic at the moment.